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I Am Grateful And At The Same Time Crestfallen

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I was informed that my recent Outreach Post for Donations to HU/Malecare has brought in @5,000 Dollars. I do not understand! Truly I do not! Just speaking for myself, for whatever that is worth-->I have 530+ followers. 43 donated! I know that there are hundreds of members that reach out to me, for help through the Private Messenger App/as well in the Public Forum. This is truly not about me! This is Living with Prostate Cancer and all the Effects upon oneself as well as one's Family and Community. And this organization is dedicated to assisting you on your journey/working with other organizations/individuals, in trying to find remissions, cures, and to allow you to live out your entire lifespan. I surely appreciate and thank the 43 that made a donation. I do not work for HU, or Malecare, or for anyone associated with this organization. What I do here is a personal ministry, given to me by God Himself! It will last until my mission is over!

There are 500 other Followers that could have, but decided at this time not to Donate. The year is not over. And there is no deadline. I am with this Post imploring all that have reached out to any of the Knowledgeable Members or to Malecare, and recieved help, direction and assistance--->to just offer their willingness to be a Citizen of this Community!

May the New Year provide for your needs! {This Picture Represents New Beginnings]


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Where do I go to donate?

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DarrylPartner in reply to lewicki


Well written Nal. I for one have waited for the crushing effect that Christmas had on the Postal Service to subdue. My check will be in the mail tomorrow morning. I'm confident that others have also waited for the mail service to somewhat normalize. Please people, you need this group and the group needs you.

I agree Nal, thank you for reminding, just donated for 2.5 persons.

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Nalakrats in reply to CurrentSEO

You are a Prince!Thanks

Done. Credit cards also are accepted. Happy holiday!

I really appreciate your outreach. Darryl can't do it all by himself so if we can reach others in any way for a donation so much the better.I won't write a paragraph but will just say this venue is absolutely a God send in so many ways. I wonder how many here know of the time and effort behind the scenes for this to be the great group it is.

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Nalakrats in reply to CAMPSOUPS

I do not think that anyone can sit down and add up the time and efforts--I know I cannot!

Thanks Nal. I will donate but well......lupron...you know. I just tend to procrastinate. No more! I'm changing. Procrastinate tomorrow!

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GoBucks in reply to GoBucks

Procrastinate no more! My check is almost in the mail! Not really. I got off my Eligard shot butt and just donated.

You guilt-tripped me, Nalakrats. Sending $100 right now.

Best to everyone and wish all of you get the best outcomes in 2022.

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Nalakrats in reply to spouse21

I will not argue!



Do know that some of us have donated separately/not specifically in response to your appeal!

Yes, I am aware!

Just never saw the post. Appreciate the heck out of this resource and all those on it. Donation made. Thanks for banging the drum on this👍

Check is in the ether.

What is the annual need for this site's continued operation? I could find only this...


nothing about finances? are there sponsoring for-profit companies?

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DarrylPartner in reply to maley2711

Healthunlocked is the platform we use, like some nonprofits use Facebook. We are Malecare. You can see our need at Malecare.org/about

in reply to Darryl

Let us together find other ways as a group to help raise money outside our forum to keep the doors open. But transparency should be included. A lot of us dont have extra money but are emotionally attached to the Family here. Smacking the group around here is not the whole answer. Let’s do a fundraiser where we all can participate

I am definitely not trying to rationalize the poor response to your appeal. Give it some more time. Many here are dealing with emotional issues, memory challenges, fatigue and treatment side effects.

Wake up people and donate to this essential organization. It provides an invaluable service for all of us. It is easy to donate online.

Thanks for the backup. You are right about those that are dealing with emotional issues. Yet we had one donation from one who is in Hospice. He will be gone before his donation hits his monthly payment. I do not know how this is done!

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Dd7757 in reply to Nalakrats

Unfortunately we all need to be reminded/jarred . Thanks for doing That!

in reply to Nalakrats

Shame on you guys for guilt tripping people, it makes them depressed for another failure ( like we don’t have enough of them already) it shames them and in this hospice case takes from his wife or loved ones that will have to pay the rest of his bills. And he will get nothing more out of it than helping his brothers left behind.

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msnik in reply to Nalakrats

Hello Nalakrats, laughing here....well, I have not finished (nor even gotten a really good start) on my Christmas cards...so I may be suffering from a bit of seasonal affective disorder on top of pandemic paralysis and ????but, thank you for your nudge. It did the trick....I had made out an envelope for Malecare but hadn't written the check yet....I wrote the check yesterday and today, believe it or not, I took it to the post office....Thank you for the nudge. all the best to you and yours in the New Year.

