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Duke CHAMP clinical Trial Update

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Just an update for you fellow warriors. I've had my first infusion of the two chemos cabazitaxel and carboplatin and two immuno-therapies (nivolumab and ipilimumab) 14 days ago. My side effects have been less than what docetaxel were. A surprising side effect is I woke up to an erection (a surprise since I donated my boys to the hazmat bin couple year ago). I feel fine after the first few days and my brain fog seems less (or I'm getting used to it). Wife and I went boogie boarding on the coast last weekend and had a ball.

Only worrying thing is my ALT and AST are elevated in the high range, my care team expected it but are watching it closely.

Oh yeah, I got my third Moderna shot last Saturday as well, hopefully I will be as protected as the normals now (but still masking always). The photo is me in my car after the shot, happy as a clam (whatever that means).

16 Replies
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Sounds like an awesome program. All the best and please keep us posted.

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Great clinical trial! Those two powerful immunotherapies should give you some protection too. Liver enzymes often come back down with time.

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addicted2cycling in reply to Tall_Allen

HerbieP --- 👍👍 for continued enjoyable QoL and hoping the (A) numbers come down.

Tall_Allen wrote -- " ... Those two powerful immunotherapies should give you some protection too.... "

T_A --- Having received my 3rd Moderna this morning from what you mentioned above might I also have a complimentary level of protection thanks to the combo injection of Keytruda + Opdivo + Yervoy I received in 2015 or would any possible boost be aged out ???


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I don't know how long it lasts. It's a good question for whomever did the trial - can checkpoint blockade lasts 5 years without boosting?

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addicted2cycling in reply to Tall_Allen

👍 Thank you

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Great pic and great news it seems.🥳

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Great Picture. You look like you have a great attitude which is so important for you and the people around you. Best of luck with the trial!!

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Hi Herbie, I wish you the best of luck! Did you have another treatment for NEC before the CHAMP trial? I was just diagnosed with NEC and my MO is recommending Carboplatin + etoposide.

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HerbieP in reply to Danielgreer

Hi @Danielgreer, I'd just finished 7 courses of docetaxel when they did another prostate biopsy and found out I was NEC. First thing they offered was the CHAMP trial, I did a bit of research and embraced it with open arms. I would have embraced anything that has promise of slowing down this beast.

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Danielgreer in reply to HerbieP

I’m guessing that your caregivers may have suggested Docetaxel with carboplatin if you hadn’t already done the 7 courses without carboplatin? The alternative to carbo + etoposide that my MO is suggesting is Docetaxel + carbo which I may do. I haven’t done Docetaxel yet so hopefully that will help. Otherwise I may try to join you in the CHAMP trial. Please keep us updated on your journey - thanks!

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Hi Herbie, do you have the trial number handy?Thanks

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HerbieP in reply to lewicki


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lewicki in reply to HerbieP

Thank you.

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Wow, so few side effects for all those drugs! You are an inspiration for us all. Keep up the fight!

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Great News....

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Wow, hope it all goes well for you!

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