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PAF and Sick Sinus Syndrome.

Hello. I posted several weeks ago and thought I would let you know how I got on with my cardiologist. Briefly, I was diagnosed with PAF/ Bradychardia/Tachycardia. I was put on Bisoprolol for my PAF and quickly taken off that as it look my rate down to 39bpm. My AF episodes have been around six weeks apart the last one two weeks ago ended up in a&e.I am now on a waiting list to be fitted with a dual pacemaker for the Brady and drugs for theTachy/Paf.I am not on anti coagulants as my score is 1 on the chads but cardio said that will come eventually. I am also not on any drugs for the PAF. till I get the pacemaker.My anxiety levels have gone through the roof and I know that does not help me. I want to thank again all of you who answered my post and if anyone out there has what I have or a pacemaker I would like to hear from you. Thank you.

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Hi please try not to get anxious I know it,s easier said than done but it does not help.I had my pacemaker fit last June and it,s nothing,The procedure takes less than 30 mins you,ll probably have an over night stay,and best of all there is no pain during the op,But your upper arm and shoulder will feel a bit stiff and tender for a week or so and you can,t lift your arm above your shoulder,I got out of doing loads of jobs for that week,I feel loads better now so try not to worry good luck and take it easy.

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Thank you for your reassuring words. I have read all I can about pacemakers but still find it hard to imagine this device implanted in me. My cardio said I will still get the AF but not so often. I hope he is right.I am trying to not let this take over my life but its not easy. Best Wishes to you.



I suppose my situation has been quite like yours, Arbroathsmokie. Sick sinus syndrome with bradycardia and laterPAF. My score was then 1 and when waiting for the pacemaker being implanted I had aspirin only. After the implanted pacer, bisoprolol 10mg. Now I have my second pacemaker. Both pacemakers without any problems at all. The first 6 years nasty PAFs every 4-6 weeks resolving spontaneously after 10-12 hours. When getting more often, 2-3 times a week, dronedaron was tried for 4 months. Didn't help enough. Now on propafenone 4 months, feeling fine. Only one PAF of 2 hours. Warfarin was started after Aging enough and getting score 2. Even that without problems. Try to take it easy.


Thank you Varina8 for your reply and your detailed history. Sounds very much like the path I am about to embark on. I am trying to get my head round the whole thing that has invaded my life since Sep. Looking back tho I have probably been symptomatic for a while the tiredness and fatigue the missed beats and racing beats usually about three in a row I always thought they were classed as ectopics then wham the AF episodes.Thankfully my diagnosis of Sick Sinus Syndrome has been swift and I am on the waiting list now for the pacemaker with drugs to follow.Will try to take it easy as you suggested.Best wishes to you.



I have PAF & Bradychardia. A pacemaker fitted in 2008 has taken care of the slow heart rate & the only problem with the PAF seems to be the risk of stroke. As I also have a CHADS score of 1 an anticoagulant is not considered to be absolutely necessary (in the opinion of my cardiologist at least). In spite of this I have been taking aspirin but am about to stop & start on Rivaroxaban because of my concern about stroke. Of course this has to be considered against the major problem with this drug i.e. there is no antidote at the moment so any internal bleeding could present a problem.

For me the fitting of the pacemaker was a simple & painless procedure that delivered a new peace of mind. Back 6 years ago there was a few weeks of recuperation with requirements not to lift your arms above your head etc. I assume that the same, or similar, still applies.

After the implantation is over you will wonder what all the fuss was about!


Hello Garywf thank you for your reply. I think it is the long waiting list that is playing with my head. To much time to think then on the other hand its time to prepare as well.Yes I too will be introduced to anticoagulant,I have concerns about that too as I suffer from chronic gastritis(the result of gall bladder surgery)I was in hospital having a gastroscophy when the AF appeared for the first time.I have read on the site about triggers and although the cardio dismissed it I keep thinking my Af is linked to that in some way.It always seems to be in the early morning when I have my episodes as well.Best wishes to you Garywf.


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