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My 28 Days Water Only Fasting Experience and IVCs

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I think this subject might interest some fellow warriors and some may plan to do it, so here is my experience.

Medically supervised water fasting was done in Arizona with intention to reverse or stop progression of cancer and reset microbiome.

My PSA doubling time without medication and supplements is 23-25 days. I stopped all supplements few days before and after one day preparation diet entered strict water only fast.

I was taking variety of supplements prior to the fast and had different treatments (that described in my profile) and for 9 months was doing 100grams IVC 2-3 times every week. By then, I was strictly Vegan for at least 10 months.

Evian water in glass bottles was used for water fasting to avoid any plastic or residues in filtered water. 3-4 liters of water was consumed daily. No other liquids besides pure water were consumed. Doctor did a good job supervising my water only fast.

I did weekly magnesium IVs to avoid cramps and on week number 4, I added 3 high doses (80grams) IVCs with intention to kill cancer by high doses of IVCs ….. “when it is weak” …..

After 28 days… I was extremely disappointed! My PSA doubling time was exactly (!) the same as before the fast when I did not take any supplements or medication. That was very stressful to take at the moment, so that was a big water only fast failure.

On a positive note, after re-feeding:

- My digestive system started working much better and I hope my microbiome improved also;

- Joints pain is mostly gone;

- I lost some extra weigh and now my weight is perfect;

- I dropped strictly vegan diet and added huge varieties of available wild and organic seafood and fish, that makes me much happier and now I really enjoy my food, as vegan diet was making me feeling miserable. I still do not eat meat, chicken, diary, sugar and very minimum salt;

- I completely dropped my 2-3 weekly IVCs as disappointingly ineffective against cancer (at least in my case). I still think high dose IVC can be helpful when used instead of antibiotics to preserve microbiome and probably helpful after chemotherapy (but I’m not longer sure about that).

So, I obviously cannot recommend prolonged (or may be any type?) of fasting to combat advanced prostate cancer.

However, if someone is recently started Lupron, Firmagon or similar shots, seriously overweight and can temporarily drop all other medication (if doctors OK) and intention is to reset microbiome, lose weight and clean your system, then 2 weeks supervised water only fast could be theoretically considered, as PSA should be controlled by Lupron.

Do I regret it? – Nope, I do not regret anything I do, I look on positives that I’ve got from this experience.

Would I do any type of fast again – I do not think so, but you never know ;)

I hope the above will be helpful to someone who considering or doing any type of fasting or IVCs.

Thank you.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s good to share positive and a negative results from treatment as this helps others decide their paths. I follow Dr. Valter Longo‘s research on fasting. It’s very interesting. I can’t believe you did a whole month! Quite impressive. I wish the outcome was better. However, going forward you never know. It’s nice you did get some positive results however in regards to weight etc. Best of luck to you going forward

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CurrentSEO in reply to Faith1111

Thank you. Longo was one of my inspirations also, not anymore. Now I think that his 2-3 days fasting before chemo may only help with constipation, but there other ways to avoid it without starving. But we are all different and cancers are different... but my opinion on fasting in relation to cancer changed.

Thanks for sharing. You present some interesting and useful information.

thank you, I'm glad you find some of it useful.

I read your profile--You did everything possible to not lose your ability to have sex. The amount of money you spent IMO, is ridiculous. Glad you have so much to waste---when early on you could have put yourself into a curative situation--By removing all the Cancer Visible, with an RP, and or Ablating the Prostate with a number of options. You obviously did a lot of reading and made up your own program. As one who has been a Student and occasional practitioner of Naturopathy for 55 years, IMO, you did not have an understanding of the Pca Cell and its Micro-Molecular Biology, or its Micro-Environment. You tried to starve the cancer to death with a water fast--probably not knowing the cancer cells had other ways to obtain what they needed to continue life and to rest if need be, to then continue to divide and multiply. Your liver has vast stores of Glycogen. The Body will use Storage of Glycogen as a Glucose Resource--and dump it into the Blood--food for Cancer! And Cancer Cells have a Unique ability, when in the CRPC phase to convert Cholesterol into Testosterone--->see pjoshea13 posts on this. But I take it you maintained your Testosterone levels, even opting to do Casodex, at one time.I hope you find your path to success--->your way!


