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interesting article about new anticoagulants


Been on warfarin for 15 years and am aware that there are long term possible issues with it.

Not been offered any of the new meds, so was interesting to read stats about them .

I trust linking is OK?

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I'm not aware of any real long term risk from warfarin other than making sure that you keep on top of both CHADSVASC and HABLED due to increased possibility of bleeding with ageing. This also applies to NOACs and there usually comes a point (if you live long enough) where the risk of bleeds exceeds the risk of stroke. As a consultant at HRC said recently of 1000 people I might prescribe antgicoagulation to some will still die of stroke whilst others I might kill with massive bleeding. (those weren't his words but the sense is there.) As I keep saying, for a huge number of people warfarin is their best friend but for those who struggle to keep a stable INR then thank heaven for NOACs and from the (US) study then apixaban is the one to have. No mention there of the class actions. LOL


Thanks for the link.

Thank you for this link. It's a very readable article. I'm pleased to know that dabigatran is superior to warfarin in preventing strokes but not if you have heartburn or digestive problems. I posted onto another link yesterday about my difficulty in getting used to it. I thought that I had a caste-iron digestive system but it did cause initial difficulties.

A good summary of the pros and cons!!

Or you could minimise the fructose in your diet, which glycosylates haemoglobin seven times as much as glucose, and maybe increase your natural fat intake?

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