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RFT And Possible Help For Drug-Induced Arthritis.

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I am a victim of ADT-induced Arthritis, as is LuLu, and others. I asked LuLu if I could use his name. And so many more men here[Multi-Hundreds] complain about their Aches/Pains/Pain Medications. The cause though is not 100% due to long bouts of ADT drugs, limiting their Testosterone to near zero. As we age deposits of Arthritic Calcium, also are a cause. And when having old age and ADT, this can make for a very painful life to live. Stopping ADT or taking Vacations does not alleviate all the Damage. Some pain is relieved when Testosterone comes back. So many of us get to the point of reliance on Aleve or other Drugs in the NSAID class, and when they fail, to stop the pain, we get Scripts for stronger medication---while all the time we are doing little by little harm to our Kidneys, and Liver, as time marches on.

Here is a scenario: DX Pca-->ADT--->Arthritic Pain--->NSAIDS---->Gabapentin--->To Opioids. While generating Increased Liver Enzymes and Reduced GFR for the Kidneys--->to treating the Kidneys and Liver, with other drugs. So we wind up treating Pca and then Treating Side Effects like Arthritis/Stenosis to then treating the side effects of the original treatment of side effects-->and in the case of ADT alone, it is the reduced Testosterone that is to blame. I said above aging is also a Co-factor.

So I am not going to argue, about other treatment modalities, I am going to present an alternative, which has not really caught on, but Abbott Laboratories is starting to promote their RFT devices. And man does it ever work-->I can attest to it!

So what is RFT? First off it is a wonderful tool to avoid certain surgeries. RFT is a method of locating the nerves that are sending signals to the brain and is also a wonderful tool to eliminate pain.

How does it work? Usually, an MRI identifies the problem--and an Orthopedic worth his salt who practices RFT identifies the nerves that are sending signals to the brain. A test run is done. So for example in your Neck-->C1-->to C7--there are nerve bundles coming from both sides of the spine. The RFT Orthopedic Doctor then gives you minor Nerve Block Injections into the affected Nerves. Depending on the Doctor, there will be enough nerve block for 6-8 hours, or they may give you these blocks to relieve the pain for 1-2 days. If you report back that your pain was temporarily eliminated you are scheduled for the final RFT, Procedure. In the Actual Procedure using a Fluoroscope, as was done for the tests, the Nerves Identified usually the Nerve bundles--are stuck with a special Needle that is actually an electrode. And attached to the top of the needles are the wires, with caps that go over the needles from a transmitting device, that puts out Radio Waves. The electrocution takes about 30-40 seconds, and they can do multiple Nerve Bindles at the same time. NO, IT IS NOT PAINLESS. I know, as I had my C-2 to C-7 done in the summer of 2020. 5 Needles and all they offer you is Valium--no pain killers are allowed as you have to communicate back to the doctor while lying on your belly, with your head captured in a hole on the table.

The Nerves are not killed, so you do not lose feeling. The Mylan Coating of the Nerve[The outer Coating], dies and unwraps off the nerve. The Transmission of pain to the brain is through the Nerve Coating. You get up dizzy and walking straight is a bitch. And you need someone to drive you home. By the time I got home all my pain was totally gone that I was living with for years. Which was exacerbated, 10 fold by the times I was on ADT.

Which Back Symptoms Can Be Treated With RFT Ablation?

Low Back Pain

PiriFormis Entrapment[ass pain]

Neck Pain

Arthritis of the Spine

Pain from Prior Spinal Surgeries

Breakdown of Joints in the Spine[A Favorite of ADT]-->Like SI Joints.

Other parts of the body that can be treated--> the ELBOW, SHOULDER, KNEE, ANKLE, and WRIST. You may have heard of using Ablation for A-Fib to the Heart---There are Similarities, as to Radio Frequency Use--but they are not the same.

I bring this Forth as I did---> [Possible Treatments for Peripheral Neuropathy], as one who is a student of Naturopathy, I started to feel I needed to add to the group other things that might help in some of their sufferings from fighting this Pca. I once heard one say, "If the Cancer does not kill you it might be the Side Effects, of our Treatments".

Where can you get an evaluation, for Pain with RFT? Any Large Orthopedic Group, that does Nerve Block Injections might be a source, and Certainly Most Pain Management Clinics-->Have RFT. Make sure your MD that offers RFT, has a Masters's In Pain Management or extensive years of using this technique. The relief may last 6 months, or a year or multiple years--I am into month 17. And the nice thing about this--is this Treatment can be done multiple times to the same area. The Mylan does tend to grow back--which will connect pain back to the brain, causing one to re-treat. Beats the hell out of Surgery, and Drugs that we do not need in our bodies.