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Lyubov in reply to Nalakrats

I wonder why the cancer cells are endowed with such powerful ways to keep propagating. Guess that's their only reason for being & they'll use all sorts of tricks to keep on going -- wicked things!

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Nalakrats in reply to Lyubov

I do not wonder, I have come to the conclusion, that the Holy One, while infecting the Earth with weeds after the Fall in the Garden, also changed our Cellular Make-up so that weeds could grow inside of us. To-Date we have not found the right Pesticide, so we can from season to season, keep them under control, if given the opportunity. I know I am not in control--but I listen!


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Nalakrats in reply to Lyubov

They are like all living things--they will fight not to die. Not having a calculating brain, they will kill the host not knowing that they too will die!


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CurrentSEO in reply to Lyubov

Lyubov, sometime cancer can be caused utilizing powerful forces that are from opposite side from the one Nal is talking below. If person in relatively young age getting prostate cancer and has no genetic mutations... it is one of the things to consider. I went to Peru to get answer for the reason of my cancer ... and I've got my answer.

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andrew61 in reply to CurrentSEO

Can you please explain this, I don’t understand.

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CurrentSEO in reply to andrew61

I will avoid to go to deep on this subject (so not to offend some people believes), however I will say that some illnesses first start on energetic bodies level and then trickle down to the physical body. As prayers can help to heal, curses and energetic attack can make you sick. If sickness caused by someone utilizing such energies in such cases, then trying to cure yourself only on physical level will most likely fail as disease will be coming back... so it is necessary to remove the cause of the disease and heal physical and energetic bodies in parallel.

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CurrentSEO in reply to Nalakrats

Nal, thank you for your feedback. I'm still fully intend to achieve curative (long durable remission) outcome in a year or so and preserving my sexual ability at the same time. 🤷‍♂️ This forum and its members are very valuable sources of information and helping me to achieve that.

Surgery was not an option, volume of my prostate was around 900CC (yes, not 90CC) and attached to the rectum and bladder walls. Now it is 50CC and still attached to the bladder, but even if surgery was an option I would unlikely do it anyhow. Regarding ablation, I did ablate on February with Tulsa Pro as much as possible without affecting my nerve bundles or sphincters.

I have a huge respect for your naturopathic knowledge and very grateful for your advises. I went for the water only fast, because I was drawn to it (different books and anecdotal stories) and If haven't done it - I would have wondered what if.... thank you for your clarifications on whats happening during prolonged water fasting.

I do follow pjoshea13 posts closely and grateful for his contributions, courage and will to go the road no one have been before.

I did maintain my natural testosterone between 500-800, however on 1st of November, I've started Orgovyx with intention to take it for 3 months, then drop it and follow it up with couple Lu-177 treatments. That is still not a final decision and work in progress.

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Nalakrats in reply to CurrentSEO

You will be castrated in 30 days with the new oral castration drug. And when you stop in 90 days your T will take 2 months to recover. Limiting your sex life, which seems to be your most important goal to maintain while treating Pca. What is your current today's PSA? If you want to treat and are willing to do what a pjoshea13 does, and otherswhile maintaining your Sex life--there is another approach. Read my post on why Lu-177 fails! And you are surely not going to like the SE's of Orgovyx. Some men find them unbearable, others not so much.

IMO, the road you are traveling may be fraught with uneven pavements!


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CurrentSEO in reply to Nalakrats

I hope my testosterone will reach castrate less of less than 20 level during first 15 days on orgovyx.

Limit on my sex life is not important for the next 12 months or so, as I'm on energetic and plants dieata after Peru, so I will not have sex for the next 12 month anyhow. I also drinking combination of 5 Amazonian plants prescribed by Shaman that I prepare myself.

PSA one week prior of starting Orgovyx was 100. I will try to avoid (if not then will tolerate) side effects for few month, intention to stay on Orgovyx 3 months, but no longer than 4 this time.

I did read your post regarding Lu-177 failures (just re-read it again) and I agree with part about re-population by competing non-PSMA vivid cancer cells and it is a similar thing that happening when castrate resistant cells taking over places of dead hormone sensitive.