Great prompt thanks very much. I had just missed it with all the other things going on at moment including just completing some radiotherapy. All done now. Seasonal greetings to you and everyone on here from across the pond.

I should have started earlier---my fault!

Not at all. I should have spotted first time round. You will have done an excellent job with your post👏👏👍

Thanks for your post. I hadn’t seen your solicitation before, so I’m glad you’re continuing to offer the opportunity to do my fair share in support of such important work.

Sorry, I missed your original post with all that was happening in my corner of the world. Just sent some $.

I do truly appreciate this site and the many knowledgeable people who help those like me to understand our treatment options and this disease. Keep your chin up and thank you.

Thanks for the vert nicely written direct reminder. At my age I needed that. Donation done.I really appreciate all the regular contributors that keep information flowing on the site.(and Daryl)

Donated. Thanks for this posting; you are correct, of course. I deeply appreciate this site and all the wonderful participants-always helpful and many times better than the drs. Been absorbed in my world of back pain.

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Nalakrats in reply to podsart

We can talk about Radio Frequency Ablation--it did wonders for me--I am still rehabbing the muscles after the 6 nerves that were put to sleep in my bi-lateral L-4, L-5, and S-1. I will be in Florida--in 48 hours.

Thanks Nal for all you and others do here.

I made a donation during the last month but it did not ask what my screen name is on this site , is there a way to connect the two?

Come on guys ... the info on this site is PRICELESS!

1st time I have been on HU for 4-5 days. Traveled for Christmas. Enjoying my 3 kids and 2 grandkids. This site is definitely worth $100! Thank you everyone for sharing your time and knowledge!

Thanks for the reminder. Was away from computer over Christmas but intended to. Done.

Donated. Site never asked for my screen name, just an email, but I gave what I could.

Thanks for the reminder. Done.

God bless all. ☘️

Just donated! Thanks for the reminder! God Bless!

Nats, thank you for the reminder … thanks be to God for people like u in this chat group .. My humble share is on the way . God bless you .

Just donated. Thanks for reminder. Need this in low attention span world.

Beat you to it. Donated early. Felt good. Need to keep this site up running. Life Is Good,especially when you have friends..

I donated to malecare.org/donate I also donated to Prostate Cancer Foundation

This site has been helpful to me and I will continue to appreciate all the great people. Give some bucks!

Nal, I am sure that the donations will come. Got me thinking though. Frequently, this second year of knowing that I am stage 4, I have been unable to go to the sites and places that I have gathered to just afford myself a break in the ongoing bad news. Though this site is the best I have found, sometimes I step away for weeks/months, I suppose , to live an unfettered life at least in my own head. Especially at this time of year. So I do wonder if the time of year is a factor in lower than wished for response and that I suspect that most users are not daily or perhaps even weekly attenders?Nonetheless, I am eternally grateful for this site of wisdom, broad views and pragmatism. I appreciate your ever useful postings and understand the significant effort behind those. A donation is on its way in the New Year when I have some cash in my wallet.

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Dban in reply to Dban

Donation made. Anyone else?

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Nalakrats in reply to Dban

No--->we had over 100 make donations--by my count---Darryl would know best what was the number of donations, and the number of those that did donate.


You know I love God and try to be a good Christian,Love others and support them. Which was my main goal on this chat and to find others like me and what their journey is like, to help them see what I have seen and my experiences which will hopefully help them. I am in stage4B cancer and can learn little more than what I know from Malecare. Grant it some that are not too far along can get some good ideas but most good oncologist out there know what the typical drag is. I think a lot of guys want the emotional support and a place where they can journal and share with others that don’t understand what we go Thru on a day to day basis. Unless your in this fight you have no idea what it’s like day in and day out, misery, pain suffering. Your body changing everyday with a new problem for you and your loved ones to go Thru and then the one thing that most guys like, Sex is totally removed from our lives gone by the meds that sustain us. That takes our human side our manhood our strength and toughness, knocks it right out from under us. A lot of us have no insurance to fall back on or it’s worthless insurance so we make it by the grace of God and the love of vendors and pharmaceutical companies’alike. We are recommended to join your site to share with others and then you come and berate followers here and demand money for services some use and others don’t. To be honest I understand then it makes me mad at your tone and resentment toward your audience, sick folks some on their death bed and tell us your disappointed with all of them? No free lunch? What kind of low life’s are we? That’s absurd. If you love God you need to go talk to him and repent then ask him how to humbly find ways of raising money for your site. Also when guys start why don’t you tell them we are totally funded by our members not later after they are emotionally attached berate and embarrass them and as I saw it guilt trip people. Why don’t you find way guys can make things with their hands or find other way to help raise money to keep the doors open. But to do that let’s be transparent,what are your expenses, how much do we need to hit that target, who are your sponsors, who are the board members, how are you otherwise funded, what are the board members paid. Why was this started and let the membership help in getting to those goals not tell them I am appalled because out of 543 followers only 43 donated, shame on you! That’s terrible especially at what most of us are going Thru…Shame on you! Why don’t we together,

