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It is my responsibility to report that John Gamble--who resided at 4600 NW 29th Terrace, Tamarac Fla. 33309 has passed this afternoon at 1:30 pm. You all knew him as Greatjohn-->his screen name at HU. John wanted things to be kept quiet--as he entered hospice about 9 days ago. He had an unbelievable spirit to live. As he went 8 days without food, plugged into his morphine drip. While in Hospice John suffered 2 heart attacks, had no functioning bone marrow, with Prostate Cancer in the Cranial Bone and also in the left side of his Brain. In an unbelievable effort with a Heart Surgeon, John somehow found willing to do angioplasty for 3 blockages, and a Radiologist willing to radiate his brain, he was not going to give up, while in Hospice.

The reason I write this Obit is that John had asked me to, and to please say some nice things, about him-->his words. I got to Florida 2 days ago, and those staying with John told me not to drive down, as he would not know me. Knowing the people with him there were some shedding of tears over the phone, as they gave me the last details. Just know he died very comfortably, had no pain, and was with close friends.

Some of you know that John was married to Richard--Sorry I never got Richard's last name. I heard Fowler at one time and that may be correct. Richard himself is in a nursing home at this time, having fallen breaking a hip, and needing a Memory Care Facility, as Richard's memory was slowly being lost. And as they were together since 1977, he was not able to be with John when he passed. John was 64, and Richard is 71. They officially married, when the State of Florida sanctioned same-sex marriages.

You may remember that every time John would post he always seemed to have a picture of some exotic, or gourmet dish. He loved Food. The man could really cook. But what you may not know is John's Hobby and life's work was in Antiques. He had a Brick and Mortar business and was in this for 25 years. In later years, he sold things on eBay and other sites--where he could go out find a piece, and then re-sell it without leaving home. I have seen pictures of some of his current antiques, and they are beyond belief. He did have an eye for the most beautiful old things that would make you drop your jaw. I should know having been a collector, for 30 years myself, until my wife said no more. I was able to stop but John was not able to. On his first day in Hospice, he sold 2 vases for 800 dollars each. The man was incredible---Greatjohn is maybe a name not capable of really describing him.

John had that screen picture with the handlebar mustache, and at first look, you would have thought he belonged to the Hells Angels. Actually, John was 5'9", not a big man, and he was so very soft-spoken. His voice was like velvet, which probably helped make him a great salesman selling and buying antiques.

I gave the address above in the opening for nothing more than if you wanted to send a card, as Richard will be returning home in about a week, and the plan as of today is for Richard to not go to a Memory Unit, but to go home and to have live-in help. John ordered His Cremation about 2 months ago.

In looking back John and I had about 75 private messages on HU. I was an Advocate for him, while he fought Prostate Cancer. That is why I was asked to write this. There is a lot more that I can say or write, but Jan. 1st, 2022, was not how I wanted the day to proceed. I have been carrying this burden for a couple of months--knowing that Lu-177 failed miserably, and that his Bone Marrow was shot, as he was living with blood transfusions, while cancer ate at his brain.

I Prayed for him and with him. He will be very well missed, and I end this by Praying the Great Shalom-->a great peace for a Great Man. A peace that is timeless and has no boundaries and is forever eternal. May God Bless John, and Richard, and all of us that have this disease. With sadness,


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I’m saddened by his passing. I’ve only been here a short time, but was immediately touched by his grace.

I knew I was going to read this, but not yet, not today.Tears are in my eyes as I read this from Nal.

What a truly inspirational man Great John was. He NEVER gave up, always upbeat , right till the end. God bless him and Richard, he will be greatly missed by many on HU.

RIP John, you were truly great.A warrior. We all loved you.

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Your humor, wisdom and courage will be remembered Great John

Thank you Nalakrats for writing this. You did a great job. Great John would be pleased. I always looked forward to seeing his posts, although you could tell the end was coming fast. Go in peace Great John. 🙏

Oh, what sad, sad, news. Thank you, Nalakrats, for writing John's obituary as he asked and, so beautifully. Thank you, Greatjohn, for the innumerable gifts you gave us on this site. May you now rest in the bosom of heavenly eternal life.