But do we know any treatments option that guarantee to kill cancer cells and prevent competing ones from re-population of the areas? 🤷‍♂️

I'm willing to do what pjoshea13 does if it comes to that, by now I'm concentrating on curative solutions for the next 12 months. I will avoid continues ADT.

That is also the reason for 3-4 months maximum at a time plan with Orgovyx, maybe after 2 sessions of Lu-177 again 3 months on Orgovyx. That all will depend on PSA and Pet Scans future results. My tumor genetic cells was 100% PSMA avid in July last year... however I did had chemoembolisations last year, that might be a minus for the Lu-177 treatment or might be not.

I might do FDP and PSMA PET scans before a final decision on Lu-177 treatment.

Plan is like this:

- shrink tumor and pelvic lymph nodes metastasis for the next 3 month and stop Orgovyx;

- do one Lu-177 session, monitor PSA and do another PET scan in 6 weeks after that, if PSA going down and main tumor and metastasis shrank significantly or gone, repeat another Lu-177. I think it will work for me, will see...;

- if first Lu-177 does not show significant drop in PSA and Pet Scan does not show significant shrinkage of tumors, then cancel second Lu-177 and proceed with IMRT/SBRT for prostate and whole pelvic area lymph nodes;

I think about possibility to incorporate Provenge treatment either between first and second Lu-177 treatments or after second one and then conclude treatments with another 3-4 months on Orgovyx. After that go on supplements.

Obviously all of the above will depend on PSA results and Pet Scans.

Will appreciate your comment on the above.

Thank you.

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noahware in reply to CurrentSEO

I am wondering about your window of ADT, of at least 3 months but not longer than 4, and how you settled on that. The idea of intermittent ADT is very appealing, but there seems to be little consensus on optimal timing of on/off cycles.

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CurrentSEO in reply to noahware

I'm currently not planning to do intermittent, so far i will try regimen with curative (long durable remission) goal. So plan to use it 3-4 months prior to lu-177 and again 3-4 months after lu-177. So hopefully I will use it two periods of 3-4 months only.

Why 3-4 months? That I'm basing on the trials with Orgovyx, that are also summarized here , so significant reduction of PSA on average 92% happens after 3 month and then it might slowly continue to go down.... and in parallel after 3 months it will start building cancer resistance, giving the chance for non-hormone sensitive cells slowly to raise their heads. Also testosterone after 3-4 months on Orgovyx should recover in 1-2 months naturally, that can also be helped with ashwagandha.

So if curative intent treatments would not be as successful as I hope, then intermittent 3-4 months Orgovyx and then of period based on tolerable (I have high tolerance 😅) predetermined level of PSA rising or modified pjoshea13 type of BAT can be an options with Orgovyx.

Continuous ADT is not in my foreseeable future plans.

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noahware in reply to CurrentSEO

Thanks... I have just started Zytiga+Pred and am debating on how to time my on/off cycles, as I too wish to avoid continuous ADT, and delay castrate resistance. I think the 3-4 month "on"period is in line with the adaptive approach tried by Gattenby et al. Did he influence your thinking here?

But I have also read that even as PSA declines quickly in just a few months, it may take up to a full year to really knock the cancer down significantly. Maybe I'll split the diff and do 8 months. I am happy to let the cancer keep coming back, so long as I am able to keep putting it back down such that it doesn't kill me.

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CurrentSEO in reply to noahware

You are correct, Robert Gatenby and Jingsong Zhang and their adaptive therapy approach and "First Strike–Second Strike Strategies" did influence my thinking.

You are again correct, PSA after first 3 month on ADT may (!) continue decline for a year or even a bit longer, but it may stop declining and start climbing up after 6 month too. Some people can ride first line ADT for years and some show signs of resistance in a few months time... so I choose 3-4 months. Some research papers showing that longer and slower you PSA decline - longer you can stay on ADT without becoming castrate resistant, however no one knows our own cancer better than we do.

Another thing to consider. Longer periods on ADT - generally longer testosterone recovery period after stopping it.

Patrick pjoshea13 also with his modified BAT is trying not to go longer than for 3 months on ADT.

Nalakrats doing very successful intermittent ADT with long vacations and long on periods, supported by huge amount of supplements.

