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At last at Cleveland clinic

Hi all

We arrived at Cleveland few days back through 18 hours flight , it started with SVT attack at Abu Dhabi airport for 30min and ended with SVT attack in JFK airport till I reached Cleveland airport .

Anyway I managed with my dear husband and daughter assistance

I met EP doctor last Thursday , he is Lebanese doctor

He read carefully my medical file I brought with me , initially he informed me that I had few types of irrethemia mainly SVT and VT , in addition to my previously treated atrial flutter which rarely found in ppl in my young age (I was not aware I'm young in 49 lol ) due to my open heart surgeries and aortic valve problem earlier.

The plan is to put me on advance holter monitor for 48 hours to identify the most symptomatic irrythemia and study the possibility of ablation in case they are not more than 2-3 types , and if more than that , no ablation is recommended , other medication maybe tried

He was not happy about having sotalol in my case .

I did few lab tests and heart echo , my next appointment will be next Thursday with heart monitor .

It is really cold here , I liked the snow but not daily lol , hope they will find for me away to improve my quality of life if not treatment ;)

Hope all of you are doing better these days , I will keep you updated soon


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Hi Maitha. I'm so glad you eventually made it to Cleveland clinic. At the very least you will have some sort of strategy for dealing with your problems. Fingers crossed that all will turn out as you are hoping. Keep us up to date with your progress so we can will you on.x


Good to hear from your Maitha, and good luck, it sounds like you are getting excellent care from a world renowned team there.

Oh and 49? not far off a teenager :)

Be well


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Thank ;) I like being teenager loool


Oh Maitha, so good to hear from you and that you are finally at the Cleveland Clinic. Really hope that all goes well for you. Please keep us updated. Wishing you well.



Great to hear you are at last in good hands- do let us know how you get on,

very best wishes,



Thank you all for your kind words , I will let you know about the updates




Good to hear from you, we wish you all the very best.

Take care.



HI Maitha, so pleased you made it there. Cleveland Clinic - one of the best! Take advantage of everything they have to offer. Keep us posted - will be thinking about you!


Marvellous, you have made it to Cleveland, I hope everything goes well and you come away with a positive result. Best wishes.


Hi Maitha very well done getting there, that is marvellous and no mean feat. Do hope they are able to help you, sounds like you are in good hands, very best wishes.


Excellent, you're in Cleveland finally! Gosh, it does look snowy, wrap up warm. You take care and let us know how you get on.

Best wishes



Hi Maitha, and welcome to my part of the world! We are only a bit more than an hour's drive away. So glad you are getting things sorted out. Will be anxious to hear the verdict. You'll be happy with the weather for the next couple days…sunshine and spring like temps in the the 50's. It would be great not to look at any more snow for a while! Be well and keep in touch.


Hi Maitha. So glad you finally made it to the Cleveland. Wishing the very best of luck and hoping that your problems can be much improved.


Yes. My good wishes also and hope they find a way to help you.


So pleased you are at the Cleveland clinic Maitha. Trusting they will soon find out the best treatment for you. I wondered how you are as not seen a post from you recently. Good luck and all best wishes. Dee.


Maitha - I'm wondering how you are as we haven't heard from you for a while. Waiting to hear your news.

Big hug.



Hi again

After my second meeting with my EP doctor , he explained to me that due to my previous two heart surgeries I'm having a different type of irrethemia ( SVT , VT , ectopic beats ) which is not possible to treat them all by ablation

So I'm now on event holter monitor and the doctor is going to priorities most symptomatic irrethemia I'm having to treat them , one of them is my frequent SVT .

I'm scheduled for EP study and ablation on 1st April , doctor explained to me that if he found a lot sources all over for my extra beats he will not treat any , since he can't predict the consequences after ablation .

He informed me that it is not known yet why some patients have symptoms for ectopic beats and others don't

He didn't like me to continue using sotalol and requested me to stop it two days before ablation .

It is so cold here in cleveland , so boring and away from my family , I'm trying hardly to enjoy time here with my dear husband.

Cleveland clinic staff are really nice and helpful , I'm also seeing a doctor for my migraine and started new method of treatment already which I hope will work for me .

I'm looking for personal kit to check my INR , any input in this regard ? Since I'm on warfarin since 13 years due to my artificial valve

That is my report for the 15th day in Cleveland.

Thanks a lot Jean for your kind concern, big hug :)

Wish you all the best



My ablation scheduled on 1st of April

Holter monitor shows only frequent SVTs and a lot of PVCs and no VT thank God , even was recoded earlier few times , but my EP doctor said it depends on the EP study findings

It will be radio frequency ablation around four hours duration initially not under full Anastasia , and I will be admitted in the same day morning , and advised to continuo on warfarin as usual and stopping the sotalol 48hours before the ablation

Grandma I'm still waiting the spring , I'm freezing here it was snowing yesterday again , today it is -10 , it look like I'm not lucky at all with the weather here :(

Trying to spend the time till my ablation where the cold here make it hard to move around Cleveland



How are things with you today Maitha?



I'm ready for second ablation tomorrow , I stopped sotalol from yesterday as per doctor request and continue on warfarin

I will be admitted tomorrow morning , where the procedure may take around four hours

I was on event recorder to monitor heart rhythm during episodes, and as per doctor feedback it is frequent SVTs and a lot of PVCs , not VT shown up , anyway all is subject to EP study findings tomorrow

Thanks for asking , the weather today is sunny thank god , where it was bad snowy two days back

Hope everything will be ok :)

Kind regards


That all sounds good - and better weather too. Hope it goes well tomorrow - it is wonderful what skill and technology we have to make us better. Wishing you all the best, Lisa


Wishing you all the best for your ablation.x


Wishing you well tomorrow Maitha. You have been through so much .... hope you will get good result. Sandra


Hi Maitha! I just saw this today and I am glad the sun is out for you today. Good luck with your ablation tomorrow. You really have experienced the latest spring EVER in this part of the world. We have all been groaning at these late snows and biting temps. I will be thinking the best thoughts for you tomorrow. The weather is to be spectacular :-) Blessings to you.


Sympathies, Maitha. Admire your courage in undertaking this long trip (in terms of both distance and time) to move yoursef forward and its bad luck to have to contend with such cold conditions. All good wishes.


Thanks a lot


Hope all goes well for you tomorrow, Will be thinking of you.

Jean X


Good luck Maitha, thinking of you x


Thank you all

Hope it will be easy and time pass quickly ;)

Grandma at last I had a walk outside , i miss the sun


Finally I had my second ablation yesterday

I was a admitted at 10 AM yesterday , EPS carried out starting from 1 PM , I was awake and drowsy due to medication injected during the procedures, it takes around 5 hours , most of it was testing the heart and rhythm upon different triggers .

EPS findings : major issue is the SVT all treated as I hope , others such as PVCs including VT where there but only few , unfortunately could not be treated while under warfarin (high bleeding risk in that specific area of the heart )

Anyway I believe that my major problem is really SVT and hopefully ended , I will be under heart monitor for two weeks , in case symptoms still there I may have 3rd one (I hope not )

I supposed to be discharged by today but I insist to stay one more day .

I'm back on sotalol , not sure for how long yet

EP doctor related my symptoms to SVTs where he described it as easy to be initiated and is there most of the time even pulse looks normal! Couldn't understand that

Let's wait and hope nothing more needed

I feel stable today no pain at all , just weak and sleepy , I'm not planning to do a lot during my recovery , I had a lesson last time to take things slowly and step by step even the doctor advised me to move normally just not to carry heavy things.

Wish you all well



That sounds good, Maitha. Hope you will be better and on the way home soon


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