I am 78 years old and suffer from both AF and COPD, it's not good having both and does fool the doctors at times. I have had two 7 day stays in hospital this year, I came out from my last stay 2 weeks ago, whilst looking through my discharge paperwork I found one form that said, do not resuscitate,not encouraging, I intend taking this up with my medical practice on Monday, whilst the form says I have been consulted this isn't true.

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  • That's terrible!

    Do you think the form could belong to someone else and have been put in your notes by mistake? Does it actually have your name on the piece of paper?


  • Goodness, that is scary - and if the form does refer to another patient, that's even worse! I would be inclined to discuss it with my GP but also put my concerns in writing to him/her, with a copy to the hospital asking for an explanation.

  • Completely agree with the comment from Finvola and JeanJeannie50 - that is appaling and you should demand an explantion and apology in writing from the hospital.

  • That's awful and I hope you can get it removed without difficulty, Tatters.

    I've written an Advance Directive which states what my wishes are and have given a copy to my GP and to my EP.

  • Yes my name and full details were on a stick-on label on the form, maybe the life saver is that it needed confirming by another doctor, but what would happen if I was having a heart attack. Whilst my body is tired the brain is functioning pretty good. I rate the NHS but this was a point against. Thanks for all your comments, I have only joined the group today and I'm impressed.

  • That's completely unacceptable and illegal I'm sure!

    Make sure you don't let anyone take that paperwork from you now you have it as evidence and demand an explanation. I would make it formal too and not let them sweep it under the carpet.


  • Thanks Pat, as we get older we tend to get a little easier going but I do intend stirring things over this. Plainly it's not nice!

  • That is disgusting , the GP should be sacked !

  • This also happened to me , after having a TIA a nurse asked why I had DNR on my notes I immediately said I had not put it there

    I complained to the hospital they said they would investigate and get back to me ...they never did

  • Follow up and get it removed

  • Frightening. Hope you get it sorted. Let us know the outcome.

  • Did they ask Relatives, Next of Kin etc. When my Mother was found to have weeks to live they asked us if we want DNR on the forms. But they then went to my Mother and explained what was discussed and does she agree? it was then put on their forms.

    Be Well

  • No they didn't consult anyone. During my 7 days in hospital at no time was I not with it. A friend of mine who works for the NHS said I should consult the PALS group which I will do.

  • sound advise.

  • I have rad a lot about this lately and i had thought that next time i visit a doctor i would ask for this to be on my records. This might be a bit contreversial but every winter semms to be worse than the last and its getting harder to cope. I don't want to rely on someone for all my care.

  • Do think about new advances which might help you through bad times Tatteka don't rush things!!

  • Dear Tatteka,

    I sympathise with and respect what you are saying.

    I hope you won't mind me asking you to please just consider carefully what might be available, now, to make life more comfortable and pleasant for you, especially in the winter.

    Better housing like social/supported/retirement//almshouse? If you are in Britain, you can make enquiries towards improving your lot with your local Citizens Advice Bureau, District Council, Housing Association - and you can ask Age UK anything. You may be fully entitled to more than you think - supporting independence and dignity...

    Please ask at your surgery about health check-ups, and say that you would like to discuss with someone particularly about your health and strength in winter. They are usually more than keen to help us in this way.

    Good luck and God bless, Tatteka.

  • This is completely unacceptable. I would be enraged to see this type of error on my hospital records. In fact I am now considering asking to view my records as I am entitled to. Sandra

  • Oh my goodness. What a fright you must have had. Speak to the hospital and or your GP at once.

    Good luck.

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