Thanks for that lovely tribute . I wish I had known him .

Now he can rest in peace.So sorry his partner could not be with him.

I’m so saddened to hear this. So heartbreaking. He was such an inspiration. So up beat. So full of life. I always love to hear about his love for cooking. His love for Richard was just so special. I’m so so deeply sorry Richard. John you truly will be missed. May God speed!!! 💙 Thank you so much Nal. So beautifully said.

This was a tough one for me to hear. We had private messaged a few times and I felt a strong connection with him as many on here did as well. I just knew we would hear this news soon. My brother just mentioned him yesterday. The downside of being here is losing friends we have come to know. Fly high Great John. You will be sadly missed by many. Thank you Nal for letting us know

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Me too! 😭

Very eloquent Nalakrats! John and I both started this journey within months of each other and were on parallel paths for a while. We would message back and forth about treatments and food. John you will be missed as well as others that have captured our souls. Rest in peace !

I am so sorry to hear this news. Thank you for such a thoughtful tribute.

Thank you Nal,Another very brave warrior has gone and I’m so saddened. I was very lucky to get to know GREAT JOHN over this last year and had many private chats with him through messenger and here.

Yes he was positive and fought right to the end. He spoke out about everything he went through to try to fight against PC and we have all taken so much knowledge from his experiences. I hope his beloved Richard and Sparky have the support they need to go on. I’m sure he arranged that as best he could.

I send you all the warmest thoughts and love I can as I get into bed here in Ireland with my own sweet and brave warrior David, appreciating everything I have in my life.

Tell those you love that you love them when you can and when your feeling angry or annoyed, try to just be kind. ❤️☘️💙

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Good Night---Thanks


A harsh reality for a new year... May his spirit live on here to inspire and comfort others. Sharing this loss must have been difficult for you, Nal. You have been a friend to many here, including me. I appreciate you.

Thanks for posting this. GreatJohn was a fighter to the end. His posts were always uplifting. My sympathy to his spouse and family on the passing of a fellow warrior.

Thank you Nalakrats, that was very nice...greatjohn, you were such an inspiration to us all and for that we thank you, you will be missed my brother.!

Nal ,w hat a wonderful remembrance you have written for an extraordinary man. His posts always brought laughter or made us ponder the human condition. His willingness to share he emotions and he appetizing pictures of food he loved to make and to eat, remains so vivid. I thought about him when he suddently was not posting. He is celebrated and will be in our hearts.

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Thank you---very nice!


I'm sad that John had to leave the earth. He and his posts will be missed. Loving prayers for Richard and John's family and everyone who cared for Great John😥I'm so glad he was not in pain.

Thank you so much Nal🌻

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Hi Jackie, Hope you and LG are ok 🙂. Happy New Year ! This is really sad news though he lived past his death with his outstanding courage to face any event. I added my post too as a tribute to Greatjohn as he was a really great man! Sending my love to you wanting a hug after a long time was a little 💕.

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"was a little" is an error in typing. Sorry.

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Yes, Great John put his mark in the world and here. Sending HUGS Sisira. I'm so sorry for everyone's loss😢

With love,


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Wow, so hard to hear. Nicely said Nal, a fitting testimony to a person many of us will remember fondly. I know he will rest in peace.

Thank you Nal for letting us know and providing us with an address to send Richard a card. I know how heavy your heart must be and to take the time to let us know just hours after his passing was such a kind gesture for him and all here. I looked forward to his posts and loved how in spite of whatever was going on he always found something to be grateful for. Peace be with you greatjohn, Richard and all he loved, including you Nal. You honor him well.

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Over the top nice words--Sir


Very, very sorry to hear. I have known GreatJohn a short time but it feels much longer. Thank you Nal for letting us know

My heart feels heavy with this sad news.You are not alone!🙏🙏😭

I am writing this with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. Great John was an inspiration to so many of us who are following in his footsteps. I too thought he looked like a biker until he began posting pictures of food and talking about his love for his husband Richard and his dog Sparky. Then I began to realize what an extraordinary man John was. His attitude and zest for life was commendable. John fought the good fight right to the end and rightfully deserved to be called Great John. RIP

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Very Nice


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This cancer saddens me over and over as I read about the passing of another strong fighter. Virtual friends have been made in this group and the loss of another hurts everyone. Rest in peace Great John. 💔

Thank you Nal for serving this group in so many ways. You honored John and helped us to know him more. May God bless you in your care for each of the members here.