I personally think 6 months maximum on ADT are still safe to avoid resistance....more I'm not so sure. We need to do our own research, listen to people and doctors advises and then decide on a time frame ourselves ... However time frame may not be necessary in months, but in maximum PSA for off period and minimum values for on ADT period. But we need to have some type of plan and then stick to it and not try to milk it (extend) looking for an excuse. Of course if something extraordinary happens, plan might change.

As we are trying something outside of SOC, we have two options:

1. decide ourselves based on a knowledge about our own cancer behavior, anecdotal experiences of fellow warriors, published studies, research papers and theories and use supportive and understanding doctors (who are the best or great specialists in their fields). Currently I'm using this approach, but I might go for the second option at some point of time;

2. find and trust (to the extent) willing doctor/s who shares your views, but have more knowledge and experience, open to guide you through uncharted waters and who can create personalized approach, example at the same Moffitt Cancer Center or elsewhere.

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Nalakrats in reply to CurrentSEO

I need to move on to other things--appears you do not need anything from me---you are running your own show---and if you looking for agreements from me---I have none.


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CurrentSEO in reply to Nalakrats

I'm not looking for agreements from no one, but your knowledge and advises are always appreciated. Thank you.

Curious, where are you being treated at. As a side note I fast regularly alternating 24 and 36 hour fasts with 72 hours being my longest. I find fasting just makes me feel better and allows my digestive system to keep me regular. Funny, when i go on vacations I have to make myself eat. Love that resort food

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CurrentSEO in reply to mrscruffy

Thank you. Where I being treated you can see in my profile, I also have doctors friends who prescribe me what I request, however I try to avoid pharmaceuticals as much as it is possible.

If you find fasting helpful in any way and it does not interfere with your supplements and medication regimen (if any), then this is the way to go!

The benefits you noted... "digestive system working much better, joint pain mostly gone, lost some extra weight" ... are all things I also observed after doing a few months of calorie-restricted keto (which included several 2-3 day fasts, and time-restricted eating).

I did get a PSA benefit -- dropping from 20 to 13 over that period -- but the diet was not sustainable for me. Unfortunately, restricting my diet led me to revert to an even worse diet than I had before, which is apparently not uncommon for those who diet and have some underlying eating disorders and/or addictive tendencies (or what I call "emotion-based feeding" habits). But during that time, I felt mentally and physically the best I have felt since my 20s.

The biggest benefit for me was elimination of joint and knee pain, which I attribute to the anti-inflammatory aspect of removing ALL simple carbs and sugars from my diet. I suspect the reduction or removal of them is also very heart-healthy.

Perhaps such efforts have no impact on PC progression, but they CAN have major impacts on sense of well-being and healthiness. So if QoL is important and treatment regimes are making it suffer, we should consider changes to diet (as well as exercise and sleep habits) as potentially important ways to benefit and thrive.

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CurrentSEO in reply to noahware

Thank you, I agree that healthy diet is very beneficial for overall well-being and helps us to fight cancer.

Thanks for documenting this, as I've always wondered if a long-fast could help contain PCa growth in Stage IV, as apparently this person from France achieved, albiet with a starting PSA in the 50'

Your bio is quite informative, and reflects a lot of courage to go your own way. Best to you on successful tx.

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CurrentSEO in reply to timotur

Thank you for good wishes.

I did watch his videos and exchanged whatsaap messages with the Guy before my water fast and after my water fast.

My conclusion, that his orchiectomy played the major role in his cancer reversal and his water fast might have marginally helped with this (or may not), but orchiectomy is the main reason he alive and doing well.

His supplements regimen has very controversial things, that I would not take in any circumstances. But i wish him well and to stay healthy and believe in what he believes.

Thanks for posting it. To be honest, I would have thought for sure that the fasting would have made a big difference. It’s a shame. It’s not always as we think.

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CurrentSEO in reply to Ahk1

Thank you. Yes, very often we allow ourselves to be curried away with wishful thinking. But sometimes we need to pass through some experiences in this life and test our will power.

Thanks for the report. I did a 10-day water only fast at a clinic in Northern CA a couple of years ago. Dropped alcohol, soft drinks, meat, dairy, processed foods, artificial sweeteners. I had done about 25 40-56 hour water only fasts on my own. Glad I d id it, and enjoy the plant-based diet. It seemed to take a good 6-8 months for blood readings to adjust, good since then. One guy there at same time did a 28-day water only fast. Heck of an achievement, if only because we consume so damned much. Hard to shut it down completely.

