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Well...on the Day After my first Chemo with Cabazitaxel...1/2 dosage every 3 weeks. I felt GREAT yesterday after it...

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and today I had to go back for a platelet transfusion...as they had dropped to 18. My Neulasta Onpro went off at 6 pm tonight...and even then...(I'm taking Claritin) I am still feeling great all day. I do have incredible dry mouth and my taste is off. I tried sucking on ice a little. I also put ice on toes and fingernails. My latest PSA has jumped from 699 to appx 850. Gotta hope this works and it doesn't kill me with my low blood counts. I was advised to go another route by someone I really respect on here...it was to do the massive testosterone shots for 2 months and then 1 month of Xtandi and no testosterone....repeat...and hope for a miracle. My doctor was totally against it.

I asked her what she wanted me to do...and I said...well this time here's how it's going....

you've gone to medical school and YOU are the oncologist...so I am going to do what YOU think I should. If I die...it's on you. I'm tired of being my own specialist. I'm 8 years into this come Jan 14th...so I'm doing something right. My Primary care doctor had not seen me since early in the year (since I was away in Omaha for the LU-177) and he had seen my numbers and my scans...and I'll tell you his face was blank and he did a double take...and then told me he was surprised I was still mobile and not in a wheel chair. I was also given "hospice's number" on my phone on speed dial. In spite of that he said "I would never guess you had cancer from the way you look". I do want to last a lot longer...my puppy turns 8 on Jan 14th and I don't have anyone I think can love him as much as I do. *note he's been with me exactly since I found out I had the cancer.

I did ask my oncologist for oxycontin and she said sure....but you're not going to take an over dose and kill yourself she asked? I said no. She gave me 60 for a 30 day supply. I've been taking about one a week just for "fun"...I will say they make me feel GREAT.

I had someone on Facebook (and you might know I have been very honest on there with my diagnosis and my treatments....make his second comment in 8 years...about something I said....not relating to cancer. I wrote back and told him I wasn't thrilled with him...and he said "he doesn't share his personal stuff and health issues on Facebook...I unfriended him and left a long post about how many people have had their lives change....one a friend who after I was honest about my issues...he called me and said he had a very rare cancer call PMP and was on chemo. I went to work researching the disease and then told him to call a man I had met at the Moffitt Cancer Center (in Tampa when I went for a 2nd opinion) who had made me feel like he knew everything...I gave him his number and name...and he found a two hospitals in the U.S. that had doctors who preformed surgery (his doctor had said chemo until you die)...he contacted him...had the surgery and has told me that I am the reason he is alive. Being "discrete" is great...but helping people by being "open" is my path I have taken. I have made a dear friend in Las Vegas from a cooking group I am in...who when her husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer she used my journey to help him... I don't feel like I need to change the world...but helping one person is enough for me. My Facebook page is open for everyone to see...you never know who can be helped or inspired by your words, your photographs...or your poems.

I hope my next few days don't get harder...it's been a breeze so far. The 1/2 dosage I am doing is probably the reason.

Best of Luck to all


p.s. photo is of my "beard check" the morning before I left for this chemotherapy. I have been doing them on Facebook for the whole 8 years. I lost all of my beard down to just the mustache and goatee and a little eyebrows....I hope I can hold onto my goatee and mustache(my mustache doesn't grow...it just stay there. I still have to trim the goatee every few weeks.

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I pray all of your days are this good...my husband says Biotene (for dry mouth) really helps him...and I'm pretty good at loving those pups, seniors are my favorite & I used to run a rescue which somehow turned into older & hospice doggies...my beloved Annabelle went to the Bridge April 8, 2021 @ 19-1/2 human years old, so I guess you call that well-loved. I live in Texas, but I've got a big network. Enjoy each moment...🕊️🙏❤️🕯️🤗

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greatjohn in reply to siouxbee19

Thanks…Every day is a miracle(eDiam)

Your photo flashes me back to the role Marlon Brando played in Apocalypse Now.

I’ll have to check that out! Hope all is well with you. Have a great weekend.

I just checked out pics of Marlon Brando in that. You’re kind of right! LOL.

Hoping your next days go smoother for you and you see good results and continue feeling good. You look healthy and strong! We all here are grateful for your posts and updates.

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greatjohn in reply to Yadifan

Thanks 🙏🏻 have a great weekend!

Keep doing what you want, not everybody will be on board but those that care about you will always give you room to be you. We share facial hair but yours looks better than mine. I keep hoping with every new post for that miracle drop in PSA. If having a good attitude was all we needed for a cure you'd have been in remission since I joined this forum and no doubt sooner. Stay you and give that puppy kisses for me. Mine was trying to climb on my lap while typing this, all 70 pounds.