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I am honored by your words.


Thank you for letting us know. John had an incredibly positive attitude that always inspired me. Prayers going out for Richard and John’s family. 🙏

Thank you for letting us know Nal. I hope he is in peace now.

May he rest in peace, always enjoyed his posts and sense of humor.

thank-you for sharing this Nal ... one of the things that made John Great was that he suffered in silence ... unless you knew him, you never knew how hard things were for him ... may he rest in peace ... Nous :)

In memory of GreatJohn, his scrumptious pictures of the food he cooked, and his zest for life. My favorite snack. 6 air fried wings an unsweetened iced tea and a side of sadness.

plate of Chicken wings

Lovely Tribute SSZ!

Well done Nalakrats and bless John & his spouse Richard. May their families find peace, and again, thank you for sharing this.

Rest In Peace John. Such a sad day

So sorry to hear the inevitable news. John lived and died with unwavering grace. Tragic that Richard couldn’t be with him at the end; this must be so hard for him. God speed, GreatJohn.

Thank you so very much for letting us know. Thank you for being a great support to him. Take care, sir.

Very saddened by the loss of Great John. He kept all of us going with hopeful posts. But time was unfortunately not on his side. Nal, you have honored him well.

At a time when many of us are hopeful of Lu177 as a viable treatment that is being shortly rolled out throughout the US, thanks to John for having shared his experience and making us aware of it's shortcomings. Like all other treatments, it just doesn't work for everyone.


John always said, “life is good.” But today - not so much. The world is a little darker without his light in it.

Thank you, Nalakrats, for writing about John. I messaged with him a few times after my husband passed in April. He was so kind. I was so hoping that Lu-177 was going to be a game changer for him. Rotten PC. God bless him and Richard. John really lived up to name.

A beautiful remembrance of an inspirational guy. Bless you for sharing it, Nalakrats. And God bless John.

I am so very sorry to hear this - thank you for letting us know and for being such a good friend to such a lovely man.

RIP John… thanks for the memories. Nice tribute Nal.

Kale salad.

You so deserve to rest now John. I feel like I know you even though we have never met. You will forever be remembered. The irreplaceable GreatJohn. Thank you Nalakrats for your heartfelt tribute to John. Today is a sad day.😔

Oh nooooo ……. not a big surprise but extremely extremely sad , BJ was such a great …nice guy. Such a warrior that fought so hard.

Really well done on your eulogy Nal …. really nice , BJ would be happy and very proud … very inspirational. Great job.


Nicely written and thanks for sharing. May his mempry be a blessing.

Thanks Nal,

Great John was an inciteful contributer to this forum and I gleened a lot from his posts. Your kind words also show your understanding of him and APCa and it's effect on us all.

Bless you.

DD 😎

A great eulogy for a great man! Thank you Nal for sharing the sad; however, informative news.

I'm so very sorry to read this 😞

Well done Nal, thank you for writing this. Great John will be missed, he was a great man.

Such a great man Great John was, inspirational and kind. May he Rest In Peace.

GreatJohn, you will be missed. Your posts have always been very inspiring. Your 'Never say die" attitude ( local language ) is certainly very admirable even till the very end. Now that Heaven has another angel. You will be missed.

I am so very sorry to hear this. You have really honoured him by what you have written and I have absolutely no doubt that he will have greatly appreciated your support and help over the years. What can I say? Great John was a great man so courageous and inspirational. RIP Great John. My words seem inadequate to express my feelings. Peace to all.

Thank you, Nal. Well done

Thank you for the update. No words, just sad.

Very sad news. Thank you, Nal and very well said. Rip great Jhon.

Heartbreaking news. He was an inspiring man. Thanks Nalakrats for your words, I would only add that he loved his little dog, Sparky. I will miss John. In his words…life is beautiful.

