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Feeling grumpy, gone into AF during the daytime for the first time and for no good reason that I can see... I do wonder, when we all cut out so much to try to stop the attacks, whether it's all in vain sometimes, and the AF just does what it wants, when it wants, regardless. I'm getting roughly an attack a month now, but the last two were quite short (five hours and three hours). I'm wondering whether to go back to the doc and mention this or just to leave it. This attack's been about an hour so far, kind of hoping it ends soon, I really hate the floppy fish thing.

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Hi Eatsalottie, I haven't got any suggestions but just wondered had it gone yet? I get mine, if it is AF as I'm not sure, mainly at night but I can feel wobbles during the day as well but not a lot usually. Sometimes when something's bothering me, maybe a small family thing, it seems to start me off. Hope it clears soon.

Eatsalottie in reply to Hidden

Hi Koll,

It's not gone yet unfortunately, two and a half hours and counting... Racking my brains to think what might have caused it - I had an important phone call this morning, so possibly I was stressing about that. I have never had AF that started during the day before so this is a first. Thanks for your good wishes!

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Hi Eatsalottie, my Cardio has said that we are more incline to feel AF of a night around 120 bpm but not through the day (the same) because of the distractions around us, I know I am fully aware of my heart beat throughout the night but not the day. Yet it is rapid. When I have a bad bout it is time to go to hospital if it hasnt settled for about 24 hours unless it is a disturbing beat and other factors like feeling faint come into it, in those episodes I just sit until it settles or I am cardioverted.

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Hi Soozie, I feel my heartbeat more at night as well, I guess because it's quiet and there's no distractions as you say. Our doctors were jumping the gun a bit, I think, suggesting I should go to hospital after four hours with no other symptoms like feeling faint or chest pain. A&E would start putting up barricades if I did that often enough! You sound as if you take it really calmly, good for you.

hope it stops soon- best wishes


Eatsalottie in reply to rosyG

Thanks Rosemary - me too! I hate AF with a passion.


Eatsalottie, If you feel it's something that has happened, your important call etc, have you got anything you can pop to maybe quell it? I've got a small supply of Diazepam from my doc on the understand I only take one when I really need to and they usually work for me. Just a thought !

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Diazepam? Hmmm have some ancient ones for my back I think, but never considered for heart problems. I think I will have to go talk to the doctor as it's happening more often, try to get more out of him than 'try not to worry about it'... Thank you for the idea!

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Not for your heart directly Eatsalottie, for your head. I can't stop my head affecting my ticker sometimes, so I pop a pill to calm me, even though I may not actually feel anxious! The Diazepam (or whatever is appropriate to you, Yoga, Meditation, another drug, whatever) is just to help break the cycle.

Funnily enough, if something really angers me, my AF goes away. It's niggly things that trigger me!

Eatsalottie in reply to Hidden

You're so right, I'm sure it was getting upset at the receptionist's suggestion that dropped it back into rhythm - weird, eh... I must get some more info on yoga/meditation, because the mind does seem to play a really significant role. It would be rather good to have some control. Oh, and since the doctor suggested my potassium levels might be low, I've been munching on bananas :) If nothing else, I'll have had my five a day!

I still recommend acupuncture, it really helps keep the anxiety at bay. Not sure if there is a direct correlation but when I missed a week (of acupuncture) I had more AF than normal.

I started to investigate it but got sidetracked - thanks for reminding me... I will get back on the case!

one thing that nearly always stops tachycardia is vomiting makes everything go into reverse. someone else said a really good deep cough

I've tried coughing, maybe not deeply enough, thanks for the thought... Vomiting, I would definitely rather not :)


Hope you will feel better soon

I agree with Koll , calming down will help a lot , I used to have zanax or lexotanil for such cases then relax

I don't know your medication , but my doctor told me I may take another dose of sotalol if I got SVT episoids and it stop within 30 min .

So you may discuss with your doctor pill in pocket method if your episodes are not so frequent

My heart with you

Eatsalottie in reply to Maitha

Thanks Maitha. I'm on 5mg of bisoprolol. I may try phoning him to ask for suggestions. Another dose might do the trick...

Update: I phoned, couldn't get the doctor, and the receptionist 'strongly advised' me to call 999. I got quite upset, because I've got two dogs that can't be left unattended (one of them is diabetic) and no-one to look after them. Wonder of wonders, I came off the phone, sniffling, and discovered my heart was back in rhythm. Maybe I should get someone to upset me when it goes out lol. Four hours, that little bout was. I just talked to one of the other doctors at the practice and her only thought is to increase the Bisoprolol a 'smidge'. I guess that is the standard answer at that practice... I'm not sure, because my heart rate is 60 and I wouldn't want it to go lower really. She did suggest that it may have been caused by an upset stomach I've had for a couple of days, which may have affected my potassium levels, so at least there's an explanation. What can I eat or drink to restore that, I wonder?

