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Axumin, effective at a low PSA

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My uro wanted to do an Axumin pet scan on me. My PSA was 0.22, I told the PA I didn't think it would be very effective with a PSA that low. When they checked my PSA it came back at 0.19, PA told me she would put the Axumin on hold for now. Just had a hospital call to scheduled the scan, I told them the PA cancelled the scan.I asked her how effective the scan would be with a PSA at 0.22. She told me very effective. I will ask my MO next week what he thinks.

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An Axumin scan is unlikely to detect anything at a PSA that low.

According to an article:

AxuminTM can detect recurrent disease with PSA levels in the range of 1-10 ng/ml, which is the reason this scan is such an important advancement.

Here's another article:

If the PSA is less than 1, the detection rate is 37.5%.

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Echotango51 in reply to gregg57

Thank you gregg57

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GeorgeGlass in reply to gregg57

I agree, I waited til my psa was around 20 so it would be detected.

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Wow...20 is taking a chance!

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I'm curious what it means to detect. I've had three Axumins scans since PSA dropped below 1 on Lupron and the radiologist always comments on visible Mets and the prostate mass. Thanks

I think your uro is a bit balmy. No one in the medical field should say "your cured." With cancer you are "in remission." Prostate cancer is one of the most over-treated diseases in medical history. I see no reason to have a scan at this point. If you PSA begins to rise, then have the all the scans bone and Axumin.

I was looking at your bio and so forth.

I don't see any info on scans at your time of diagnosis etc.

Have you had any scans at all ?

I would think so but just asking and if so when did you have the scans ?

Around the same time of your diagnosis/biopsy?

Yes, I had a bone scan when I was DX, PSA 6.2. Scan came back negative.

Do I understand it correctly that you are currently under ADT?

Regardless, if you need scanning, PSMA PET/CT is more sensitive.

Overall sensitivity is governed by a combination of PSA, PSADT and concurrent treatments like ADT. Axumin is yesterday's newspaper.

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Echotango51 in reply to Justfor_

Yes, I have been on lupron for 5 years , My MO at MUSC will do the PSMA Pylarify PET/CT when my PSA is < 0.5. Don’t know how long that will take. Next PSA check in April, then I will go from there.

Justfor, made a mistake on my PSA, it should have been >0.5 not <0.5. I’m having a phone appointment with MO at MUSC Tuesday night.

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dhccpa in reply to Justfor_

I understand your point, and everyone is talking up PMSA but realistically how likely is PMSA to be the routine scan? Docs are still using Bone and CAT scans, many rarely use PETs except in extreme cases. If that's incorrect, please correct me.

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It is absolutely correct. When I asked my urologist about it 3 years ago his response was: "You can do it, but it is a waste of money". The public hospital he was with didn't offer it. I had to go private. This is one of the prime reasons they down play it. As in every "shop" they speak highly of what they have in their line card. It is the seller's perspective and totally understandable. We as patients we better adopt the buyer's perspective.

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dhccpa in reply to Justfor_

I think you nailed it. I haven't had a PMSA yet but look forward to sliding in. Or maybe not,depending on results.

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lewicki in reply to Justfor_


Unless you have a rapid PSA doubling time (which you don't), the Axumin scan is highly unlikely to show anything at that PSA. The detection rate was only 37.5% in recurrent men with PSA values between 0.2 to 1.0. At the low end of the range, it would be negligible.

Thank you TA.

I’m in the same boat. My Urologist and my oncologist did not recommend doing any scans at my .13 PSA. I’m curious to find out if and when you get the Axumin pet scan

I will have the PSMA Pylarify pet/ct done at MUSC when my PSA is <.5. In Justfor’s reply “ Axuimin is yesterday’s newspaper. If my mo at MUSC recommends the Axuimin also, I will take it when he recommends it.

Remember, we are paYtients.........

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 01/15/2022 6:26 PM EST

I have a PSA of < 0.02 and the Axumin scan detected the cancer the same as a PSMA scan eighteen months earlier.

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Echotango51 in reply to lewicki

Lewicki, if your PSA was less then 0.02. What was it, I’m surprised it would find anything. I made a mistake on one of my replies , mo will do PSMA PLY when PSA is >0.5 not <0.5.

I had an axumin scan a couple of weeks ago, with a PSA reading of 1.7. It found nothing. I still have my prostate gland.

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