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We got that! Sparky is being cared for and will be taken by his brother-in-law to Pensacola.I could hear Sparky barking in the background when my final call was made. Yes sad!


Thanks for the update, Nal. Cancer sux!. Great John battled it, and did not go gently into that good night. A fine man and a good example for the rest of us.

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No he did not go easily--he went 8 days without food, multiple heart attacks, and cancer in the brain.


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He suffered much at the end. Lord have mercy🙏

Well written my friend. Prayers

Rest In Peace GreatJohn, an apt monicker. Your zest for life and joy of living will remain an inspiration for the rest of my life. Well done good and faithful servant

Best Mitzva I have ever read.

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Thanks that was eulogy that was marked with great affection and demonstrated the spirit of live and love at his life cherished in a way you could authenticate with clarity for us members and most importantly his family and all that was connected to him…Thank you we will have him close to our hearts

This is a hard one to hear. John was one of the great ones. It's going to take a long time to get over his passing.

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Yeah, and Yeah!


Thank you Nal. That part is easy for me to say although it wasnt easy for you and I sure appreciate your posting, your kindness prevails.

Getting over his passing is not so easy. Not easy at all. A huge hole in my gut. Pretty much speech less here.

I actually thought he might make it thru the latest set back that in the end got him. I think since the radiologist was willing to radiate his brain tumors that was enough for me to say there is hope he will overcome it. He persevered for so long and brought hope and light to me and so many here.

So very very sad to hear this and thank you so much Nal for giving us the news and for your marvellous tribute to John. What a lovely, warm, inspirational man he was - I’ve followed his posts and comments avidly since joining HU 16 months ago. His upbeat, positive attitude in the face of continuing bad news gave much encouragement to those with this terrible disease - and their carers. He absolutely epitomised the ‘never give up’ attitude. But how hard must those last eight days have been for those who loved him - maybe it was a kindness for Richard not to have been exposed to that. Especially in view of his (Richards) condition. Tears roll down my face thinking about John and also thinking about what is to come for my Jon and I. I hope the last stage is very speedy for us.

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Life is not always kind. And yet without Life how would we know what kindness is?


Lost an HU brother and personal friend. MISS YOU JOHN !!

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I knew the 2 of you were close---sorry as sorry can be.


Great John 's greatest qualities were resilience and his "never give up" attitude. He has left a mark on our group.. May his soul be liberated from material world and continue on peaceful, eternal journey forward.

He gave it all he can rest in peace...


Thank you for your tribute to Great John and for carrying the burden for us as John transitioned form this earth to Heaven. He always made me laugh and hungry! May we emulate his never quit positive attitude.

Damn it! May cancer, get cancer......

j-o-h-n Sunday 01/02/2022 8:08 PM EST

Such a great tribute for great John! He fought well and he is now one with the Lord. Sending prayers of peace, love and light to Richard and all his loved ones 🙏🙏🙏

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🙏No more suffering!

I still read HU and still feel connected even after my husband died some 4 months ago. Sigh. I feel deep gratitude for men like John and all of you. Deep gratitude and deep heartache because we all know the ultimate journey whenever it comes. Bless you all. May you stare clear eyed into your love and your pain.

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Thank you . 💔🙏

Rest In Peace Greatjohn. You touched so many people on so many levels and you will be missed immensely. Thank you Nalakrats for sharing the difficult news with all of us. My prayers are with you, Richard and their families. 🙏🏻

Grace is the word that comes to me. Thanks Mr. Nalakrats. Thanks to and for Greatjohn. Peace.

Hey Nalakrats,

I know you are feeling the loss. My condolences to you on losing a friend and thanks for shouldering the burden bearing the bad news.

John had a dog that he loved and wrote about. Too often we don't make plans for our "little people" should something happen to us. I would expect that John entrusted the care of his furry friend to someone. My will has provisions to care for my "Little friends" should I Ieave before them. I now have just one, last, little guy.


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His dog Sparky was taken by a relative. I also have un my Will providers for Roscoe.



In addition to all his other qualities mentioned in these replies, John was an excellent writer, and this showed in all his posts. Nal, perhaps this caused you to feel a bit of extra pressure when composing this announcement and tribute. Pleased be assured that you did a beautiful job, and I'm sure John would be pleased with it.