{The Picture Is [ROSCO THE CAT]--at least he does not charge me rent!


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Very interesting this rft.

How widely is it available?

If you go to a medical center of excellence, what are the best search terms to use to find the right Doc, even to just discuss it

I think that it's not being permanent is a feature not a flaw.

My only thought is killing off Mylan, if it is also in the brain leads to multiple sclerosis.I know several people with MS and neurologists have explained it as deterioration of Mylan. Not questioning that it may work but for this reason it would concern me.

I was thinking along the same lines only in regards to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's..Great info though.

Should not interfere[ But this is where the Doctor comes in to say yes or no}--and for Alzheimer's--since we are always talking about Testosterone in our treatments for Prostate Cancer If I had Alzheimer's I would treat at the onset of the disease---with 1200 ng/dl maintenance of testosterone--which would require one shot of 400 mgs of Testosterone every 2 weeks. But not if you have Pca unless you are doing High T treatment for the Pca. We have some Anecdotal evidence from men that treated their Pca with High T--->not BAT and had reduced the onset of Alzheimer's.


A 1ml injection of 200mg/ml every other week gets me to 1,600ng/dL after shot down to 500/600ng/dL by the time for next shot now being 6.5 years since bilateral orchiectomy and 5.5 years on "T" shot.

I was thinking of a Program used by Dr. Morgentaler, that brings T to 2,000-2200.Sorry


I just did a self imposed 2 week injection delay. Tested at 404ng/dL at 1 week overdue then at 48ng/dL at 2 weeks overdue. Orchiectomy was much better decision than ADT for me as far as I am concerned.

Amazing! 🏋🏽‍♂️👏👏

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Who is your RFT Orthopedic, is he local?

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Nalakrats in reply to Eagle52

He is local to the Asheville NC area----about 10 minutes from the house.


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Eagle52 in reply to Nalakrats

I’m in Fletcher, can you give me his name.Thanks

Great info Nal, I have a cat that is the same color we call Butter Bean

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Thanks NalDid you say it also help peripheral neuropathy????

Yes PN is a different animal altogether. Read my last post on Peripheral Neuropathy. And there is a technique called Pulsed Radiofrequency Therapy. I am not studied in how Pulsed is different than Regular RFT---I do know the Treatments I described for Nerve Bundles in all the areas I mentioned--the Current is on for about 30-40 seconds. And that the Pulsed Version is a 30-minute treatment---So find a Pain Management Clinic, or a big Orthopedic Group, get to the RFT Doctor, and ask about use, for PN. If you have numbness, I do not think that the therapy will bring back feeling, it would just kill the pain. Pain of any kind is not good for your BP, the health of your heart, and can sometimes affect the kidneys---so if you can get rid of the pain go for it. Get a hold of a Doctor that does RFT. They always need an MRI, FYI.


Thanks Nal:

The Doxetaxcil really caused my PN - but my PSA dropped from 16 to 0.5.

I am trying the Life Extension Mega Benfotiamine for 2 weeks now.

No noticeable improvement yet.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sure appreciate your input.



Tom, I had to take 4 pills a day divided thru the day for 30 days to get relief--and my onset was recent--just a few months--what also helps, is R-Lipoic acid--My Back Surgeon recommends this, as well as L-Arginine which allows more blood to get to the area--by widening the Veins--I was and still am taking about 4 of these 1000 mgs, divided. I always took L-Arginine before a workout in the gym--now I have added it for the full day, to assist the Benfotiamine. I do one other thing--which is mostly to keep arteries and Veins open---is Chelation Suppositories. But I do a 90-day routine of Chelation every year. Eats up the Calcium in Plaque. I do not want to confuse you--just telling you I have a multi-prong approach.


Thanks so much Nal.I will give it a try.


You take 4 1000 mg of ? Benfotiamine??

No 4 capsules! The 4,000 is for the use of L-Arginine


Oh thanks Nal I am only taking four 250 mg capsules a day. Thanks so much for the clarification.


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Hey Nalakrats,

You, of course, know about the Tact Study or studies now maybe. I think it was after 40 rounds of chelation infusions that cardiac events in the group getting the chelations were ~ 18% lower. The number was not deemed that significant at the time, hence, the second study.

