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Sleep problems-What is helpful for difficulty going and staying asleep while on ADT?

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Sleep Problems

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Some guys find that marijuana helps.

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Kaliber in reply to Tall_Allen

Yes … .8 to 1 gram of decarbed indica bud flour ( mid grade or better ) mixed into a dab of peanut butter in a soufflé cup and eaten ….. should produce 6-7 hours good quality sleep. There might be a bit of lingering fun stone the next morning. My wife uses this nearly every night and it’s “ very “ effective for her.

It generally takes a couple hours for this to get going strongly when eaten.

Just say’in 🌸🌈🦋🌼🌻❤️❤️❤️

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Lulu700 in reply to Kaliber

Some guy? F yah! The hammers on it too! Oh yah!

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Kaliber in reply to Lulu700

Not me unfortunately, Kaiser doesn’t allow it. I’m tested up to 5 times in 30 days to make sure I’m clean. 2 blood tests and up to 3 urine dap tests. ☹️☹️☹️

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MateoBeach in reply to Kaliber

Kaiser sucks. Just Sayin. . .

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gregg57 in reply to Kaliber

I've also found that a good Indica flower like GDP, one of the Kushes or a good cookies strain really gives you great sleep. I remember waking up and feeling like my whole body was being massaged, really amazing sleep med. I prefer the whole flower to extracts, oils, etc. In general, the closer you get to how nature made it, the better.

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Kaliber in reply to gregg57

I like the cookies …. GSC in particular as well. Its one of my wife’s favorites for sleep. The flour I make for her is whole flowers that are decarbed so all the tha becomes thc to make them edible and most potent . Decarbing takes all the moisture out of them too and reducing them to fine powder after decarbing insures the stomach can digest all of it easily and quickly. There is maximum thc release available and the whole one gram is digested instantly in the stomach without traveling down the intestines ( as coarse plant material would require ) delivering more product at one time, delivering an intense high.

My Kaiser opiate contract forbids my consuming cannabis… I’ll probably never be able to eat it again until I’m on my death bed ( again). ☹️☹️☹️


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MateoBeach in reply to Kaliber

So so many have gotten off addiction to prescribed (and non prescribed) heavy opiates with cannabis products that are not addictive. Their approach is primitive and un enlightened.

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Kaliber in reply to MateoBeach

Yea cannabis has a catalog of really good applications, it helps my wife’s painful osteoporosis immensely. It’s kinda funny how considering the juxtaposition of addiction and non addiction can change. When you are circling the drain, addiction at some point down the road is pretty much the least of your concerns yayahahahaya yayahahahaya. Being comfortable and having a higher ( pun ) QOL becomes your more immediate focus.

Some people do experience those nasty psychiatric side effects that opiates can bring … in that case they might have to choose between comfort and mental issues. I hope I never get to that point. That can be really ugly. Yikes


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WSOPeddie in reply to gregg57

I've been hopeful about using indica gummies for sleep. It is weird. A little too much and I get galloping dreams that wake me up. I'm talking less than 10 mg. Had to cut back to 5 mg or less. I also take melatonin -- straight, and time-release dual and also a melatonin with theanine. If I have serious insomnia I have a prescription for lorazepam which I use sparingly.

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spencoid2 in reply to Tall_Allen

I use high CBD oil. I can calculate the dose if anyone wants to know. I am getting pretty good sleep now and was up every hour before and got almost no good REM sleep. I made it from some pot from a friend that was tested and it is truly 20 to 1 CBD/THC I can get a bunch of this pot for free ad plan to make a ot of extract some day.

Have not used it for a few years (so not while on ADT) but I found trazodone to be helpful when having sleeping problems due to shoulder pain.

Melatonin helps me. Be careful not all melatonin is the same.

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dixiedad in reply to Magnus1964

Yes! That's what I use.

After a few years of struggling with sleep I switched to Ambien, been on it ever since, for 5 plus years. I believe its the gold standard.

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JPnSD in reply to Survivor1965

Isn't Ambien habit forming ? Not to mention other health effects?

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Survivor1965 in reply to JPnSD

Yes it is habit forming. But I’ve tried everything and not getting sleep also has health effects. Under the circumstances I can live with it.