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Nalakrats in reply to Gearhead

I usually write on paper the old-fashioned way. Then correct/edit, and then type my words on my Laptop. This time it was not necessary. Everything just flowed. I am sure I had Help from the Holy Spirit!


May he Rest In Peace… thank you for sharing the news…

May his soul rest in the bosom of the Lord, Amen

I'm so sorry to hear of Great John's passing..he was truly a bright light around here and such a fighting spirit! My condolences to Richard and the rest of his family. Sending love and prayers to them! <3

Thank you so much for writing this tribute, Nal! And for all you do here! Sending a prayer for you too - some of these burdens are awfully heavy to carry. I hope the knowledge that you have and continue to make such a positive difference in so many lives is able to lighten the weight somewhat.



What a way to start the new year, and it still has me on the verge of tears every time I think of Great John and our loss. I think what makes it so poignant to me is that his very humanity came shining through so clearly in his posts. His hopes, his fears, and his loves.

And Nalakrats, your eulogy brought his humanity into even sharper focus, making the loss even more acute, and I thank you for it.

I hope that Sparky moving to his brother in law's won't be too confusing for Richard and I wish all wish the best for his transition to life without Great John.

I am so sad to hear of the end of this man who defied death. A great deal of thanks is due to Nalakrats for his touching and detailed post on the passing of Greatjohn who will long in our memories for his unique outlook on dealing with his prostate cancer despite its merciless onslaught against his treatment efforts till the last ditch. Failure of some advanced treatment protocols he sought unfortunately did'nt favour the brave. But his continuous posts and bravery now becomes a legend! May he rest in eternal peace. I admire him and salute him 🙏.Nalakrats, thank you once again 🙏.

So sorry to hear. What a fighter and an optimist. He will be sorely missed.

What a great tribute Nal. Could not have been done any better. He would have loved it. You are a true mensch. I will miss his posts and his great addition to this site. I do take comfort in how he always kept saying in his posts how bad things seemed but how he felt good and people thought he looked healthy. Seems like he had good quality of life until close to the end or perhaps he just never complained. Nal, do you think the LI177 hastened his demise? And did he choose not to eat those last 8 days?


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Nalakrats in reply to Schwah

I really do not want to do a Post Analysis, as to his treatments--or of the LU-177. He did not go with Glee to Hospice/Once the Pain Meds/Morphine starts, the desire to eat declines. As for fluids they also decline--near the end a friend was only able to sponge his lips, to keep them from drying out.


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The Great Kwon says in his practice about 1/3 do well on LU-177, 1/3 just okay, and 1/3 not so good. He said about 20% not PSMA Avid and do not begin. He thinks first qtr LU-177 should be approved here in US. So many HU guys went to Germany at $25k each, and we dont hear any glowing reports long term. It seems like everything else, early may be better.


Thank you Nal for this wonderful tribute to GJ. He was an inspiration to all of us with his positivity. I am saddened by his passing and he will be missed.

This is very sad indeed to read about Greatjohn. What struck me about him was that he was so upbeat in his posts and even after LU177 did not work for him, he focused on the positives in his messages. A very inspiring person, one that I will miss despite having never met him in person. May he rest in peace and I hope that Sparky and Richard will find the strength to cope with his loss.

Very well written. I appreciate the details, because John was a friend that we all had. I look forward to meeting him in person one day… and sharing a dinner of stone crabs with him in heaven.

I have no words. 😢😢What sad news! I will miss him so much. He was an indispensable of this forum. His optimism illuminated everything

Hi Nalakrats

Thanks for sharing the hard to swallow news of a good brother, GJ’s passing.

Next, appreciate the wonderful celebration of GJ’s love for life, food and his fantastic positivism well written and thought out by you. Thanks 🙏

My heartfelt condolences to his loved ones



Thanks for posting Nal, 100 replies shows what a great following he had and what a great group this is!!

GJohn had so much thrown at him lately. Somehow, I thought he would survive it like he had before. I am so sad. His last post he told about the huge drop in his PSA and I thought he might be experiencing a miracle.

Thanks for being there for him, Nal. You were a Great Friend to him.