Banana , potato and coconut water contain potassium

Try to drink a lot of fluids , and I agree that upset stomach may trigger AF , even constipation

Happy to hear that you back to normal again


Eatsalottie in reply to Maitha

I didn't know about potato and coconut water - thanks Maitha! I am having a nice cup of decaf tea now :)

rosyG in reply to Eatsalottie

good to hear you are back in sinus rhythm take care

Eatsalottie in reply to rosyG

Thanks Rosy, will do! You too!


Oh I am glad this episode is over for you. Sorry I wasn't reading earlier to give you support when you were most upset. Just really thankful that you are back in NSR. And as Maitha says, make sure and keep your potassium up. That is my constant struggle too. I am sick of bananas, but eat them anyway. The skin of a baked potato has a large amount of potassium, and over here there is a vitamin water with quite a bit too, and of course orange juice. Be well and stay in rhythm!

Thank you Grandma! Sending hugs... I am fine now, I just wish someone would take the AF away for Christmas... I can see a banana-filled future, oh my... You keep well too :)

Japaholic in reply to SRMGrandma

I found some vitamin pills with magnesium and potassium in it, not all have that combo. I'll try anything. If I had a tip standing on your head helps AF I'd give that a shot too.

Haha, so would I, no question about it. I am currently surrounded by a large pile of bananas and Co-Q 10, looking up acupuncturists in the phone book...!

Make sure you get a good one, have look on here.

Be prepared to chill, they had to wake me up a couple of times as. I had nodded off. Still walk out with a huge grin on my face too.

Was warned about bleeding, but the needles don't go in deep enough. I still told the acupuncturist about my medication just to on the safe side.

Thank you - just looking... Given my severe lack of caffeine I tend to nod off at the drop of a hat, so I expect I'll snore through the whole thing! Quite excited about the idea of acupuncture :)

This is from the acupuncture website

Q I suffer from atrial fibrillation and have heard that acupuncture can help restore the heart to its normal sinus rythm. Is this the case? If so how would I find an acupuncturist who specialised in this field?

A: There are some early indications that acupuncture may have an anti-arrhythmic effect in patients with atrial fibrillation. A study published earlier this year

concluded that there appeared to be benefits and that further large scale trials would be valuable to test the hypothesis more carefully.

However, it is only fair to say that needling a single point such as Neiguan repeatedly is not a fair representation of what a traditional acupuncturist does in practice. Although there is considerable overlap between eastern and western systems the arrhythmia typical of AF could be classified in several different ways within Chinese medicine, and the practitioner would be guided by evidence other than simply a reading of the rate of the pulse. That in turn would mean that ten people with AF might receive ten different treatments. To that extent, it is not that straightforward to extrapolate from research studies like this and conclude that 'acupuncture works'.

The skill of the practitioner lies in making sense of the symptom of AF within an entirely different theoretical framework, and understanding each presentation in each individual patient as unique. The best advice we can give any prosepctive patient is to contact a BAcC member local to them to seek a short face to face consultation at which they can be given a better assessment of whether acupuncture might benefit them.

Fascinating stuff! I've found a member on the website who's working in Llandudno, so I will call at lunchtime and see if I can arrange a visit. I can't wait!

Please do let me know how you get on....

Maitha in reply to Japaholic

What about the patients on warfarin ? Can they apply this methods ?

I thought I'd add each time I go the acupuncturist takes my pulse in both wrists at the same time, she also massages my stomach and "scolds" me for letting my tummy get cold. For this she uses moxibustion which is like an incense burner placed on the skin to warm it up. She uses different thickness of needles depending how many episodes I have had or if I have a cold or upset tummy. They tend to treat the whole person,not only the AF.

It's all very mysterious - I've heard of moxibustion, which also sounds intriguing!

SRMGrandmaVolunteer in reply to Japaholic

I've had acupuncture hundreds of times and only once had a drop of blood from one of the needles. They are so, so thin. And it is the most relaxing thing to do.

SRMGrandmaVolunteer in reply to Eatsalottie

love it. :-) Just took my co-Q 10, will have my banana after my workout, and acupuncture tomorrow afternoon !

SRMGrandmaVolunteer in reply to Japaholic

Oh, that sounds good. Unfortunately the magnesium doesn't agree with me, but that is the combo we need. I hear you about the headstands….

Hi glad you are back in NR, My Cardiologist recommends taking an additional Bisoprolol to try and kick it back in, and it works. I agree with Maitha, a Banana or two each day, and keep well hydrated. Keep well


Eatsalottie in reply to Lal531

I am going to go and see my doctor this week Lal, I need something I can do to get the darn thing back in rhythm without the hour's trek to the hospital (we're very rural). I'm also going to pick up more bananas! You keep well too :)

I'm so glad your heart's back in rhythm. I haven't been on the site since early yesterday morning so didn't see your first post. Wish I lived near you, then I could have been available to take care of your dogs if you had to go into hospital. Stress certainly starts my AF off.

Big hug.


Thank you Jean, big hugs back... I could do with a dog sitter for sure, should I really feel that I need the hospital - but in a small village there are few options. Sure you don't want to move? :D

I'm sure stress plays a large role in AF - the more often I have it, the more sure I am...