My heavy metals test results revealed a very high number for gadolinium after five MRIs. Chuck Norris' wife, Gena, nearly died from gado poisoning after MRIs with gado in the contrast solutions. It is unlikely that someone without the fame and $$ behind them such as Chuck Norris has would get press coverage.

I had 16 chelation infusions in which B vitamins and vitamin C and maybe a bit of alpha-lipoic acid mixed in. The B is to help prevent fatigue as the chelation removes some of the minerals needed with the metals. One has to be careful when using the suppositories. If this much works then more is better doesn't apply to chelation. Chelation also removes minerals needed for body function. I read that the suppositories are fine when used every other night as recommended by the manufacturer.

Sorry this is a late response but my HU email from MaleCare didn't make it to my email until 0033 hours this morning --as always . Entering a conversation while thoughts are fresh and the dynamics are flowing is often --moot as others have left and moved on to the next day's posts.


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Not to worry I am a Member ACAM--The College For the Advancement of Medicine.And I am certified In Chelation Therapy---and over the period of time from 1995 to 2006, I did 400 infusions. I am well aware of good mineral replacement needs when doing the procedures. ACAM is your one-stop shopping for Naturopaths. Training is intense, as the FDA only wants Heavy Metals use---I have seen so many lives saved, that I cannot pick one event to tell--but will try one---a Man who was denied being placed on the Heart Transplant List--as he did not have enough time to live, and was in a wheelchair. He was taken on---and after 40 weeks of Chelation[3 infusions a week], was out in the hot Georgia Sun playing Tennis Singles. I could go on--but I have seen it all. He then changed Cardiologists!


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Currumpaw in reply to Nalakrats

Thank you Nalakrats!

Give Rosco a kiss on the top of his head!


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Currumpaw in reply to Nalakrats

Hey Nal,

Three infusions a week--about a day between to allow his body to recover the necessary minerals needed for health between infusions. Yep! I understand. That is why I mentioned the every other day for suppositories. As always--someone might think --if every other day is good--every day is better!


Thanks Nal - found them on Amazon

Daily dose:

4 - Meta Benfotiamine - 250 mg. - throughout the day.

4 - L Arginine - 1,000 mg - throughout the day.

1 - R Lipic Acid - 240 mg.




Thanks so much NalI ordered my L - Argnine and R - Lipoic Acid today. A lot of good comments on Amazon about how L-Arginine help there peripheral neuropathy as well as some who said it helped their ED.

Obviously after 20 years of fighting the beast - Ed was a thought a long time ago. This won't increase my testosterone will it I just got good news on my PSA and it's 0.47 today.

Thanks so much for your suggestions I hope it helps my peripheral neuropathy. I will keep you posted.

Thanks Tom

NalGot the supplements. Benfotiamine seems to be helping with PN. Also received L-Arginine - 1000 mg - just started - hard to swallow the tablets. Can they be split or crushed?

Also received R-Lipoic Acid - 240 mg - what does it do for the PN.



Arginine widens Veins and arteries allowing more blood to bring needed oxygen from hemoglobin to the nerves. Lipoic is used as an anti-oxidant in Diabetes---and thus translates into PN value--My Spine Doctor recommends it to his PN patients, as well.Use a pill cutter.


Thanks Nal - PN is improving.

Placebo effect--I would expect--takes about 30 days to see improvement.


I have now been taking Benfotiamine since November 1st.Night pain much more tolerable and squishy feet much better.

L- Arginine and R - Lipoic Acid started just today after clearance from my Cardiologist.



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BigTex3 in reply to Nalakrats

Coco says good morning from TX.

Coco our Cat
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Lulu700 in reply to BigTex3


Ouch! That’s a warm eyed pusssycat. I posted a few months back that I started Glucosamine chondroitin and msm complex per dr Uzick and the hyaluronic acid per you. I’m happy to say that My joints ache much less. Thank you ! 🙏

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Nalakrats in reply to Lulu700

If anything really gets out of control like Spinal Arthritis--commonly called Stenosis, there will be a treatment for you to remove the pain--or if any Joint pain blows by what you are now doing, the RFT can be a good answer--Archive this for possible future use. I went from 8-9 pain in my Cervical C-2 to C-7--and 2 hours after a 35-second electrocution of the Mylan coverings in the Nerve Bundles--I was a zero in pain---and still am 14 -15 months later.I am now working on my L-4, L5, S-1 ---Lumbar region--this is the area that starts Sciatica, thru the SI joints down into the Glutes/Piriformis and the back of the Thighs. I did my First Test--last Thursday--6 needles bi-lateral--nerve blocks--and the pain was gone, for 8 hours, proving the test was positive. Now Medicare changed rules--they want 2 tests, so the final day is scheduled for Dec. 2nd. This will be the actual RFT date. My Spine Surgeon is 100% for RTF--he is one of the Good Guys, he did my wife's back surgery---she had to be reconstructed. Good Guy meaning, he does not look to do surgery if there is something else that can avoid his scalpel. I am blessed to have such great Doctors!