This is a beautiful obituary for a beautiful man. Thank you Nalakrats! I only exchanged a few messages with John but felt a connection with him. Richard, I am with you with all my heart!

Sorry to hear another one taken by this foul disease that stole my father. John the trier, John the optimist... One day we will beat it.

Please accept my deepest condolences.

Beautifully written for a beautiful man. Rest in peace brother.

My heart weeps 🙏

Truly a great man Great John was. I would never be able to muster a tenth of his positivity.

May his memory truly be a blessing to all who knew in greatest comfort.

Nal thank you for writing this obit. Great John will be missed on this site. I loved to read his posts and his positivity. I know he’s enjoying walking in the garden this morning. Rest in preface brother, your work here is done. We will pray for your family and us all. BT

He was so upbeat. Never gave up. Thank you for writing his tribute.

Good by old friend, may you Rest In Peace. I will miss your posts 🙏🙏🙏

Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry to hear this news. I always enjoyed his posts and his personality. He fought so hard and was so helpful by sharing his journey with us. Thank you for also including what will happen with Richard. I know that was always foremost on Great John’s mind. God bless John and Richard.

So sorry to hear that, I always enjoyed his posts and his will to do whatever it takes to beat this thing. I pray that he is in a peaceful place.


Sad news, but he is in good hands and flying high now ! God bless you all.

This was such sad news but written with such love. Great John was such a warrior. How we all prayed that our partners would stay alive until the next treatment was approved. My husband just passed from this horrific cancer on November 19th after a 13 year battle. I thought Lutetium 177 failed him also as his bone marrow was devastated leaving him with too frequent transfusions until even they no longer helped. Prayers for Richard and all the PC community.❤️🙏

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Lulu700 in reply to poppymom0211


I will miss GJ's post.Thank you for being his friend!!!

Sad news indeed. Condolences to us all.

Thanks for such a nice dedication to Great John.

I am so sad! I am grateful and thankful you shared these thoughts about a wonderful man!

I loved his presentations of food and his will to live. He will be greatly missed.

Thank you Nal,Yes, a tough way to start the new year.

John had a Great Fighting Spirit. He will be missed.

I think he knew this was coming. I read all of his posts. He always ended with optimism.

Gosh I hope the cure is close, for us all to witness.

Dr Thomas Seyfried, of Boston College, says his approach wont cure Cancer, but it will stop further Metastisis, and Metastasis is what eventually kills us! He believes stengthening the Mitochondria of each cell in our body is key. He talks about lowering Glucose and Glycogin to accomplish that. When he wins the Nobel Prize people will finally believe.

Happy New Year, may GJ’s spirit soar up the Stairway to Heaven,


I went back to look at a couple of his old posts and came upon the one which he wrote a year ago...with a photo of his new year's pot of black-eyed peas....I will miss him. Nalakrats, thank you for letting us know.

I am very sad to hear this, John was one f the people I followed on this forum. His posts were always full of optimism and gave us hope. Rest In Peace great John.

A wonderful tribute to Great John. RIP.

Thanks Nal for all you do...will miss the Great one...I think of all those tempting meals!!!

Saddened by hearing the news of John's passing. Nalakarats has written a very touching trribute to him. Thank you Nal. John will be remembered for his humour and courage. He loved food and cooking. Above all his attitude towards life is inspiring. My heartfelt condolences.

So very sorry to read this sad news today. Thank you for your beautiful tribute, Nalakrats. I learned so much from Great John’s posts, and was inspired by his joie de vivre, and his ability to find something to celebrate in every ordinary day, whether it was a delicious meal or a walk with Sparky. Sending my deepest condolences and prayers to Richard, and to all who loved John. May he Rest In Peace.

Thank you for sharing this sad news and for your kind words. He was a great example of the best of this site. Always upbeat, always fun and always honest and kind.

Thank you Nalakrats for writing and letting us know. I only knew GreatJohn through this forum - but his forum name was certainly fitting. I am going to miss his posts, they were always inspiring. Losing a fellow brother in this fight affects us all, but to know he no longer is in pain is some comfort. Rest in Peace, GreatJohn.

