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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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For Those Interested....what a journey. My new Prostate cancer that has gone into my brain's lining....and also my brain...Stone Crabs

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WELL...(deep subject) everyone wants to know what happened with my new Radiation Oncologist who is a BRAIN specialist. We celebrated with late lunch at Catfish Deweys...lf a bunch of stone crabs for me...and baby back ribs for Richard.

The doctor gave me some incredibly bad news. He showed me the MRI and told me that the cancer was in the brain lining...but had also gotten into the brain and was causing some swelling of the brain tissue. He asked about side effects from this. I told him head aches, etc. The news sounded bad..but he sounds SO great...that when he told me I could call him Dr. Mellon...or I could call him by his first name...Eric. After speaking with him already for a while...I said....I think I might just call you "the person I love". He was amazing.

I had a couple of different routes to use to attack the was just going after the actual spots they see....the other was much more aggressive and included radiation to the entire brain. I told him my story of going to Shand's Teaching Hospital while I was Pre-Med in my second year of college. I got there...saw a surgury done on someone's brain....had to run out because I thought I would throw up watching the brain actually pulsating. I then dropped out of pre-med and went into Journalism. I told him HE had the doctorate...he had the experience...WHAT WOULD HE do if I was his father...or brother....and he said he would go with the more aggressive treatment. So I said...I feel that you're the man...I will do that one.

I have to start with a very aggressive MRI of my spine and lower brain

THEN, I have to have a Spinal Tap. Doesn't sound like fun...but it's a necessity.

Then I have to begin the full brain radiation treatment. I will also have another doctor who will help with the process.

I have to also keep my eye on head aches...because I am prone to having brain seizures. Right now he thinks (based on my descriptions of side effects) that I have a while before I should have any seizures (which can be deadly)

Overall...after treatment he thinks I could have several years(3 or 4)

That sounds like a good thing...and I am just blessed to have someone so wonderful working to help me. Life is beautiful NOW.


P.S. The stone crabs were DELICIOUS ! ! !

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I am sorry to read your bad news but I admire your courage. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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greatjohn in reply to rosatt1

Life is a journey 🥰🥰🥰

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fmenninger in reply to greatjohn

Dang….You always post awesome food! Stay strong as you are a warrior and inspiration for all of us…..

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greatjohn in reply to fmenninger


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Bunkerboy in reply to greatjohn

Life definitely is a journey and you are handling your journey so well. Admire your courage gjohn and you are certainly helping me on my journey. God Bless😷

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greatjohn in reply to Bunkerboy

Wishing you all the best 🥰

Great conversation with your doc to get his honest answer.... not fun, mind you, but encouraging, and at least there is a treatment path...that includes cooking your brain. Yer a hero, GJ. I wish you many more incredible meals to post here! - Joe M.

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Thanks Joe. My experience with this doctor and it was by zoom on the phone was just amazing he seemed so caring and wonderful. And also smart! Have a great holiday.

3 or 4 more years? You sure have been playing with house money, very cool! I have a complete spinal MRI every six months. takes nearly 1.5 hours.

That’s what he said 🍀

Well, you'll have to suffer through several tough tests & the treatment itself -- but to get some more years is Beautiful! Blessings!

Thanks for the update. 🤞🏻

Hoping you have the best results they have ever seen ❤️ Go amazing them!

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greatjohn in reply to 5to0

Thanks 🙏🏻

I am so happy you have found such a wonderful doctor. I’m sure you will feel secure in his care. I always thank God that there are such brilliant people in this world. Hugs and best of luck to you moving forward. Hope it’s a wonderful thing and faith can move mountains!

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greatjohn in reply to Faith1111

Thanks…and Faith is a wonderful thing 🥰

Another thing..I haven't seen any pics of Sparky lately. He is OK? Proof through pics please.

Several years!! Yay!! Many more heartfelt and wonderfully written stories!

Glad to hear that you are getting this latest speed bump sorted out. Sounds promising, glad you found a doctor that has a treatment option. Just got back from a cruise on viking from Barcelona to Athens ate great food and explored new places. Wore me out but was worth the pain. Good luck on your treatment. Eat well and hope you feel better.

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bean1008 in reply to noirhole

Nice! Viking is supposed to be wonderful!

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NWLiving in reply to noirhole

Wouldn’t have changed the trips we took for anything..,glad you went.

So sorry to hear of this new development…who knew this was even a thing? Glad to hear you’ve got a great doc caring for you and helping you choose your oath!

God has sent Dr Mellon to work with you...and get you well...Amen

John, Courageous Man! Don't know how you keep this in balance….but you do. Our best to you and Richard,

Mike & Barb

Dear John, you are such an inspiration to so many.I really appreciate your sharing your journey.

Remember, that you are not alone.

You are in my thoughts and prayers 🙏

P.s food looks delicious as usual😁

Appreciate your updates. Both medical and food wise. This seems like a lot but promising just the same. You are brave greatjohn. I find strength through your posts.