As Always, Thanks for the informative post.... here's a picture of our guy, El Gato, in 2018.

El Gato the Cat

Perfect Markings--what a looker!


Thank you Nal for post. I'm going in for 2nd round of nerve blocks this December at Stanford pain clinic. They needed to perform blocks twice for my insurance to approve radiofrequency ablation. It's been a journey getting diagnosed with degenerative disk disease, lateral facet arthropathy and synovial cysts. The best imaging for me was obtained by participating in Sandip Biswal's clinical trial for chronic pain at Stanford. They've developed a new radiotracer that binds to Sigma-1 receptors that pinpointed my pain generators with Pet CT/MRI... Hallelujah! Fangs knows how I feel😹🤪🙉

La Fanga
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Nalakrats in reply to Fanger1

I am aware--when I did C2->C7, the Medicare rule was 1 test with nerve blocks. That was 14-15 months ago--and I am still pain-free. So I went in to do my L-4->S1--bilateral both sides of the spine--I was informed the rule changed to 2 tests. I did test number 1 last Thursday, and it was fine. and on the 19th I do test 2, and I am already scheduled for the procedure on Dec. 2nd---but have to pass test 2.Be prepared for pain--it is just part of the deal. Last Year I had 5 Electrode Needles placed, and this year, I am looking at 6--->but boy it is worth it--not as bad as having a baby---but bad enough. 2 days later you will be pain free!


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Lulu700 in reply to Fanger1

Whoa ,la fanga! Looks like a leopard .. Good luck at Stanford . 🤞🏼👣👣



Procedure & Recovery


Side Effects and Risks




Radiofrequency ablation (RFA), or radiofrequency neurotomy, is a type of injection procedure that is used to treat several conditions including chronic neck and/or back pain. In the neck and back, pain stemming from the vertebral facet joints or the hip’s sacroiliac joints or the posterior pelvis may be treated using RFA.

The goals of treating facet and sacroiliac joints with RFA are to:

Reduce neck or back pain for longer periods of time, typically for more than 6 months.1,2

Types of Radiofrequency Ablation

Three types or variations of RFA may be used to produce heat lesions on tissues and are discussed below.

Conventional continuous radiofrequency (CRF) ablation uses a needle that delivers continuous high-voltage current to produce a heat lesion. The tip of the needle is heated between 140 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.3

Pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) ablation uses a needle that delivers short bursts of high-voltage current with silent phases in between when no current is passed. The needle is heated to approximately 107 degrees Fahrenheit in PRF.3

Water-cooled radiofrequency (WCRF) ablation uses a specialized needle that is heated up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit but also cooled by a continuous flow of water. The water allows a regulated flow of current and also prevents the needle tip from being over-heated.4

CRF and PRF produce well defined small lesions, while WCRF produces larger lesions involving larger tissue areas. All three types of RFA are used to treat facet and sacroiliac joint pain. The magnitudes of the heat lesions depend on the temperature and size of the needle, as well as the duration of the procedure.

When Radiofrequency Ablation Is Considered

Typically, RFA is performed after steroid, epidural, or other injection treatments are tried in the sacroiliac or facet joint’s nerves for treating pain symptoms. Medial branch RFA targets the facet joint nerves and lateral branch RFA targets the sacroiliac joint nerves in the posterior pelvis.

In This Article:

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) for Facet and Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA): Procedure and Recovery

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) Side Effects and Risks

Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy Video

Radiofrequency Ablation Success Rates

The success of RFA treatment has provided conflicting results. Success usually depends on the accuracy of diagnosis, variations in the anatomy of the nerve, and the type of technique used.6 Some patients have reported up to 100% reduction in pain from RFA. Research suggests:

RFA performed for the facet joint may provide pain relief in 45% to 60% of patients.2,7

RFA performed for the sacroiliac joint may provide pain relief in 75% to 86% of patients.6,8

Typically, if effective, RFA may provide pain relief lasting 6 months up to 2 years. However, some studies have shown patients experiencing pain relief up to 3 years.1,2

During or after this period of time, however, the nerve usually regenerates, and the pain may or may not return. The pain relief from this treatment is usually more significant when performed on the facet joints as compared to the sacroiliac joints. Some patients may not experience any relief from pain after this procedure.