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MateoBeach in reply to JPnSD

Very weakly habit forming actually. You can stop it cold after daily long time use and just have a bad night’s sleep for a day or two. Not to be feared.

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JPnSD in reply to MateoBeach

Hmmm. Both my Primary and Uro have warned me of Ambien being where are they getting their info from?

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MateoBeach in reply to JPnSD

Can’t speak for them or Their sources. You can research it yourself ( and other reliable sources). May be habit forming does Not Equal addictive

I've heard stories of people doing odd things in their sleep on Ambien -- like driving in their sleep! As someone who has had sleep walking episodes in my youth I'm a little apprehensive about Ambien's potential for weird behavior.

Many use sleep 💤 aids. I use 20 mg melatonin and 4.5 naltrexone prior to bed. The only side effect of naltrexone is vivid dreams.

If all the usual "sleep hygiene" practices seem not to help, don't be scared to ask your physician for a zolpidem (Ambien) prescription. When I can't sleep, I find that about 1/3 of a 10 mg pill is all I need to get to sleep or get back to sleep. Moreover, as odd as it might sound, I find that the psychological effect of having this option available helps me to sleep more soundly. I used to wake up at say 2 AM and start thinking, "Oh shit, I'm awake and I'm not going to be able to get back to sleep." Now, if I wake up at 2 AM, I know I can take part of a zolpidem pill if necessary, which usually comforts me enough to get back to sleep without actually taking any medication.

Obviously, there is a danger of becoming over dependent on zolpidem. I've had a zolpidem prescription for many years, and I on average I use less than one 10 mg pill per month, so I think I'm OK in that regard.

My sleep has been great now, after suffering for so many years. What I've found works for me is 1) stopping caffeine at 11am; 2) 10 mg sleep3 melatonin; 3) 300mg gabapentin (for neuropathy); and prescribed by a sleep doctor..... a small dose of doxepin (a potent anti depressant). All this has finally allowed me to sleep well almost all nights.

Gonna give this some thought. Thank you kindly

I have travel sleeping but not having coffee after 10am and having melatonin beside my bed helps a little.

I have tried Trazadone which works well to put me to sleep but won't keep me asleep very long, Ambien gives me brain fog which I don't need more of. I have tried melatonin but perhaps not the right form. I have never heard of sleep melatonin before, I'll look into it. Gabapentin does not have much of an effect. I can try marijuana. It's legal in Michigan. I'm getting about about 4-5 hours sleep per night after starting ADT. It's really starting to grind on me. I'll try most anything at this point.

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WSOPeddie in reply to Juju1979

Trazadone, or Traza-boner as my PCP called it, causes dry mouth which is a show stopper. Try sleeping while having to sip water every 10 minutes. It also caused nocturnal boners which weren't conducive to sleep. That was taking a 1/2 dose of the prescribed 50 mg pills. I fear that if I had taken the full recommended dose I might have ended up in the ER with priapism. Ixsnay on the Trazadone.

My wife and I both take 2 Benadryl 25mg (Diphenhydramine) tablets when we have a hard time sleeping. We get 5 of 6 hours of good sleep with no hangover the next day.

It is the main ingredient in many over the counter sleep meds.

In addition, she also takes 2 Melatonin 3mg tabs. (Melatonin is a hormone primarily released by the pineal gland at night, and has long been associated with control of the sleep–wake cycle.)

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Don_1213 in reply to diamondrn

Funny that no one else mentioned Benadryl. When I had problems falling asleep - my MD suggested Benadryl saying it's the standard hospital sleep aid. I found that Tylenol PM - a combination of Acetaminophen and Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) worked to put me to sleep in minutes usually, and I stayed asleep all night without a problem.

I have various muscular/bone related (non-PCa) pain that the Acetaminophen helps with, and the Benadryl provided the knock-out. I've now gone over to just a generic Acetaminophen without the Benadryl since I didn't feel the need for it anymore (but I do keep a bottle of PM on hand just in case..)

I have two approaches. Most nights I take 5 mg of melatonin before going to bed. When I inevitably wake up in the middle of the night to urinate I have a spray or two of a melatonin spray to refresh my melatonin level.

Two or three nights/week I take Doxylamine. It’s the effective ingredient in Unisom. It comes in 25 mg tablets. Some nights I split the tablet and just take a half dose. I usually sleep well and can get back to sleep easily. I don’t like to take it too often because it can affect the quality of sleep.

