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Season's greetings and af update

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Afternoon all and a very merry Christmas to you all.

I am now just under 2 weeks post ablation and still have significant bruising at my groin but walking fine.

All kaleidoscope vision and migraines eased after a few days and the nasty episode of fast af for a whole day has ceased with starting digoxin on top of the flecainide.

I have been contacted by the cardiology nurse and can stop everything apart from the rivaroxiban after Christmas approx a month post ablation then it's a waiting game.

So far so good, not even an ectopic let alone any arrhythmia so here's hoping.

I sit here Christmas day after a heavy meal and a few glasses asti and not a sausage of a heart blip.

Merry Christmas to you all and have a fabulous new year.

Thanks to Bob and everyone for this forum and the support this year.

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Haven't had our dinner yet. Scheduled for 6 pm but the turkey is resting and I have made the gravy Jamie style. Full English for late breakfast at 11am just before pressies.

Glad you are OK. My groin bruise took ages to fade to grey. I thought it was a good indicator of how the heart was healing.

Back to the red wine and Carry on Jack.

Hi, I won't offer to take part in a worst bruise competition but mine seems to be still slowly heading south ten days on. I was surprised to be taken off everything but Rivaroxaban and Lansaparole (?) .

I actually enjoyed cooking the Christmas dinner and eating it! But had to be careful with the wine...

Best wishes, Julia

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howesgilly in reply to Buffafly

I thought mine was settling as some was turning green/yellow and now more purple again ...bizarre

Hi Howesgilly,

Great to hear that you are making progress and things seem to be settling down - Well Done.

Best Wishes


Really good news, you are doing very well. Thanks for the update, just had one drink today, made it last several hours, don't want to risk it! Got a revised date for my Ab, end of Jan.

I'm 1 week post ablation groin heeling well just a querie I've been getting dizzy hard to focus and headaches is this normal.

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howesgilly in reply to Boutsi13

Yes swirling in vision and headache is normal recovery phase. It's where they punctured the septum ( centre of the heart) to get to the ventricles. It eases off in time. Some people are weeks but I was only suffering for 5 days and touch wood haven't had one since. It wouldn't be so worrying if the staff warned people of this as it seems to be a very common side effect.

Good luck with the recovery x and merry Christmas

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Bob56 in reply to Boutsi13

Hi. Yes it's normal. You will find plenty of threads on the forum with people describing migraine type symptoms including issues focusing and headaches..I had visual disturbances after my ablation with squggly lines across my eyes but they went after a couple of weeks. You should experience the same improvement but obviously get it checked out if problems persist..

You probably will feel some odd blips over the coming weeks and months but don't worry that these are AF returning as they'll usually be harmless PVCs.

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howesgilly in reply to Mike11

I have had pvc for 20 years so they don't worry me. The consultant stated he couldn't get rid of those anyway.

I do still have a dry asthmatic type cough and occasionally chest pain ( not cardiac).just tight and sore I presume is healing process

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