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Hi ecery one .I usually post on the other but someone there mentioned the AF forum. So here I am. I am 65 with a severely incompetent leaking pulmonary valve following two major heart surgeries in 1955 and 1976. Up to a few months ago was perfectly fine until I had a tooth out, a after which I have had endless frequent ectopics and a possible period of AF (I think buthow would I know).. Am waiting for a Holtor. My resting heart rate is sometimes around 90bpm so all you lot with much lower ones I feel really jealous!,, What is an Alivecor, do I need one or would I just frighten myself - the AF app is scary enough!

Like Eatsalottie I live alone with an ailing dog and I worry more for her than myself but fortunately there is someone who would look after her if I needed sudden hospitalisation..

Any advice would help.



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Hi Stephaniettee and welcome.

AliveCor is a gadget which is basically a smart phone cover with electrodes which fits into your smart phone which you then hold the electrodes with your finger tips whilst resting on a stable surface such as a table. You need to download the appropriate app and register on the AliveCor site. The advantage of this device is that you can carry this device everywhere with you so can take your own ECG anywhere, anytime.

One of the difficulties in getting a diagnosis is capturing an ECG trace to show to a consultant. It doesn't replace a holter as most consultants want a trace from their own machines anyway but it can really help convincing doctors there really is something going on even though you are not having an AF episode when you see them or you have the holter return normal results. Others also use them to monitor their condition and sometimes adjust their meds accordingly but that is rare.

The man who invented the device is a member and sometimes contributor on this forum.

Whether or not you need one is something only you can answer and some people find that it can increase their anxiety as it can become obsessive, others like me find it reassuring and want to know. It also depends upon how receptive your doctors are about using the AliveCor - mine all loved it! Y can print, email and save your history and there is a lot of information Try find someone who owns one and try first is my advice, they always have a stand at AFA functions and here is a link to their website so have a look and see what you think.

alivecor.com/home It is an US site but there is a UK version and when you register it conforms to all UK regulations and is approved by the AFA.

I think it interesting you had an AF episode having a tooth out - I cannot have any local anesthetic containing adrenaline which is a known antagonist for the vagal nerve which is often a trigger for tachycardia and arrythmias. May I suggest if you ever need further treatments to ask your dentist for drugs that do not contain adrenaline.

Best wishes and you will find a lot of threads relating to the ALivecor if you do a search.


I have never had any hotter monitoring. My consultant has been very happy to receive AliveCor PDFs and arrange next steps accordingly but has given me an ECG every time in line with the hospital's policy. Last time he joked with me by saying the ECG machine costing tens of thousands of pounds has just confirmed what your little device that costs under £100 has shown - that I was in AF and what my HB was.


Holter not hotter!!! Auto spelling correction missed!!!


thanks PeterWh. Will think about the Alivecor. A Hotter monitor could be fun!



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