Like others, melatonin works for me. 6mg before bed and I sleep very well.I recommend this as a first approach

.afterall its well documented that levels of melatonin decrease as we age and affects sleep.

I have taken Zoplicone as Lupron has really affected my sleep. Also as was mention I have take half a bud butter cookie, this takes about an hour to kick in, but produce some of the best sleep I have ever had.

I have never had sleep issues, until ADT! Now major issues!! I am now taking trazodone, melatonin and gabapentin. 700mg of gabapentin is mainly for neuropathy in my feet, the trazodone is for joint pain and have been taking it for years prior to ADT. Interesting story about melatonin, I was using a chewable 5mg type and cutting them in half, so 2.5mg. Was working ok for a while, but then started having issues staying asleep, so started using the whole 5mg. Didn't improve my sleep, it got worse! So went to two, 10mg and even worse. So in the middle of the night I garbed the bottle and started reading the label. Turns out the melatonin I was taking had a large amount of sugar in it!!! I'm diabetic and sugar close to bedtime will keep me up all night. So got on my phone and ordered a melatonin from Amazon that is a tablet and time release, and one day later it showed up, all is good now. So be careful which one you use.

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billy1950 in reply to 33Ford

what brand from Amazon…thanks!

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33Ford in reply to billy1950

Nature's Bounty 100% Sleep 5mg, 60 Bi-Layer.

My 2 cents worth: Docs recommended melatonin. It gave me the most weird dreams so I stopped it. I live in MD which permits the selling of medical marijuana. I signed up, got the card, and have found several gummies and gel tabs to help immensely. Without the out-of-this world dreams. Oh, and, herbal teas also helped.

Hope you find something that works for you.


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MateoBeach in reply to EdinBmore

Good for MD!

I too was living in a deprived sleep world (waking every hour some times multiple times , could hardly string 1-1/2 hours together) and told my Oncologist. He said that the Acupuncture Therapy provided to cancer patients under their care was having positive results. Well 5 weeks in and I am stringing 3 and 4 hour stretches of vivid dream sleep together. The therapy seems to rewire the energy pathways back to spec and with some meditation acumen picked up on Calm, I fall back to sleep much more quickly as worrying about lost sleep is reduced away. I also sleep with a small fan that keeps me cool when the Hot Flashes come. We get 8 free treatments and I know I will continue to use the resource from now on. Best Wishes

I was having a lot of sleep trouble until I found a pot source. Now I take three or four tokes off a vaporizer at bedtime and sleep soundly 7-9 hours every night (bladder permitting) with no hangover.

Build a detailed log cabin from scratch (in your mind) when you first put you head on the pillow. I guarantee you'll never make it to the second floor. Mind over Matter.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 09/12/2021 10:59 PM DST

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MateoBeach in reply to j-o-h-n

I’d get lost out looking for suitable logs. Zzzzzzzz

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j-o-h-n in reply to MateoBeach

LOL I'll give you some of mine.............ZZZZZZZ

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 09/13/2021 7:38 PM DST

I tried Melatonin, but when I had to get up to urinate, it seemed like it too forever and actually made me more awake than not. Better routines seemed to help me sleep more than any aide.

Somewhat on a side note my cardiologist treating me for a-fib had me do a sleep study. It turns out that I've been unknowingly dealing with sleep apnea all these years. Now I have to deal with a full CPAP mask and machine. That sometimes presents a challenge in falling asleep. It is supposed to allow me deeper sleep. I'm not significantly overweight so I don't fit the usual profile for having sleep apnea and no I didn't have a pattern of snorting myself awake during the night. That sleep apnea diagnosis was a surprise but I did learn that it can be a significant contributor to atrial fibrillation. If you do have a-fib get tested for sleep apnea.

During the week I take THC oil 2 hours before bed, then I take CBD oil and 30mg melatonin right before bed. On the weekend I take nothing to ensure that I don't develop a resistance to what I take during the week.

I take Tamazepam each night at bed time. You’ll have to work your way through other drugs before a specialist will prescribe it. It’s a controlled substance and is generic.

The relatively new drug Davigo is said to be very helpful. But it is a top-tier drug so it could cost you plenty depending on your insurance.

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