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Good Report

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Hello Brothers, just got my six month scans reports back. There was no progression to any vital organs ,lymph nodes,or my multiple bone mets. It's been a four year journey so far. As you all know waiting on scans can be nerve racking to say the least. My only treatments so far have been Zytiga, Eligard, Provenge, and Xgeva which I was on for a year but stopped after it started causing jawbone loss I had to have dead bone removed twice. While the ADT is causing other things to change my lifestyle it is keeping me alive and that is the key word "alive". I couldn't survive this disease without the help and support of my family especially my Wife of 47 years who is my best friend, rock and, love of my life. Never give up Never surrender.Leo

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Wonderful news.

Wonderful news Leo, thanks for sharing.

Looking good. Keep it up. Have a healthy new year...

Thank God for her Leo . 47 years is impressive . My wife and I met in 2013, we had two years as lovers then pc with tubes and a foley we got wed! If not for her , there would be no me. Her love got me through 6 years of fun . But like you , I too am loved and happily so . I’ve followed your path . Keep trucking and loving life and wife. I’m Sorry to hear about that jaw stuff . I’ve had issues with a failed post now a whole in my jaw . Ouch! Im on the Prolia (a watered down Xgeva ) for osteopenia . Yet after two years on prolia after my last nuclear scan my L-3 rib is fractured ?

Hip hip hurray for anyone that loves a pc guy! To all our wifes ,partners and caregivers , thanks a million times over ? Yours is a great uplifting message . ThanksLeo!

hi leo2634 ... it's wonderful to hear of your wife's support and love ... as you say ... that's invaluable ... best wishes to both of you ... Nous :)

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Lulu700 in reply to Nous

Love is priceless! ❤️

Good news! Do you sometimes feel like you just dodged a bullet when you get a report like this?

Question (because I've been on Zytiga, Lupron, and Xgeva for almost 3 years): In hindsight, was there any early suspicious thing or indication that Xgeva was causing a problem?

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leo2634 in reply to Gearhead

At first Xgeva was doing a number on my Calcium levels, then the Jaw bones so my Doctor took me off of it and told me to double my Calcium pills once in the morning one before bedtime that was almost two years ago. My Calcium levels have been normal and bone Jaw problems have stopped. I was on Xgeva for a year.

Congratulations! What a blessing of good news before Thanksgiving. I'm convinced a loving spouse adds years to our lives and it sounds like you have a great one!

So happy to read ur good news 🥰

Congratulations on such good news! Great timing with Thanksgiving days away. The love of my life is only a year and a half into this journey so reading posts such as yours gives me hope.

Good news. Which scans were given?

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leo2634 in reply to Anomalous

CT scan and Whole body bone scan.

Best of luck Leo and God Bless you

Wonderful news. I have been happily married 42 years, Out of 44 years, not bad at all.

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Lulu700 in reply to GoBucks

What about the other two?

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GoBucks in reply to Lulu700

Laugh. It's an old joke.

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Lulu700 in reply to GoBucks


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It could be worse . We could have been one of the dancing grannies or little kids mowed down in an xmas parade! This world is on the edge! 😳

Leo..... nice to see you...... Rumor has it that you wife whispers the following in your ear when both of you are in bedroom....."Never give up Never surrender Leo".....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 11/23/2021 10:10 PM EST

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leo2634 in reply to j-o-h-n

Hey John after 47 years of marriage, and advanced Prostate Cancer for 4 years just a whisper might do it. Never give up Never surrender my friend.

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