Hello GJ, I have said it before and I am fixing to say it again. You are an inspiration to all of us who are marching down the same PCa road. Your posts give many of us the strength to carry the fight forward. It seems that whenever you are handed bad news you somehow are able to find someone or something to give you the confidence to carry on. If ever there was a person who could make lemonade out of lemons it is you. Good luck my friend!

Your love for those you love is boundless. And it shows in everything you say and everything you do. I admire you so much.

As you draw closer to the Lord listen to his voice he will direct your path and watch over you!!!....🙏....I will take the ribs!!!!

You & your family are in my thoughts and prayers, you're such a light and inspiration...🦋🦀🕊️🙏❤️🕯️

The prospect of 3 or 4 more years sounds wonderful gj. How good is that !!! Sounds like a great new doctor….


Damn brother! That’s great news.

I look for something from you each time I log on. Danged if you haven't went and got some awful mess this time. Hope your doc can clean it up. My case is looking up.. Alk/Phos the lowest it has been in over 3 years and PSA dropped for 5th month in a row. Life Is Good, and your choice of food looks very tasty. Best of luck to you and Richard.

Well getting a Doctor Mellon to work on your head seems very appropriate, seemingly better than a Doctor Ball or a Doctor Toez. You seem to find great people to tell you the scoop and treat you.

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Kaliber in reply to nobaday


Never give up… never give in. Bestest outcomes to you.🌸

Just think about all the great meals in your future!!

On a more serious note I have been following the company Novocure which is using electric field to treat Mets in the brain. Interesting trials going on.

I hope everything goes well and I also hope that any pain stays as low as possible.

Sending the best.

You always remind us that doctors patients families are just in this journey together in different ways. Thank you for keeping the human spirit shining through.

what an amazing can-do attitude you have greatjohn ! ... inspiring ! ... thanks and best wishes ... Nous :)

God bless you John. The crab looks delicious . The doc. sounds good and if your good with him and the Lord's willing all will be well. Good luck brother

I want to be like you when I grow up.

Wow, I’m so relieved that you have an option to move forward with. It may be a tough road ahead for a while but you’re not alone. Wishing you and Richard the very best, and will keep you in my thoughts.


Turning every negative into a positive Well done.

My thoughts and prayers with you

I dislike the word aggressive for many reasons

But if that’s what it takes....

good luck

Wow, you have such courage. They will be looking to see if the cancer has crossed the blood/brain barrier through the spinal fluid. Keep posting the food pictures and keep enjoying life to its fullest. You probably don’t feel that you are an inspiration, but believe you me, you are.

It seems you have found a great doctor to take care of you. When there is hope, there is life! You are courageous and never complain, which is admirable. Always good to see you keep your appetite for food and life.

I have whiplash just from following your story on this forum! I can't imagine what it must be like in your own brain with all of these twists and turns. The food photos are a sign to me that you must be feeling pretty good about it, here's halibut in pot roast style back at ya!

Halibut in pot roast style
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GoBucks in reply to TeleGuy

Saw a sign years ago at a restaurant: "Try our seafood buffet, just for the halibut".

I have never known before a guy like you who can walk passing the death and turn back to give us a smile! You deserve more than 3 or 4 years after this adventure with your new Radiation Oncologist. Let the fortune favour the brave John the Great!

You are one courageous and inspirational man and I wish you all the best and all strength for the next stage in your journey👏🤞. Keep on posting the excellent food! Makes me feel hungry;-)

I pray that you defy all odds and discuss additional treatments in 10 years!

Greatjohn, I pray your tests and treatments go as planned. Dr. Mellon sounds like he is the one for this adventure and pray all go as planned! Dinner looks great.

Thank you for being in our lives. Amazing how we care so much for someone (you) whom we have never physically met.

So glad you found a specialist who can help! Your positive attitude and appetite is infectious. We’re currently on a Celebrity cruise in the Caribbean enjoying some awesome food and trying to forget about PCa for a few days.

John, to some extent this looks like the answer you were hoping for, 3 to 4 years to be there for your partner! I know a lifetime would be better, but that's just not how this works. I have my new testing today, two bone scans and a CT.

Thank you for sharing this update. That’s great news….you have a guardian Angel on your side. One day at a time and fill it with hope.

Glad you found a great doctor after all your travels. My news wasn’t that bad Tuesday. Found another cancer on my ribs, can’t radiate due to being to close to the lungs. So wait and see until the pain gets to bad to stand. Good luck my friend and warrior. Waiting for good news 🙏🙏🙏🙏

I’ll be wishing the best for you!thank you so much

Your upbeat attitude and openness is refreshing! May the force be with you no matter your path.

Wishing you the best, you are a true man of courage, strength, and determination. An inspiration to all of us here.

So happy to hear you found Dr. Eric! Wishing you complete healing and good health! God bless you, John. Kick PC to the curb!