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greatjohn in reply to treedown

I think Sparkys 11 pounds it’s just about enough for me. Thanks so much for your kind words and have a great weekend!

We all love you John, thousands of us. Always remember that.😍

You are too kind….I am humbled.

My prayer with you bro. You are direct and candid. Love it God bless

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greatjohn in reply to bellyhappy

Thank you so much and I’m so glad the LU177 is working so well for you.

For someone having so few side affects from the chemo, you sure lost your hair quickly. Lol.


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greatjohn in reply to Schwah

Lol…I started shaving it off in my mid-30s and never went back! When I think of all the money I saved at barbers, it’s mind boggling. 🤡

You're amazing, man, keep doing your thing! Just out of curiosity, the testosterone shot approach sounds like the BAT therapy (not sure if I'm misspelling it..), would that be a possibility after the chemo?



I think it could be a possibility …It is like that, but we’re just a much higher dosage of testosterone as I understand it.

Makes sense, I think BAT can resensitize a person to renewed treatments with Xtandi, Zytiga and other second/third-generation ADTs.

Would your doctor even do the BAT therapy? Or would you have to get another doctor? Or is it even a realistic possibility.

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greatjohn in reply to Anomalous

I will probably have to find another Doctor Who would be willing. But she was adamant that it could cause me to become paralyzed as I stand now. She said if the cancer in all of my spine is lessened greatly that the treatment would be less dangerous 🙏🏻

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kaptank in reply to greatjohn

I am a fan of BAT and have done it but very advanced cases should be very wary as it can increase bone pain. There are no reliable reports of its use for later stage PCa. Mets throughout spine are a definite no-no. If the cabazitaxel knocks it back well, it may be thinkable.

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greatjohn in reply to kaptank

Thank you so much for your wise words that come from experience. I’m glad I went the route I did so far!

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docbulldog in reply to kaptank

I’d like to find out more about BAT. I’m nearing the end of my first go with chemotherapy and have heard there was a chance of going back to Xtandi, which I did well on for 20 months. Zytiga did not do me well.

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The TRANSFORMER trial showed that BAT before enza prolonged the effectiveness of enza for most. It seems to overcome resistance to the lutamides for a while. It is not as effective for abi. Other trials show that after enza has become resistant BAT will often allow a successful rechallenge with enza. Although no trials have been done with the next generation lutamides there is every reason to suppose it should work with them. I found that it worked well with bicalutamide. I would suggest at least 3 months of BAT before enza is a no brainer then try again after enza has failed and rechallenge. I found that it gets less effective with multiple repetitions. If you go to my profile (click the image beside my reply) you will find my reports of using BAT.

Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that the cabazitaxel knocks the hell out of the cancer.


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greatjohn in reply to Aodh

Thanks Hugh...and good luck to you on your journey.

It is good to see you posting, with a good story. I will be starting chemotherapy for the first time within a short period of time.

I hope to hear more positive news about you soon.

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greatjohn in reply to Philly13

From your lips to gods ears! My first round of chemo went really well so I think you’ll do great.

Keep sharing You’ve got a lot of people listening g

Hope you continue to feel well

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greatjohn in reply to Bebby1

Thank you and all the best to you.

You have taken me back to the days of Dan59 a great friend and a brave warrior who presented his sword to us without laying it down when he left this planet. You will not die until some miracle happens! Still there is time 🙏.

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greatjohn in reply to Sisira

Your words are beautiful and I am humbled by your kindness.

Goat tee is the only thing that grows. Disappointed that the Lu177 didn’t work for you. I figured that for my backup when the Xtandi fails. John don’t give in to this monster, I know you have thought this out in your fight, just hoping for the best for you and your puppy 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thanks so much Larry! And I’m hoping all the best for you!

Good luck with the treatments. Here’s hoping for great results. Your story is an inspiration


Looking good GJ! I always look forward to your posts and I'm glad that things have been going well. It's awesome that you are helping so many of us by sharing your story. God Bless!!

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greatjohn in reply to Lasered

Thanks so much! It makes me feel good and have purpose to feel that I am helping others.

I appreciate your and others openness on this forum. I get information and insight. Your honesty and openness is beautiful. Praying for you.

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greatjohn in reply to longleaf

Thank you so much for your kind words.

Glad to hear that you are doing well. I received my first dose this past Friday, seem to be taking it well. Keep letting us know of your procedures and there outcomes and definitely your stories and your poem's. Always look forward too your posts. Prayers and good news ahead. Brad🙂

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greatjohn in reply to Psa73

Thanks… I hope the chemo works wonders for us both!

Hang in there John remember. Never give up Never surrender. Leo

John, you are an inspiration to everyone. If people don’t want to read your journey, screw em. It’s real life and for someone like you to be vulnerable and put your life story out there, God bless you!!! I’m sure your journey has helped many!! I will certainly pray for this chemo to work as I do believe in miracles!!!

