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Had AF 13 YEARS on and off had 2 Ablations and 16 Cardioversions.

First Ablation lasted 6 yrs and 2nd one currently 18mths

Don't drink or binge drink no more causes Af to come back

Walk dogs daily miles! but never attempt hills whilst in AF

Gp's don't know enough about AF at all THEY are completely ignorant to this condition.

SVT'S I HAVE HAD 3 episodes and are life threatening get a Ambulance immediately don't hesitate.

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Sorry to hear that you are having hard time for all those years

Most of us here have similar situations , and you are right about cardiologists I used to complain AF symptoms to my cardiologist for years and I had holter for few times but no AF recorded so I was diagnosed as panic attacks for years

Actually I don't know how he didn't diagnose me right with all my complains and long history record to ER , I didn't know what is AF till I was diagnosed two years ago , then two cardiversion and ablation recently

So what is your next step ? And what type of medication you are on right now ? What is the the recommendations of the EP doctors ?

Hope you will get better soon



Now in sinus for the last 18 mths, now off Warfarin, tried lots of drugs none worked. But have been on Bisopronol- beta blocker and that keeps heart ticking nicely whilst in sinus, so fingers crossed. AF means to me Alone and Frustrated . Sounds like your Cardio man is deaf!! do hope yr be ok.Christine


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