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CurrentSEO in reply to dhccpa

Thank you very much. I agree fasting can reset eating habits and it is great that plant based diet and short regular water fasting working for you. If something working good and you enjoy the results, I would not change it.

Thanks for your report, good to learn from your experiences.

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CurrentSEO in reply to CSHobie

Thank you

Great information on a number of levels. Thanks

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CurrentSEO in reply to TFBUNDY


Interesting life experience, and thank you for sharing.

As another has questioned, I'm at a loss as to why when the disease was manageable with intervention (early stage), you chose to ignore it. Now later, using almost everything available in an alternative medicine gambit to try and wrestle control.

I'm not in any way saying your decisions were right or wrong, I'm just at a loss to understand them. Even now, you want to use a GnRH but will stop it at 3 months and have made that decision before even using the drug or discovering it's efficacy.

Yes, everyone is different, and we are definitely able to make our own decisions and ultimately alone suffer the consequences of those decisions. But from a standpoint of fighting a disease, it seems a path (yours) taken unnecessarily.

I do believe in alternative paths, but more so in an alternative setting, meaning when regular attempts fail, or when a disease presents itself in an unusual manner or characteristic, then that should call for outside the box thinking and attempts. But to me, it appears you have worked awfully hard to avoid therapies that would work very well for your staging at the time, and by doing so, have compounded your situation to one that is now unsustainable.

Again, we all make out decisions and I champion the fact and commend you, that we should all be able to do what you have done. Make our decision and have the doctors that will support it and write the script regardless of agency approval (at times).

But there seems to be some logical dissonance associating unrealistic expectation in regard to results. Just my thoughts...

Again, will be following your story with curiosity of course, but also wishing you well and cheering you on at the same time!

Best Regards

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CurrentSEO in reply to Cooolone

Thank you for good wishes!

My first PSA 10+ was in 2007 and I was 42 years old. Successful nerve spearing surgeries was not common at that time, HIFU was experimental and not yet approved, different ablation techniques that exists now was not available back then. Radiation side effects was looking horrible and recurrence rate was high. So none of these curatives was looking attractive for 42 years old, so I went holistic and mentally blocked in my mind all thoughts about cancer... so I did not do PSA tests till 2020 and really enjoyed my life and especially sex life to the fullest during this period.

I do not dwell on what could have been.... or regret anything - I deal with situation now and do what I can and more than that to get rid of cancer now and I fully intend to do that.

As a human, I can have my weak moments in this fight, when my ego get the best of me and I can cry it out, but this moments get processed and I move on with positive outlook through my experience.

You are right, I did try to avoid awfully hard "cut, burn, castrate and poison" approach using natural substances where possible. I did find out what works for me and what doesn't and about some supplements and treatments I have question marks like most of us.

Now I'm going to use mixture of traditional treatments in not so traditional way. But I'm not the first going this road. Some this road leads to early grave, some to a long and successful remission. What it will be? I do not know, but I hope and will do whatever it takes to be a success story.

I do not recommend that approach to others, each of us should be able to decide what to do with their life and how they want to live it.

I wish you good health and success in your chosen treatments!

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Cooolone in reply to CurrentSEO

I understand and thank you for your reply. Again, wasn't to reflect in any negative way your choices. I, like many others are deeply engrossed examining your path and appreciative of your journey, which you unselfishly share with everyone.

I have been looking and examining alternative means and methods, but more from a complementary approach and not as an separate or isolated means. And certainly, I am a newbie, a child yet, in learning all this... Godspeed!

I can understand how someone might think that cancer cells grow by feeding on the bad things we consume like pesticides and chemicals. But starvation does not make a lot of sense to me. The bad stuff might have something to do with the origination of prostate cancer or other cancers. Prostate cancer cells grow by doubling, like any cells in the body, but the problem is that they don't die like all other cells, and therefore grow and spread without boundaries. They feed, to my understanding, on testosterone, along with I suppose lots of other stuff. So by eliminating all the "bad stuff"(as well as the good stuff), from your diet I don't think prostate cancer cells will slow down growth, they will just feed on whatever your body puts into the bloodstream such as fat cells from stored fat, and other nutrients in the blood like minerals (e.g. calcium from bones, and protein from muscles).

