Did Tom James (UK Athlete) have an ablation?

Hi folks,

Did Tom James have an ablation? The BUPA website has an interview which suggests he had a 'procedure' early in his diagnosis (although this may have been cardioversion). I note that Tony Blair had an ablation early in his diagnosis also, which begs the question, why is ablation not considered as an early treatment for most NHS patients?

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  • I was given choice - meds or ablation.

  • Ablation = £10,000 !!!

  • NICE guidelines insist that a patient has to have failed to respond to two drug regimes before ablation is considered. Many EPs say that early ablation is best treatment with best outcome long term. But a) there are not enough EPs for everybody to have one and b) see Koll's comment.

    Tony Blair had SVT not AF I was told.


  • In his autobiography Tony Blair described it as arrhythmia buy it's clear it's afib from the description

  • I'm only going on what the insiders said at the time. Non political forum so lets end this one.


  • I'm not sure that mentioning a politician who had AFib would contravene any forum rules.

  • No but my opinions might! LOL


  • Point taken! :)

  • My daughter was on the rowing team with Tom James (before I was diagnosed) and I think he had beta blockers and cardioversion, although can't swear to that. Whatever it was it was effective! Mind you, any athlete at that level, they're onto it very quick and thus more successful I guess.

    Unlike me, who with a mental health diagnosis, had my symptoms dismissed as anxiety even though that wasn't my MH issue! If it had been taken seriously I might be in better shape now, (ha, not that I'm bitter or anything!).


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