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What age should your son have his PSA checked

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I was DX 8 years ago and my brother died 10 years ago. I have heard at 40 and also in your 30’s. What should I tell him?

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Thank you.

My husand and his sister and brother all have cancer. Prostate, Ovarian and Colon. They all share the same genetic mutation called RAD51c. RAD51c was discovered a few years back and hopefully will be studied more in the future. The mutation is associated with breast and ovarian cancer. Our son and daugher will be checked for mutations and our son will hopefully start checking PSA and DRE at age 40.

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MSK pioneered a "thrice in a lifetime strategy- once in your 40s, once in your 50s, and once in your 60s. If they are all <1 ng/ml, you are in the clear.

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thudson1965 in reply to Tall_Allen

My PSA was under 1.0 at age 52, but at

age 53 -> 1.3

age 54 -> 2.3

age 55 -> 3.3 - DRE okay - biopsy found cancer Gleason 7a (3+4) in 2 of 12 cores

If I would have waited until 60, my PSA and cancer could have been a lot worse.

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Probably not.

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You are absolutely correct.

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My PSA was <1.0 in my early 50s, (DREs never indicated a problem), but rapidly increased to 5.3 at 60. Urologist who performed my RP guessed that I had PCa for at least five years. I did get tested every year during my FAA exams; however, I waited too long in my late 50s to get a biopsy. PSA went from 3.2 to 5.3 during my 59th year.

(I just noticed that I had previously stated in my "49th year")

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I was stage 4 at 46. So I’m telling my son start at 35 and just watch it annually thereafter. They were not even recommending PSA until after 50 - that might be good for most, but you don’t want to be the exception

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You’re right. My father had it and I’m also stage 4. My boys are 42 and 39 and I’m telling them to get this tested.

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A psa test costs ~$40. Once/year assuming things are ok. So there literally is no reason not to start checking early. I would even pay for it. By age 35.

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I’m told that we should have checked at 40 if there is a direct family pc history . I waited until I stopped peeing at 53 … almost too late 😳

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Good job! It’s a simple Test

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40.After what we have all been thru, and knowing the crazy location of the Prostate, I’m almost at the point where if you are done having kids then PULL THE DAMN PROSTATE! It is good for making semen. Robotics are so good now w a Dr over 1500 surgeries. Get it before it has a chance of spreading. Some guys say easiest surgery of their lives (when its small and uncomplicated).

My penny in the hat,


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Yes, I should have had it done at 50 and paid for it myself but no record of cancer in the family, yet me with prostate, sister with lung, brother with bladder and colon cancer, sister did not survive but my brother did along with me. Sister never smoked and ate healthy, my brother did not eat healthy and smoked and still drinks too much even today. You never know.

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I tend to agree - especially if you have cancer in the family or you have been tested positive for genetic abnormalities.

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Start you don’t at 40 and annual after that. This cancer runs in your family. My father died at 59. I was first diagnosed at 55. Metastatic ten months later. Research and Professor Medical Oncologist that although Scans were clear, I had micro-metastasis at original DX. It mattered not which primary treatment I had. It was too late. Stay on top and look forward. Any organization that says otherwise will not deal with your metastatic lesions. Trust not their statistics, trust your blood draw assay.

Read closely MSK and you will find generally the table given above is for average risk men it is much different for high risk Now from the ACS when average, high risk, and very high risk with definitions is given cancer.org/cancer/prostate-...

With this said, my son is 49. He has had 9 PSA blood draws.


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My genetics prof ( dad died of prostate cancer and I was diagnosed at 54 - no siblings) said as my germ line gene test was negative my daughter has population standard risk of a related cancer so standard screening applies.

My son however she recommended test at 40 and every two years thereafter. I was being tested every two years under my corporate health plan and at 52 I was a PSA 2.6 and at 54 ( the year dad died) it was 3.55. Repeated by GP at 3.55 and even though only a tiny bit out of standards I was referred to urology and MPmri scan came in at PIRAD 4 and targeted biopsy 17/46 cores taken had PCa. So I am telling him every two years from 40 please.

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I started this war when I was in my 30s , then to find out my father had been having issues as well. My suggestion is simple, you have a history 😢. Be cautious , do a annual checkup in the late 30 s with a blood panel and a digital and keep it up. Just saying 😀

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In my 30’s I worked at a NASA facility as a chemist where carcinogenic rocket propellants were used. All the men had DRE’s annually with a physical by a site physician. That was the 80’s. I’m certain blood draws now include PSA.

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My MO says 40, I’ve also had genetic testing done which determine what mutations I have that make it more likely to develop various cancers. The testing was done on the direction of Dr. Sartor at Tulane, he made the testing free for me and my children which I thought was awesome. Great info to have in order for my kids to be aware of so they can monitor as they get older.


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My son plan on starting at 40. I’m braca2 positive and he is getting tested now. If he is positive he will start right away. He’s 38.

Does that include the dreaded DRE? My PSA was only 2.7 when a suspicious DRE got me sent to a urologist for a biopsy which ended up Gleason 8.

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I sat him down and explained the dangers of reduced urine flow. His PSA has stayed under 1.0 for 7 years now. No, no DRE yet. He is 47.

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Had your genetics checked?

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40 years old for my son....... Yearly and ASAP for my ex-wife (especially DRE's)....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 01/31/2021 7:26 PM EST

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Thank all my brothers for all the remarks, Happy New Year.

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