Rest in Peace Great John - you were truly a great presence here on HU and will be sorely missed😔Thank you Nal for posting his obit

Thank you Nal for the wonderful obituary for Great John, he would be pleased. I always looked forward to the wonderful stories, the updates on his treatments and the delicious looking food. Condolences to Richard and may John rest in peace.

Thank you for posting this kind and thoughtful obituary Nalakrats. I'm fairly new to the site and have been hesitant to post but found myself drawn to this man's experience. I'm sad today for reading of his passing and am grateful that he posted his experiences. Having never met him, I will somehow still miss him.

What a sad, sad day. That tribute was so beautifully written Nalkrats, and all of his posts showed such positivity and such great food, even as he was obviously entering the final stages of his life. All of us can use his life and passing as an example, as well as your assistance and compassion for GreatJohn.

Saddened to read this today, he was an amazing man with such a positive outlook through it all

RIP GreatJohn, you were a Great warrior…🙏💔


Great John as his name suggests was truly a great man His input is and was tremendous

John brought me through some tough days

His humor his positivity is a thing to admire

He was a key link in the chain of hope

I loved his whit

A true warrior

Great John I love you

You broke my heart when I read the post I shed a tear for a Great man

I have never met

Goodbye greatjohn. Thank you Nalakrats for such a beautiful, though unwanted, post. So glad that Sparky found a home. I'm sure Richard will be well taken care of. Nuts.

He always showed great courage and determination - a fighter to the end.

I know many of us followed his difficult journey - may God bless - rest in peace John .....

May GreatJohn rip

Thank you Nal, for being there for him, and a very good friend who could ask for more, we will all remember him, god blesss

This is sad news. I always looked forward to his posts. Thank you Nalakrats for the nice tribute posting.

I thought about John on New Year's Day as I was making black eyed peas because I remembered his post from last year. He had a way of connecting with people that very few others have. May he rest in peace.

Thank you. I was a fan of John's. Again, thank you for info about John

So very sad to read this. He will not be forgotten, may he rest in peace.

John was a wonderful person who was cheered on, supported and celebrated by this online community. I think John thrived for a long time because of the love he received here about his treatments, his world travels, his antique business and his loving relationship with his husband. I am struck by the love and involvement of everyone and I'm happy to be a part of, and witness to this. Thank you Nalakrats.❤️

I am devastated. He will be so missed.

Thank you Nalakrats for the tribute to your and our special friend John and Thanks Nal especially for the Prayer of Great Shalom, truly may he rest in that eternal peace. He fought the good fight, he has finished the race, and kept the faith. John touched so many of us. I will always remember his words and his spirit, and I will miss him greatly, Goodbye but just for now Great John! I know at this moment that you are truly spiritually soaring on wings of eagles 😢

Wonderful words for a great man. I looked forward to every post John made. He was truly an inspiration and he will be missed.

I used to post John privately - we both agreed that with a diagnosis of Gleason 9 stage 4 and spread past nodes into bone (metastasised ) which we both were diagnosed with , would give you 5 years life on average and John was pleased he made 7 years although he spent a lot of time and money having lots of treatments - he seemed to go downhill after lu 177 - ultimately though as I am 6 months along the path behind him , I thank him for shining the light ahead so that I and others with the same diagnosis know what to expect - it’s a shame no real breakthroughs have been made toward curing prostate cancer just an ever burgeoning bunch of treatments - all cancers really need a cure then we would not all be waiting on death row waiting for this horrible disease to take us - I will finish by thanking you John you really were “Great” kindest Raoul (uk)

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I am not sure John was pleased he made 7 years. He wanted to live life. He was just 64years old! And there are things that can be said, about his treatments and his MO's which they may not have advocated the best for him! I will not say more--as the Great One is Gone! And what if's will not bring him back!


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64? 😭

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We all live with our "what ifs" . My new MO told me he wouldn't have done things the same way for me, but things have changed during my 5 years. Great John and I had many conversations about our joint histories, what a juggling act we go through during our lives with aPca. Visits just about life were much more important to each of us. We both knew where we were going, just not when. Rest in peace John. Life Is Good, wish pain wasn't such a large part of it.

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We both knew where we were going, just not when.So well said.

