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Here is report on the AF clinic at the Drs surgery.

We were a group of ten people who all had AF, some of the group had had ablations.

A nurse lead the talk about the condition. It was mainly to inform and spread the availability of the help and support to be had from this website and the AFA in general.

The people present all seemed to be well informed about AF .

Then we saw the consultant separately . I was told to see the Doctor later that day . And returned in the afternoon to see a dr as my own dr is away this week.

He said to see a consultant and is contacting one. This is to get one of the new anticoagulants and talk again about my medicines. My BP was 220 /80 at the clinic two nurses and the doctor got the same result. The Irbesartan doesn't seem to be doing anything for me except make me hot ! But the dr said to take two 75mg tablets at night even though it says on the packet to only take 75mgs if elderly ! Will keep you updated, all recommendations gratefully received . Terjo

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Your group meeting sounds very helpful Terjo!

I know someone with high blood pressure (like 236/110) and she has improved it by making lifestyle adjustments which include drinking beetroot juice every day and going for a walk. Also dietary changes.


Hi Terjo

This is great an elightened GPs surgery by the sound of it, hope it extends to all the doctors routinely taking pulses with a stethoscope and not those ruddy machines which miss AF every time.

But congratulations to them for forming the group and having a nurse lead it and educating people may I say.

Good luck with your BP treatment.

Be well



Thank you for your replies. The clinic is funded by " Bayer Health care as a service to medicine and delivered by Apodi Healthcare" It's called a SPAF clinic. I'm quoting from the leaflet that was given out at the meeting. I think they would go to any surgery that invited them. One of the assistants knows Jo Jerome and was very pleased that I was a member of AFA .

Regarding the BP I've made numerous healthy changes to my lifestyle over the years. I now walk a lot have lost weight and enjoy a very healthy veggie diet, eat home cooked beet root most days and upped the Irbesartan as told by the dr but still can't get the BP down. The Irbesartan makes me very hot.

I thought I should mention that on the leaflet handed out at the clinic it said that Warfarin was not suitable for everyone and should not be taken if you have severe hypertension, peptic ulcers or bacterial endocarditis. Thanks again, Terjo


Thanks Rellium296 for the beetroot tip.

Just respectfully to remind all, that beetroot may have the effect of turning

ones pee pink which could be of course,confused with a problem with ones anticoagulant, bit scary the first time and possibly mask a problem

if indeed there where a problem.

Mind how yha go.



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