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Pneumonia vaccine


I have just received a letter from my GP practice inviting me to have the pneumonia vaccine. I was very ambivalent about this but after researching I decided I am going for it.

Up until 2014 I rarely caught colds and had never had a chest infection, after a bad bout of bronchitis which took a lot of antibiotics and steroids to clear and lasted for 4 months.

So many bugs seem to be antibiotic resistant that I think with the AF history and the myasthenia and being on immune suppressants, it would be sensible.

I was told by the cardiac nurse that everyone who has a history of heart conditions is being invited to take up the offer which is a vaccine which protects against 3 strains of pneumonia. It is a one off injection.

Have you had an invitation to have this vaccine and if so thoughts please?

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Yes and yes. If NHS offer anything free then take it as they mean it! Anybody with any heart condition would be a fool not to.


Had it done a year ago.No after effects at all.


I had it 2 years ago. No side effects whatsoever. Some surgeries offer it as a 2 in1 with the flu vaccine. I think one at a time minimises the effect on your body so will cause less trauma.

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Think ok I will go for both. Thanks so much. I tell my family too.

I had it done last year. No problems. X

I asked about jabs at my local surgery and was told they don't consider AF to be a heart problem so I would not be offered it !!!!

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If it's not a problem with the heart, then what is and what is it?

Amazing logic!

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I agree I'm listening

Hello, yes, I also was invited to have this vaccination. Like you, was unsure of whether or not to take advantage of this. I spoke to our local Pharmacist who strongly recommended me to have it done due to AF, high blood pressure etc., So did, no after effects or anything, so fingers crossed! Good luck!

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I will certainly look into this as I have had three viral infections in six months, all progressing to chest infections. I wasn't sure if my history of AF meant I am more susceptible to pneumonia but from your post it sounds a sensible option to get vaccinated.

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3 infections. Hope I don't get anymore. Jab time I think and talk to my doctor.

As I have a congenital heart problem I was offered a flu jab a few years earlier than usual. I asked for the pneumonia jab as well, which hadn't been offered. Had one shot in each arm. No side effects. The pneumonia jab is supposed to last for life, though I am a bit sceptical. No one knows if you will live 5 or 25 years after the jab, how can it be the same for everyone?

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Jab time me thinks

I was given it years ago because of chronic asthma. I have had pneumonia twice in the past and believe me you do not want it. I was sure I was going to die! My daughter came to visit last year very ill with what the GP thought might be pneumonia but I didn't catch what she had. I'm lining up for the shingles jab this year....

Thanks for all your replies, I'm a goin'.

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Good luck

I had a pneumonia jab in the 90’s and was told it would last ten years. I then moved house and changed GP’s. After the ten years were up I asked my new GP for another pneumonia jab and was told my first one would last for life. I contracted pneumonia two years ago, being asthmatic, it was awful. It also led to the damage which has left me with AF and CHF. I would advise anyone, if it’s offered, take it, if it isn’t offered then enquire about it. I will be having another go at my GP this year.

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