I would say that by starving the body one is doing more harm than good to the body. But it is good that you found that the PSA did not reduce doubling time.

Thank you for your opinion. Well... if you read Valter Longo book, Dr. Jason Fung book you might get some other ideas how fasting works (suppose to work?) and it difference with starvation.

Thank you for you WFO experiment and your valuable report. It was a very pure, that is non-compromised fast. So the negative results are unequivocal in your case. Glad you are enjoying a more diverse diet now. Seafoods too are gifts from nature and all life is one.

Thank you, seafood was always my favorite type of food and I was really feeling deprived... when I was vegan.

Thank you for posting your results. Very valuable.

I haven't done IV-C in the last couple of years. I'm rather suspicious of therapies with large amounts of money at stake (as you know, IV-C isn't cheap). And government clinical trials look pretty poor and the Riordan clinic's own data doesn't look all that good. And I hear the conspiracy rumors about vitamin C being natural and therefore there is no money in it. That doesn't really hold up though. IVs are plenty expensive and I am quite sure that a greedy corporation could figure out a "proprietary formula" to capitalize on something that works. This hasn't happened so I'm even more convinced that it doesn't work. Perhaps with something else? - Try to figure out ROS death and try it.

But I will say that each person's cancer genotype, cell line percentages, and stage is different and what might not work for one person at one time might work for someone else or might even work for the original person at a different time.

In the meantime I am trying a customized BAT approach.

custom BAT
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CurrentSEO in reply to RSH1

Thank you. I'm regularly reading your posts here and your blog. I find your approach to treatments very interesting and personalized BAT unusual (Nandrolone, SARMs) and because of that fascinating to follow. I do wish you to find successful formula that can be adjusted as you go and then some of us when necessary can follow your steps if chose to do so.

I completely agree with your paragraph "But I will say...".

Regarding IVCs. I started my IVCs based on Riordan clinic protocol, I tested my plasma vitamin C concentrations before and after infusions, I started with 30 grams, 50 grams, then 75 grams, only when I hit 100 grams my plasma concentration reached recommended by Riordan clinic values, so I stick to 100 grams .

I was doing it religiously 2-3 times a week and as I traveled during the pandemic extensively, so it was a challenge to find them during the pandemic in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, London, Dubai, Caribbean (to the islands I had to ship vitamin C from Germany and then convince my doctor friend to do them for me)... to convince doctors in different places to do 100grams...all the places I went in Europe was doing maximum 50 grams... now after my visits all of them do up to 100 grams.

IVCs not cheap indeed and required 2-2.5 hours seating with IV plus travel time or bring doctor or nurse to your home or hotel room... well thanks to my fast not anymore for me.

However, I truly did not feel regrets about my IVCs adventures, I was feeling like I'm doing something very good for my health and to fight cancer and maybe it really helped with faster recovery after chemoembolization procedures, besides... I met different interesting people and doctors .

But would I recommend now IVCs to any person who want to fight cancer with them.... categorically Nope!

I went through variety of holistic, naturopathic, integrative... you name it clinics in Germany, UK and US. All of them a very well oiled money making machines. I so with my own eyes how people was treated in some of these clinics with something that was not making them better and sometime worst and I so some of them dying, but clinics make a lot of money. Cancer patient are very easy pray for their money. Some of these holistic doctors and clinics besides their interest in money are also genuinely trying to help, but most are only interested in money by whatever means necessary.

I also was injecting mistletoe for couple of months, I believe that it is good immune booster/modulator... but not cancer treatment.

The above may sounds that I'm now against holistic treatments and supplements, no it is not the case.

I do know now for a fact, that some supplements that I took (now paused during Orgovyx and planned Lu-177) slowed down my cancer. I will use them later on. Many of these supplements was recommend by the members of this forum (Nalakrats, pjoshea13, CalBear74 and others) and I'm very grateful to these people who takes so much time to help others.

Same I can say about traditional treatments info on this forum, wealth of knowledge is incredible. I think Allen Edel alone, can be second or first opinion for any course of SOC or cutting edge trials.

