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I was diagnosed with Af some 12 months ago and 'instructed' to throw away my wet shaving kit and buy an electric razor. I purchased a Braun Series 7 ~ I also bought a bottle of Boots own brand Pre-Electric Razor Shave liquid. I am disappointed with the razor as I look like a porcupine with bits of hair sticking out all over the place after a 20 minutes of using the razor. Time for a new & different razor. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks


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  • Hi dm,Who and why were you instructed to throw away your wet shaving kit,this is news to me as I always wet shave

  • I was told to dump wet shaving as I am taking warfarin and a razor nick could cause a lot of blood to flow.


  • I promise dml, that a razor nick might bleed for a minute or so more, but the usual trick of some loo paper on it works just as well, even when on warfarin :)

    Kind regards


  • I always wet shave. Somebody is pulling your plonker.


  • Hi Bob,

    Please refer to my previous reply


  • Yes go back to wet shaving never found an electric even 50% as good

    As Bob says someone has played a joke on you, no reason not to wet shave even if anti coagulated.

    I might think twice about a cut throat unless you are very good


  • Thanks Ian. That's 3 votes for wet shaving. Perhaps I need to have a rethink


  • Here's another vote for wet shaving! I use the King of Shaves system. Cheapest way is to have regular blade packs sent by post direct from much cheaper than Boots, etc. Never had a nick off these blades. Used Wilkinson'e before and had a nick. Simply used the old Styptic pencil and stopped it straight away.

  • Thank you. I have never heard of King of Shaves system but I will G****le it and have a read.


  • Hi dm1008,

    I’ve used an electric shaver for more years than I care to remember, as I always bled too much with a wet shave. This was before any heart problems, warfarin etc. Have tried various types but get best results from the Philishave variety – the ones with three circular cutters. However I still manage to make the blood flow most days and haven’t noticed a great deal of difference since being on warfarin. I always shower after shaving and bleeding has always stopped before I need to dry myself.

    I would suggest you go back to wet shaving to see what happens, but with a styptic pencil (only a couple of quid) at the ready to attend to any nicks you might get. If you get on okay and the bleeding is not excessive then stick with it. I think most will agree that the wet shave is closer and more thorough.


  • Thanks for your kind words. I'll do as you suggest just as soon as I can get an insurance company to underwrite my attempt at being a victim of Sweeny Todd! So in the morning I will go to Boots and buy a new wet shave kit and I will also probably buy a Philishave as back up (I hope it's cheaper than the Braun). If you don't hear from me again it'll be your fault ~ only joking.


  • Wee tip, if you get a nick when having a wet shave use lip balm or a bit of Vaseline, works everytime!

  • Thanks ~ do they make catering pack size tubs of Vaseline?


  • I think you might need to change your electric shaving technique. An electric razor will work best if your stubble is short - generally use it every day. Missing a day or two makes it more difficult. The usual recommendation is to shave against the beard direction. I would advise using short strokes: back and forth - works much better than the long strokes you probably use when wet shaving. I've never found pre-shaving lotions are any use at all. If you use some pre-treatment, I think something like King of Shaves Shaving Oil is good. The Braun shavers are good and it shouldn't take anything like 20 minutes.

    (I know I have a beard but I do have to shave around it! :))

    But, if you prefer a wet shave and you have a steady hand, go for it! You shouldn't have any trouble with excessive bleeding.

  • Hi Chris and thanks. I have often thought of growing a beard just to avoid the blooming shaving routine but have never had the guts coupled with the 'hell' I would get from the family. I appreciate your advice on using the electric machine ~ I do use it every day but where I get lots of missed hairs is around the neck and especially under the chin ~ and I do pull the skin taunt but to no avail. It's odd but the faster my head hair recedes the faster my beard sprouts. Perhaps there is a correlation. So I am going to renew my friendship with wet shaving and as a precaution I will invest in a barrow load of styptic pencils. This boy aint taking any chances.

    Bye for now


  • Yes, the warfarin argument is a red herring. Some folk seem to be more prone to nicks than others but safety razors have come on leaps and bounds in the last twenty years and you're less likely to need those little bits of tissue. Mind you, you need a mortgage to pay for the blade cartridges!

  • Thanks. I will start saving my pocket money as from today.


  • I suppose I have shaved half a dozen times since I was 17 so I won't give you any advice on the best type of shaver. I will tell you though that a survey a few years back found that only 10% of woman like beards. It also found that only 5% of men have beards. According to my maths that is two women per beard so why would you shave.

  • Smart thinking. Perhaps looking for a bearded lady is the answer.


  • Yes, grow a beard like me and throw your shaver away :-)

  • I'll do as you say, however, please let me have your home address as my family will want to meet you!!!!


  • I take it they don't like beards then?

  • They wouldn't take kindly to my appearing with one as it would scare the grand-kids (perhaps that's a good motive to grow one). I might also get a shock looking in the mirror in the morning and wondering who was looking at me.


  • My elderly father, on warfarin, cut himself shaving and ended up needing stitches and an injection to stop the bleeding. He lost a lot of blood and was ordered to buy an electric razor.

  • It was the cardiology consultant at our general hospital who advised (instructed) me to switch to an electric razor to prevent what happened to your poor father ~ who I hope/pray has fully recovered.


  • I have found that cardiologists (and doctors in general) make off the cuff remarks like this but when pressed they retract pretty quicly. I still wet shave daily using Mach 3 and never have any nicks. To be fair I have found cuts and scapes\bruises take a little longer to heal (I am taking xarelto) than before I took anticoags. I think the worry is for a big prang, like a car accident or getting stabbed in a street fight. Thats when the anticoags might be a problem and a medic alert bracelet could be a life saver.

  • It was no off the cuff remark, the cardiology consultant was deliberate in his advice. As for an unexpected event outside the house I wear a dog tag the advises I have AF, am on warfarin and provides my post code and NHS number. I also wear another badge that explains I am a carer for someone at home who is disabled and in the event of my being found please telephone these people who will contact our community alarm service to trigger their normal response to an emergency.



  • Most of us ladies shave legs, underarms, everywhere, 2-3 times per week and most of us survive x

  • Please send photo's showing techniques employed that prevent drawing blood. Alternately, any chance you can pop round to our house every morning and give me a wet shave? No! Ok I was chancing my luck. None the less I appreciate you letting me have the ladies perspective.


  • I was told to use only an electric razor when I started on Warfarin but to be honest I like to wet shave, a lot closer. Little nicks do heal up and a septic stick is great (stings) For some strange reason I do nick my left nostril rarely but that does take forever to stop.

  • Make sure you have telephone number 999 on speed dial.


  • Try the "Which" reports at your local library.

  • Thanks. dml

  • The best solution is to grow a light beard.I had lots of trouble with facial inflamation and tried electric instead of a wet blade shave which made it worse so I grew the whiskers the Mrs didn't like it but so what! No more sore face but more earache well worth it

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