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2 Stage Hybrid Ablation.

Has anyone else on this forum had the Hybrid Ablation procedure? I would just like to compare the results thus far. I had stage 1 on 9 December and due Stage 2 at the end of January 2015?

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Wondering what one of those is... Sounds interesting!



Like Lis I do not know what this involves. I do recall that an EP who spoke at a recent meeting said that he considered ablation to be potentially 2 -stage. I am in touch with others who have had recent ablations who may well need a 2nd attempt. My own position is that a 2nd ablation will never be an option due to fibrosis.


This procedure :.Stage 1 . Cardiothoracic entry to outside of the heart via 3/4 incisions to right side of chest. Multiple burns to outside of the heart then 8 weeks later : Stage 2, to inside of the heart via catheter.


So stage 2 is the normal ablation via 3 entry holes in the groin? NB this is what I had done in Liverpool. The 3 entry holes were exactly like 3 ear lobe piercings in case you're wondering. They use a new ultra sound method to locate the pulmanory veins and it's about time that others followed their lead - I'm fed up with hearing about extensive and unnecessary bruising and bleeding.

Beyond that my main comment would be that one procedure took a whole lot of organising and to have to go through all that twice would be a logistical nightmare. There would need to be huge advantages to the 2-step procedure to make it worthwhile. Please let us know how you get on.


Stage 2 entry is via catheter to the right wrist . There is no groin entry.


That is interesting! I have thought for a long time that ablation would be a whole lot less daunting if the entry wasn't though the groin. My friend recently had a stent fitted via the wrist

I do hope that it goes well for you.

Very best wishes.


It is really about access to a vein remember and the groin has the largest obviously. Arteries are fine for stents but do not meet the heart in the right place for ablation. Some EPs I am told access a vein under the collar bone but this is the first time I have heard of the wrist being used although I did have a wound in my wrist after my last ablation 6 years ago. Guess it depends on the size of the catheter.



As I read it on stopafib.org...it's popular now in the US...as a "more successful than ablation" procedure termed a mini-Maze. In one of videos on site, the director of stop afib reports that it is the best thing she has ever done for her afib and highly recommends it to others. I'm personally wondering, as I debate accepting an offer for ablation, whether or not to try for the hybrid right from the beginning. Was it offered as an alternative to a regular ablation? Thanks and all best for stage 2!


It was offered to me because the diameter of my left Atrium was > than 5 and deemed not suitable for normal Ablation. Also because I have a active life which has been curtailed by AF.

At the moment 18 days after Stage 1, I'm still in AF but hopefully back into SR. soon.


I wouldn't go for a hybrid or a mini-maze straight-away. I've read on afibbers.org that the success rate for both is about the same as an ablation by a very good EP (70-80%). However the scarring to the outside of the heart can only be done once whereas an ablation can be repeated. The recovery period is a lot longer (e.g. 3 days in hospital -v- less than one for ablation).

I'd keep it in reserve in case 2 or 3 standard ablations fail.


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