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Cardio version success

Hi everyone...Very happy man tonight ...I had my CV today and after 2 shots they got me back into sinus rhythm.

A million thanks to all the staff at the John Radcliffe cardiac department in Oxford....I apologise for being in such a hurry to get out.....Love you all to bits because I can now go up and down my stairs as many times as I want to without gasping for breath, although I still can't remember what I went up for.

But who cares?

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"although I still can't remember what I went up for."

Ha ha very funny :)

Congratulations - after 7 months in AF you must feel like a new man! Very pleased to hear when anyone has such a great success.


Hope mine goes well later today


What excellent news scrumpyjack. Long may NSR last!

It's good exercise going up and down stairs and eventually something may remind you why you had wanted to go up in the first place.

I'll just scroll up now and see what you said.

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Great! My CV lasted 16 months and I well remember being able to walk up 3 flights of stairs a week later,the first time in years.


Wonderful news! It is amazing how you feel better instantly.

Let's hope more people have good SNR soon.

Angel blessings.



Brilliant news - isn't it lovely when IT goes away!


Great - don't overdo it though!!!


Just thought of this - short term pain for a long term gain!!!


So pleased for you. What a relief to be feeling better.



Great news long may it last


It's the most wonderful feeling to be back in normal sinus rhythm after a cardioversion isn't it. I can't thank those who carry out mine enough. I could cry with joy and it sounds like you were the same!

Long may your normal heartbeat last.

Best wishes



That's great news , a wonderful feeling . Mine lasted 6 months , my first, and I flipped back 2 months ago. No reason why, it just happens they said. Waiting to see my cardio next week with a view to number 2 . And who care what you went up for just enjoy !



Just ticked 'Reply' and forgotten what I was going to say!.........ah, yes......well done and stay in NSR as long as you can! Feels good, doesn't it?


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