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hidden results

i have been waiting since 18/4/2014,for the results of my 24hr esg.i found them in a letter from the chest clinic to my gp,which was about my 2 monthly appointment.

can anyone shed some light on what i can expect from this,

1 sinus rhythm,with frequent sinus tachycardia and very irreglar rr interval,

in my books the heart beat is missing beats and the rr interval being irregular means the amount of blood being pumped is differnt,the only good thing i can see is that no heart blockages are showing up,i have to waite another 6 weeks for a ecko.i gave my gp a copy of the letter,but still waiting to hear from him

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BobD or Beancounter or one of the other experts would be the people to tell you... "Irregular" smells like AF to me...


It could be AF but one can have irregularities without it being AF. The determining feature of AF is an absence of P waves. Was that mentioned? Tachycardia is often a pre cursor to AF. It sounds an accurate description of what is seen on the readings, without a diagnosis.

Atrial tachycardia is not literally missing heart beats, although it often feels like it, as it is the ventricles which really pump the blood, the atrias are the priming and starting motors and help pace the heart.

It certainly sounds like you need a lot more information and a treatment plan. It is ridiculous to have to wait so long for answers, I suggest you go see your GP and ask what would be the next step.


hi thanks for the reply,,there is no mention of p waves,only irregular rr interval which governs the blood flow,i need to see the doctor,ii kick his but


I think we are the last to get to know details of test results - are they not more a diagnostic tool for those who can fully understand the complexities of hearts and their rhythms rather than to inform us? Thus brief details are sent to our GPs who may or may not pass on the info.


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