Repeated RFA may provide longer relief

If pain relief is achieved with initial treatment, repeated RFA may be performed when the symptoms return. Studies show repeated RFA may provide pain relief in 85% of patients up to 10 months.9

I had RFA on my R knee six years ago, to avoid joint replacement. Still no pain today. I had this done at Northwestern.

Hey Nalakrats!

Interesting and informative post.


Good morning Nal! Great information. Do you know if it works for your heels and fingers. Those are the two areas that I’m currently dealing with the most. I wake up and my fingers are almost locked up and very painful to start moving.

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Nalakrats in reply to BigTex3

I have to leave---dental appointment--send a private message--as I do not have enough, info to discuss.


Nalakrats profile image
Nalakrats in reply to BigTex3

The heel issue sounds like part of the Peripheral Neuropathy Syndrom--and the locking of the fingers sometimes referred to as Trigger Finger can be a Side Effect of ADT--it does not happen to many men--and usually does not get on the list of side effects for the use of ADTBut the only way to find out is to contact a local Pain Management Clinic--and have a discussion with a Doctor if RFT would be proper for the heel pain--the fingers, I do not think so.


Do you think it’s appropriate for spondylolisthesis/stenosis of L3-L4 together with a heavily damaged disc at that joint?

Nalakrats profile image
Nalakrats in reply to podsart

I have about the same at L-4,L-5,S-1---going for my second test of temporary Nerve Blocks to satisfy Medicare, then on Dec. 3rd. I get Ablated. Cannot wait!


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podsart in reply to Nalakrats

Sounds great! Guess I need to find an expert in this in nyc region


This is amazing, Everytime I read something like this, it again makes me me wonder about my highly educated Oncologist here in Toronto, when I mention that I am in pain to him, he responds with absolutely nothing.

My pain went up, directly as my T went down.

And yes. I'm on heaps of Fentanyl.

I will look into getting this done, for sure. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Your cat's rent is being subsidized by the New York City Housing Choice Voucher program (Section 8).

If only RFT could get rid of the pain caused by my ex-wife....

My cat's name is D-O-gee....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor....

j-o-h-n Wednesday 11/10/2021 12:01 AM EST

What does RFT stand for?

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Nalakrats in reply to Clotter1

Radio-frequency Therapy.

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Clotter1 in reply to Nalakrats

Thank you. I am dealing with neuropathic pain down my left leg and bilateral pain in my ankles and feet. The pain in my feet is burning, pins needles and sometimes just pain to the point that I am off balanced when I walk.My left hip was radiated for tumor spread but it did not relieve the neuropathic pain shooting down my left leg. Looking for help.

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Nalakrats in reply to Clotter1

If the pain shooting down the back of your left leg, where you can also feel irritation or mild Pain in your lower back or the left Buttock this could be Sciatica, coming from a Nerve Bundle--in your L-4 thru S-1. The Bi-lateral pain in your ankles, which probably is on the sides and on top of the foot/ankle-->what you are describing is Peroneal Nerve Pain. Sometimes, a branch of the Sciatic nerve that feeds part of the Peroneal Nerve can be the cause, but you have added in Peripheral Neuropathy, based on you symptoms--and yet the Leg Pain is one sided. This could be complicated-->you may have 3 things going on and they may not be related to one source.


2]Peroneal Nerve Inflammation

3]Pheripheral Neuropathy

I think the first place to start, for evaluation, would be a Complex Orthopedic Facility that can look at all aspects you relate--usually an Intake Doctor, can get you started. You may Need an MRI an EMG[nerve conduction tests], and other diagnostics. A Complex Facility is one that does All Orthopedic Treatments, Surgery, Pain relief Injections, and RFT. And has a Re-hab facility within the complex. This is what I have in my little town of 30,000 people.

You need to have the Doctors take over--there is no magic pill for what you describe. The faster the better, as Neuropathy if left alone too long can become permanent.


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Clotter1 in reply to Nalakrats

Thank you for this valuable information.

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