Thank you...and I think I have mentioned GRACE KELLY was one of my favorite actresses....I loved her in Rear Window...she was SO beautiful.

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WSOPeddie in reply to greatjohn

Copy that.

Hey brother, I admire your courage and openness, everyone is pulling for you now more than ever!

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greatjohn in reply to ocman


Warrior strong! Keep it up…puppy needs you!

Great update and prayers flowing as you tackle the chemo! Glad they offered you the Neulasta device.

Great picture as always. Who is the menacing person behind you? I was thinking Che Guevara, until I saw the nose ring. 4 years later, my mustache and eyebrows are still just fuzz.

I have ADT anemia so I looked up my platelet count. I can now see the need for the transfusion. I would study Vampire techniques closely. Practice on the neighbors. Looks like you got a 5 year supply of Oxy. How great is that? I wish I had an answer.

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greatjohn in reply to monte1111
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greatjohn in reply to monte1111

There actually is no nose ring in the painting. I still think it might be Che Guevara. However I only recently found out who the artist is and I have owned it since the 90s. The signature was hard to make out.

Yes there are no easy answers no lessons learned in college Or in school. This is one time that a family, in the old fashion traditional sense of the family, would come in handy.

As I am progressing my husband is progressing as well. He’s been diagnosed over a year with Lewy body dementia. It’s a disease that seems almost worse than prostate cancer. It means that the person who would be my caregiver, needs caregiving. But still there are beautiful moments in the day. All the best to you.

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bean1008 in reply to greatjohn

Well damn…best wishes to you both. I don’t know what I’d do without my husband. He says the same…so I am hanging in there mostly just for him. Hugs to you both!

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greatjohn in reply to bean1008

His issues(Lewy Body Dementia,etc) which I have not shared with anyone but very close friends and on this somewhat anonymous site) and being his full time caregiver with all of my issues… have created days for me that seem “unreal”. It’s made me wish for a helpful and caring traditional family which neither of us have. Hang in there! And big hugs back at you 🙏🏻🍀🥰gJohn

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greatjohn in reply to bean1008

P.S. How did it go with your earlier leukemia worries ? I have been basically told that because of my treatment I now have leukemia. I’m having bloodwork checked every week for transfusions of platelets or whole blood transfusions. My hemoglobin is particularly low.

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treedown in reply to greatjohn

I was wondering if they would call it leukemia at some point. Are your treatments directed at low blood counts the same as they would use on somebody with leukemia? I had a thought about family and children yesterday when a elderly woman fell down in front of me yesterday. I stopped to assist and it was based on what she said. More people showed up that were better suited to assist so I continued on my bike ride.

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greatjohn in reply to treedown

They are calling it Leukemia in my case. And if you look it up you will see that chemo and radiation cause a type of leukemia. I have decided at this point to do something novel for myself. I told my oncologist that she went to medical school she got a degree, she became an oncologist and I am going to do what she thinks is best. And I added, if I die it’s your fault. Excepting that others know more than I do is making this easier. I am not going to work that hard at this point. I don’t have a medical degree although I started premed in college. Using my brain which is chemo fogged and no testosterone fogged and just old to try and come up with treatment for myself Now seem a little futile. At this point I’m trying to enjoy every moment of energy and light I have. Good luck on the journey!🥰🥰🥰gJohn

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treedown in reply to greatjohn

Sounds like a prudent plan. Best of luck to you and yours.

Buddy I have been following your journey and appreciate it's not sugar coated. I would think most of us want the truth, not some fantasy un achievable. Hang tough say it like it is.

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greatjohn in reply to Joecarver

Thanks & good luck 🍀

It is clear from the number of responses each time you post that many people appreciate your openness and honesty. You have a lot of friends you have never met. We’re all pulling for you. So glad to hear you are tolerating the chemo.

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greatjohn in reply to Faith1111

Thanks so much 🌺

I hope and pray you heal well with new chemo route ❤️

Sometimes the choices we have to make tests us greatly, hang in there you’ve got this.

Great you have a puppy to love and care for ❤️

Take good care and enjoy the present, btw you look great 👍


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greatjohn in reply to Haniff

Thanks so much! Will do🙏🏻

Good to hear from you, your brilliant philosophy of life and that you’ve embarked on plan B. 🐾

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greatjohn in reply to Lavender22

Too kind🙏🏻🍀🥰eDiam—Every day is a miracle.

"I unfriended him".......... I must remember to do that to my ex-wife, thanks for the hint. No hair is not an issue, cause that's how Mr. Clean got his start in show business.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 09/12/2021 11:32 PM DST

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