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greatjohn in reply to Hope59

Thank you so much for your kind words.

Good luck with the treatments. Here's wishing you more than those 3-4 years.


Life may be a journey, but why do we have to be on the rollercoaster?

Best of luck with the whole-brain radiation. Let us know how it goes.

ps: the rock crab looks delicious

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greatjohn in reply to TonyS58

Delicious 🥳🥳🥳

“Cancer” is the constellation for the Crab in the stars. Great symbolism in you eating that now, instead of the other way around. Glad you found Dr. Eric and are going to treat, protect, your whole brain. We treasure that brain and the man who houses it. Good luck. May you be seizure free during treatments.

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greatjohn in reply to MateoBeach


Sounds like really good news!!!!!!

Don't give up.

Best of luck to you. Excellent piece.

Never give up Great John, quite the trip you have handled so far, be positive.

Great John,Thank you for the update and stone crab photo. I think your new doctors will be able to pull off a miracle. They can run some testing of the CSF to check for PSA, CTCs, etc. Maybe there's also something actionable against the specific cell type. Knock em Dead! Best wishes for effective radiotherapy🤞🙏🚀PS If you like Veal, I'd like to send you my grandfather's recipe for Veal Scallopini.

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greatjohn in reply to Fanger1

I used to love veal...but now I'm leaning towards NOT using little baby cows...since I love little cows so much.

Your attitude to all this, is truly amazing !Wish you all the best with the new treatment plan

God Bless you GJ xx

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greatjohn in reply to 16starsky

thank so much. It's getting harder to deal with some of the things I have to deal with..but I'm still trying to be here for my Puppy (Sparky) and my Husband (Richard)j.


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Kaliber in reply to 16starsky


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16starsky in reply to Kaliber

Hope you are OK ? ❤️

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Kaliber in reply to 16starsky

Thanks … yea I had a couple scary rough spots but I’m fine, considering. Just putting on my big boy pants and working through everything. Medical whack-a-mole …. You know how that is.

Howze both you and Clint been doing and have you guys been enjoying that orangery ? Guess it’s back to the time of the year it comes into play more. Didja do that trip you were looking forward to ?

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16starsky in reply to Kaliber

Hi,Yes we did go to Crete in Sept, hot,sunny, beautiful!

Yes loving the Orangery,its dark here at 4pm now(boo)

Glad to hear you are ok 👌

Lovely to hear from you

Take care xx


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Kaliber in reply to 16starsky

I’ll bet that trip was wonderful Kim. It’s great to hear from you . Say hi to Clint for me. Love ya ❤️❤️❤️

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16starsky in reply to Kaliber

Love ya back ! ❤️

Prayers and healing for you

You can journey through anything with an oncologist you love - glad you've found a treasure; may he live up to your hopes. Blessings, Greatjohn, on this treatment!

All the very best to you John. You are a brave and very positive person.God Bless you in your journey!


I am going to read this as good news. I must say I was very concerned when I read your previous post. I'll pray and hope for great results to the treatments and keen insight from your Dr.

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greatjohn in reply to treedown

I’m hoping for the best future treatment for you as well.

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treedown in reply to greatjohn

Thanks, I appreciate that. Does the waiting time to see what happens at the next test or treatment outcome ever get easier? My next crossroads are in December. While living one day at a time is my montra this ones seems larger than the others. Of course the one before this was as well :)

I just love your attitude. But I can’t understand why anyone would choose ribs over stone crabs! Take very good care.

He is not big on seafood of certain types. It seems so wrong! But he loves baby back ribs.

Disappointed in the news (and lack of pic of ribs) but glad there is a plan for treatment. Sounds like it will be a rough go so stock up on your fav ice creams and show those pics on the other side of treatment. Wishing the best for you, Sparky, Richard and all of us.

If I could reach out, I'd hug you and grab one of those claws! Sending virtual hugs and prayers!

No. It's NotAlwaysSunshine. Maybe tomorrow. Don't know where the kind doctor gets 3 to 4 years. May be a lot longer than that. Wishing you, Richard and Sparky all the best.

I just love you because even when it’s bad , you find humor😍. I know God has a very special plan for you! You keep getting amazing Doctors that want to keep you around!

God is on your side...... and so is Dr. Mellon

p.s. That's weird my ex-wife is a stoned crab

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 11/18/2021 8:10 PM EST

John, your attitude and positivity is amazing and I am trying to emulate it during my journey, but I know I often fall short. Thank you for your posts! Though often make me hungry. Takecare.

pray for you every night , God you have guts ,courage, inspiration ect and I am proud to call you friend

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greatjohn in reply to benninger

I'm honored. It's not an easy journey, but it's my destiny.

Lots and lots of ❤️❤️ from across the pond.

Awesome resiliency, GJ. Admirable spirit.

Prayers for you John! I’m so impressed with your medical team and I’m praying for more miracles coming your way! You have touched so many of us on your journey 💕

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