Where do you live, Lis?

Up a hill in the Conwy Valley! It's pretty remote...

Oh how beautiful that must be! Do you speak Cymraeg?? Unfortunately it's a little far for my daughter, who does dog-minding! We're in leafy Warwickshire.

Leafy Warwickshire is beautiful - wish we were closer! Dw i'n dysgu Cymraeg (I'm learning Welsh) but I wouldn't say I'm any good :)

Have a look at this, it's a temple I visited on Sunday to pray for good health.

Use your mouse to scroll around

Oh, how beautiful... You are so lucky. It reminds me a little of a Buddhist temple I visited in Busan last year. Just marvellous.

Da iawn Lis. Bob hwyl! X

Diolch yn fawr, Marilyn!

I can recommend an infusion of fresh ginger to settle a stomach and give you a boost. I always keep some in the fridge.....cut off a hazelnut sized piece,peel then chop it up finely (or squeeze it through a garlic press) and add hot water. It's great in the winter!

As regards stress, I'm convinced there's a link between AF and stress and I haven't been able to find much research about it( although I noticed there's a talk on it at the London AF meeting). Yoga breathing works well although it takes some practice and mindfulness meditation is really useful too. It makes me realise how buzzy my head is! There could well be meditation classes in your area as it seems to be popular at the moment although it was my father who encouraged me to explore these paths....he was still doing yogic head stands in his late eighties!!

Hope these snippets are useful......

Marilyn x

You have to really admire anyone who could do yogic head stands in their late eighties! My goodness... I did some basic meditation years ago and I do believe it's helpful, but sometimes I let my anxiety side track me and then it's difficult. A ginger infusion sounds rather wonderful - I love ginger... I would also love to go to the London AF meeting, but sadly can't. Hoping to get to one next year, I would love to know more about everything really, particularly the link to stress.

It's worth trekking through the tiny labels on multi-vitamins. I have just found one with no Vitamin K, which is great if you're on Warfarin! Are we allowed to mention brands here??

I'm sure we can as long as we point out that other brands are available :D

Yes, there are a lot of products available. I found Sanatogen Vital50+ which contains no VitaminK and is a multi-vitamin and mineral product. Have only been using it for a week so can't comment further. Of course I chuckled at the brand which we all used to make jokes about when we were younger!!

Wondering if the same goes for the alcoholic product that was supposed to 'fortify the over 40s'! Thanks for that, I will get some :)

Yes, that's my experience too.......just when we need it most, slow breathing and meditation become the most difficult things to do.

I found a recipe for cough medicine online which contained alcohol, morphine and tincture of cannabis.

Not sure if it would help the AF but am pretty sure it would kill any anxiety stone dead. Apparently Queen Victoria used it for her period pains. Pity it was made illegal in 1923

Can't stop chuckling... What an idea! You have to wonder why she always looked so stony-faced!

Oh yes, that's it! Wasn't there also a product called Wincarnis or some such thing?

Wow, you have a good memory. There sure was!

Hey now listen 'ere! I only remember from seeing it, not imbibing it. Teeheehee!

Just been looking at your panoramas Japaholic ......stunning, thanks for sharing x

Thanks, I like making them. Very cathartic

This was called "one night cough syrup"

This link should show you the picture

I should think one night would be more than enough! Love it...

Or this from 1901, not sure I fancy this one though......

Good gravy... Hard to believe, isn't it?

I go to tai chi each week, it's very relaxing. I have found lots of hypnosis apps to help relaxation on my iPhone and I play one just before I go to sleep. It's seems to make me calmer during the day as well so it must be working. AF's are less frequent as well.

Eatsalottie in reply to Lucybod

Thank you Lucy - I've just started reading a 'do it yourself' Tai Chi book, my only problem being a complete lack of balance! I do like the idea of a relaxation app for the phone - I must search one of those out, sounds really good. Very glad to hear it's helping your AF.

I have some Glenn harrold apps. There are several but ' relax and sleep well ' is a free app. Have a go.

Have you looked on YouTube for tai chi, but it's worth going to a class, they show you how to do it properly to get the real benefit, a lot of the exercises work with the acupuncture channels for heart lungs etc. so may save having needles!

Eatsalottie in reply to Lucybod

Sounds interesting... I'll have to try to encourage the village to bring in a Tai Chi instructor! I'm definitely going to try the app...

Maybe we could arrange for your fish to meet my jumping frogs! Feeling a bit down too..hadn't had anything since before Christmas and now two episodes (though not drastic enough to call anybody) in the last week. Funnily enough the first one was the first daytime one I've had too, came on very suddenly, a bit scary really, with breathlessness which I haven't experienced before.

But hey.....Wales won the rugby last night, that's enough of a surprise to set things off again!

Wales really trounced France, didn't they? :D I'm sorry you've had two episodes so close together, I've only had one during the day - I'd had a bad stomach and the doc suggested that low levels of potassium might be to blame... but it is very off-putting. I hope it's just a blip and yes, we should get the menagerie together, I'm just chuckling while imagining the chaos :)

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