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10 days post cryoablation

Hi all,

Well its 10 days since my ablation and I am still getting all the strange rhythms that lots of people have mentioned and I also unfortunately getting daily short periods of AF. I am still gettting the soreness around the chest and my groin aches a bit if I walk for about a mile.

For the first six or seven days I felt pretty run down but am picking up a lot now and feel as if my mojo is coming back ,I am even craving my return to work!!! But will probably leave it another couple of weeks (due to the manual nature of my job).

Good luck all!

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I could not go normally to my office work till a month from my ablation , and I was still having irregular short rhythm and ectopic beats

My doctor informed me that I may go back to work within a week but that was not right

So take your time , I'm sure everything will be better soon , don't push too hard

Hope you will recover soon



Hi Timmo, Don't be in too much of a rush to get back to work! Take it easy and rest plenty. When the groin is all better and the bruising has gone your heart inside will be starting to get back to normal.. tay well.



Hi. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I am now 14 days post ablation. I never had any groin pain and felt fine after a day or two but listened to advice on here and taking it easy.

Like you I am having lots of AF episodes. They last 4 to 6 hours but seem weaker than before and heart not going as fast (approx 90 to 100bpm) even though I am on no meds( not counting warfarin). Are you finding this? I am hoping its the start of scar tissue formation and cure - let's be optimistic!!

Good luck and hope it works for all of us. Marie


Hi Marie, My heart rate was never particularly fast when I was in AF before the ablation, but now these short bursts are faster., which in a way gives me hope that it is part of the healing process. As we know there is no uniform path to recovery with this.

Good luck as always


Hope everything soon settles down for you. I've been extremely luck, in the three weeks since my cryoblation I have had no pains, minimal bruising but lots of ectopics which settled about a week ago. Mind you, I'm still on bisoprolol, dronedarone and warfarin. Meds to be reviewed after Christmas with a view to start reducing them. Hope everything soon settles down for you. Listen to your own body and take as long as you need to recover. Good luck!


Thanks guys,

Part of my wanting to get out to work, is to prevent my inevitable murder at my wifes hands if I am around the house much longer ;)


I am new on hear I had a appointment to see cardo on Monday I got permanent A F I told him I had seen on the enter net that you can have a operation to cure A F. He said we cant

operate on you because you have no symptoms. I don;t feel my hart skip a beat but I have had all the tests and I have been told 3 years ago I have A F. I had a 24 hour monitor fitted a week ago and it showed permanent A F.Has any one no hear had that experience. .


Hiya. I can't answer your question but there are people on here who have no symptoms like yourself. I think you should ask the question on a new post and you will probably get some help/useful information. Marie


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