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Just had my ablation this morning.

Lying on my back after ablation. Waiting for doc to come and speak to me and give me a bit more detail. On way out of lab he said it went well. Have to admit I had more pain than most people seem to. Topped up my pain killer a few times!

Think they just did cryo ablation. Glad it's done anyway. Onwards and upwards! Thanks to all for reassuring comments you gave when I posted about my fears last week. I will keep you updated with my progress.

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Well done! I have to say though I needed loads of medication also so your not alone! take it easy now for a few weeks and be well.



Oh well done ! Glad it went well. Speedy recovery x


Well done now don't ruin it by going too fast too soon. REST and then rest again.



Thanks for making the effort to update us. It's good to know that it went well but not so good to hear it was painful at times. Hope you have a trouble free recovery. Just take it very easy!


Glad it is in your rear view mirror. Remember, you heart has a lot of healing to do. Be gentle in your recovery.

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