In my youth I was writing a poem and had similar words.

I looked at him and he looked at me and we both knew where each other were at.

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Dear Nal, this is a beautiful tribute. I've not been able to post because like so many of us here I am heartbroken by the loss of Great John. Such a beautiful soul and spirit. Always positive and encouraging and encouraged. Like so many of us I always looked for his posts and was uplifted by his warmth, love of life, celebration of his successes, and eternal optimism. He was such a treasure and you've done well to celebrate and mourn him with your tribute and prayer.

This will be a loss felt for a long, long time by so many. I'm so sad.

I'm saddened and so sorry to hear about John. I'm sure John would appreciate your kind obituary. Wishing peace for Richard and all those who love John.

A Beautiful tribute Nal For a truly Great man

He was courful in expression a writer for sure

His sense of humour was off the charts

Always positive

I have never seen a moan post from Jihn lol

I loved

We loved him

Our chain is a bit weeker

He was and is a major link

Your name will echo an eternity

Great John

We love you

And we will miss you terribly

Beautiful Nal Thank you

And Bless you

Happy New Year

So sorry to hear this. So very, very sorry. I always looked forward to Great John’s posts no matter the subject matter.

I was inspired by John and though I did not know him , or even exchange personal messages , I truly feel as if I lost a friend.

Thank you Nal for delivering the news. Your contributions to this forum are immense and inspiring and I thank you .

And thank you Great John for your Great Spirit, your Great Enthusiasm, your Great Love, and your Great Life. You made us all Greater. You will be Greatly missed.

I think John would appreciate your comments even though you never communicated with him!


Beautiful words, Nal, for a wonderful friend and warrior. Great John was an inspiration to us all - a real fighter. With an uncanny positive attitude and incredibly kind spirit. He certainly will be missed.

RIP, Great John…🙏

Always looked forward to his posts and his wonderful spirit. He will be greatly missed here and I’m sure by everyone who knew him.

Rest In Peace John. Thank you Nal for letting HU know.

Thank you Nal! Greatjohn had no fear. You are loved Greatjohn. Maybe not big in statue but a mountain man of strength . Rest In Peace , friend to all! 💔😭

He told me this a month ago: "I only did one treatment with LU177. It almost killed me. My blood levels platelets and hemoglobin dropped two deadly levels, and have still not regained a healthy level almost 8 months later. To really understand you just need to look at a few of my things s I have posted. They talk about how you 177 not working and being dangerous for 10%. I assume I am part of the 10%. My cancer has spread since I did it badly and it’s now in my brain."

I suppose that even the treatments that appear safe, can be very dangerous for a certain % of patients :(

John's drive and desire to help others on this site, was amazing. I had no idea how bad his condition was until I received his response. What a caring man. I didn't know he was so close to the end of his time here on this planet. Once things get into the brain, it's very hard to treat. I will pray for his soul and be affected by the news for a while. We really need to do what's important to us before our time comes. RIP John 🙏😢

Very sad news :( Thanks for that lovely tribute, Nalakrats. RIP Great John

I so worried about John and prayed for a miracleWhen I found this site and was totally a very

Scared wife, John was one of handful men that keep me sane . He was truly a gentle heart❤️

Nalakrats you so honored him. Thank you for being you❤️

I just did what John asked me to do--->near his final words, he asked that I write something nice about him. That was humbling!


So saddened to hear of John's passing. He truly was Great. RIP John!

So sad. Wonderfully written tribute. Was always inspired by his posts and his determination. He will be missed. Thanks for writing this Nal and thanks for all you do for us.

I've been remiss in reading these daily posts. I saw a post from him a while ago and walked back up in reverse chronological order this evening to find some news of Great John and this is where I was brought to a shocking stop. Not unexpected. We all knew he was in a desperate fight for his life. Great John shared his life and his struggles so generously and eloquently. I'm feeling like I've lost a friend. Condolences to all who knew him. Thanks Nal for informing us. Sad day for all of us.

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I am still saddened--and not quite ready to post at this time. There are things that went on in John's last 4-6 months, that I want to scream about---but must remain silent.


He was a great fighter to the very end against cancer.

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