Your personal contributions, your book that you are writing, you blog... I think all members of this forum can find some value in them even if they do not approve your approach.

Thank you!

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RSH1 in reply to CurrentSEO

Thanks! I did IV-C for a while and determined that 100 g was required for me to get to the supposed efficacy threshold. My PSA was zero when I started and stayed at zero. But very likely stayed at zero because I was doing a form of ADT. Perhaps IV-C works for certain stages/phenotypes of cancer but I am not convinced (either way).

I have learned quite a bit since writing my blog. I am working on my hormonal approach and using a select group of supplements and drugs. I haven't been updating the blog but have instead been working on research and the book that will hold my results. Perhaps I should indicate this on the blog and add a summary of what I am working on.

As you have probably read, in 2018 I was given 3 months before hospitalization. At that time I decided that if I lived for 5 years without being hospitalized I would consider it a success of sorts and would write a free book documenting what might have gotten me there. I'm very happy with my results to date since I am 3 years in and am in much better health and physical shape than I have been in decades (but with cancer of course). Much of this is due to a clean diet, targeted supplements and drugs, plenty of exercise, and hormonal support.

In health, Russ

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CurrentSEO in reply to RSH1

I will be watching closely your chosen pass and truly expect it to be successful for a long road ahead and up to now it is already!

I completely agree on a clean diet and exercises. What I find a bit amazing that excluding (almost eliminating) added salt from the diet also slows down PSA … not on its own with other supplements, but eliminating salt does makes a difference … in my case. However that means cooking almost everything from scratch….

Other supplements that most significantly slowed down my PSA rise are from mushrooms ( Turkey tale, Agaricus Blazei, Chaga) and IP6 with inositol (thanks CalBear74). I was taking them free from any pharmaceuticals and they did slowed down my PSA rise at-least 3 fold. I stoped them now, when went on Orgovyx. I will use them for 4 months at a time, when I’m not taking Orgovyx or do Lu-177 and rotate them with other supplements.

It is a very good idea to write a free book… and then do second… third …etc… updated additions. Many cancer survivors who sell books or something on their websites… might exaggerate things, omit some treatments or tell half truth to make their sales better.

I wish you a great health and success in everything you do!

Read your bio you’ve had a long journey did it really begin in 2007 amazing you’re still around and I mean that sincerely not sarcastically… we have our own battles and need to fight them our own way….

Thank you and planing to be around many more


thanks for sharing your experience CurrentSEO ... very helpful ... Nous :)

Have you considered plain old taxotere or other chemo once you reach PSA nadir to kill stem cells? Dr. Kwon at Mayo uses it as part of his "deluxe" suite of treatment. Gatenby calls it a kill shot in his paper.

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CurrentSEO in reply to Cicero2K

I did chemoembolizations treatments of prostate tumor with taxotere (using low dose taxotere), it helped to shrink tumor fast and very significantly, however my blood values did not enjoy the procedures. All of them now back to normal, except red blood cells that I still a bit below the norm. So chemo is not in my plans now, but I will research DR. Kwon's "deluxe suite" treatment. Thank you!

Having been considering a very long fast at some point, I am thankful for your post showing that it appears to not beat PC. I might still try a 3-4 day fast, although anti-pc effect is highly uncertain.

I will go on with my 19-hour daily fast, with health benefits and making me feel good. I like to think it will indirectly help against the cancer.

You are welcome. You certainly should continue with your daily 19-hours fast as it makes you feel good. I'm not fan of 3-4 days fast, I think if idea is to restart the system and Microbiome - then it should be 14 days. But if you feel attracted to 3-4 days fast, you can obviously try and see how it makes you feel afterwards ... and take it from there.

Thanks alot for that report > I was contemplating both vit c iv and fasting . You answered questions for me. Thank You!

Thanks for posting. I found it very interesting, useful, well balanced. Surely you got some good things from fasting even if PSA wasn't affected the way you wanted. And you did something positive for your self.

Is eating fast food considered fasting?

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 11/06/2021 11:57 PM DST

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CurrentSEO in reply to j-o-h-n

Yes, but only if you eat it fast.

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j-o-h-n in reply to CurrentSEO

You replied fast............Thanks

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 11/07/2021 12:14 AM DST

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