Find ways to raise money, ask vendors and pharmaceutical companies to be partners and help keep a site like this open, to show us their new drugs, what’s coming so we then in turn can ask our doctors for them, that’s how this should work as some of us are already strapped, no insurance and going it alone with God and the love of vendors that help us as cancer meds and procedures, especially here in the US, are totally out of control. It seems like your kicking a man when he is down rather than help. We the people here need help not extorted from. In short this may not be seen or you may kick me off but I said what I needed to because I think your approach stinks and needs repenting of. Let’s find other ways we can raise money together to keep this family going. Take care and good luck.

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Nalakrats in reply to

Sorry about your bitterness---Pca is a burden, that often depresses. As a member for just 40 days, you sure do have an attitude. The manly/Godly thing to have done was to not do/say anything. I Pray when you need extra help--it will be gladly given to you. You throw around God, and repentance as if you were speaking from the Altar of Baal. So if you are still here next year when a call for donations will go out as it does every year--I will be glad to make a donation for you. Just send me a message! Please read the below:

1]WE SHOULD GIVE CHEERFULLY--->You should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for GOD loves a cheerful giver---2 Corinthians 9-7

2]WE SHOULD GIVE FROM A SPIRIT OF LOVE--->If you give all you possess to the poor and give over your body to hardship that you may boast, but do not Love, you gain nothing.

1 Corinthians 13-3

3]WE SHOULD GIVE FROM THE TOP, NOT FROM OUR LEFTOVERS--->Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all of your crops[all that you own]. Proverbs 3-9


5]EVERYTHING BELONGS TO GOD--->Read 1 Chronicles 29-14



On some Sabbaths, over the years I could/can be found at a Synagogue providing the Sermon for the Shabbat. At these times, I am not Nalakrats or using my real name I am called---->


Nal, don't waste your time on this guy, he won't be around long.

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Please understand we are fundraising for Malecare, the nonprofit that started and maintains our community. We are not seeking funds for heaalthunlocked, which is just the platform we use, just like other nonprofits use Facebook. You can read about Malecare at Malecare.org/about

Done. I appreciate the knowledge that I have gained from you and other very knowledgeable members that explain complex issues so us less knowledgeable members can understand them.

I just donated onetime $100. Lets keep the drive going!!. My employer has donation match. Ill try to get the match on monday.

Thankyou for the reminder

I donated earlier in the year. This site is priceless!

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Nalakrats in reply to tallguy2

Thanks---Happy New Year!

Sorry for the slow response I just donated. Your help and advice is very much appreciated

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Nalakrats in reply to Zzzgott

Thanks--any time is good!


So thankful for this group. Given me strength and knowledge to be an advocate for my Dad's treatment. My heartfelt thanks to all. Donated from down under. Kerrie x

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Nalakrats in reply to RayNoel


Donated a few months back.

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Nalakrats in reply to erjlg3

Thank you, lady!


I'm so sorry, Nal - I intend to donate! Life has just been absolutely crazy these last few months. But I will get that donation in! I'm just slow :(


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Nalakrats in reply to Sunlight12

I do not follow who donates or how much--Darryl is the gatekeeper


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Sunlight12 in reply to Nalakrats

I only wanted you to know that your appeal was heard.

Best wishes,


I just donated a decent amount Nal. Thanks for you and Darryl and the others that really make this a valuable and comforting site.

I am just a member like you---I have no role with the HU site--->except in trying to help other members when I can.


I’m fully aware of all that, but Im replying here because it’s the thread where people are discussing the donations. I don’t want to do a separate post for that. I know you are just a member, but you are more productive, active and helpful than most. Never hurts to send generous amounts of thanks to those who deserve it.

Thanks for the Kudos!


Thank you and Happy 2022!

Still can't find the original post either. I just missed it with all the goings on. I also still have trouble searching this site. It seems clunky or maybe it's just me! Sent in a donation, just now. Please keep reminding us. Many probably just missed the post with the holiday busyness.

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