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LUPRON Depot Cardio SE’s- A list available? I know Hypertension is one.

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Well, is there a composite list of Cardiac SE’s during Lupron 90 day injections?

Yes, increased hypertension is primary.

Anybody can provide me like a top five?

Considering discussion with my Cardiologist-NP next Thursday.

My EP(electrophysiologist) too…

Trying to justify my change of PCa ADT/ cardio health treatment August 31’st.



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Ischemia and irregular nonspecific heart rhythms …. Mine shows as being similar to a minor right bundle branch block but changes and I have random ectopic beats . I have a lot of those. Doctors not worried about any of it. Says “ no biggie “ .

All this is easily seen with a Kardia home ekg device. My “ good “ ekg runs vary between one out of three to two out of three. Occasionally I have all three diagnose three out of three good.

On the Kardia I run my wife and her qrs train is tall and strong, textbook perfect. Mine , OTH, is week and scrambled eggs looking. I wonder how Kardia makes much sense of any of it. Still, like my team of docs said, no biggie, never been a problem unless I go looking for it … in the scheme of things …. Gonad shrivel, big boobs, joint aches, muscle pain, exhaustion, hot flash’s and the pile of other far worse things …. My cardiac issues seem like nothing special.

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You said it to the point Kaliber.Yes, I too have:

1. Erratic long QRS

2. PAC’s, but my EP says don’t worry about those. Yeh right.

Oh, I’m also paced with 2nd St Jude Med(now Abbott) 90% which may explain my PAC’s and QR:’S.?

I am more concerned with LUPRON Depot 90 day inj’s effects on my Cardiomyopathy and also weight gain I’m trying to slowly reluctantly drop#’s.

Blood pressure and Lupron hormone effects,

Have no idea. That’s why i take 3 BP meds and Furosemide(lasix)…



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Kaliber in reply to depotdoug

Yea , I’m on 3 bp meds and part of my lengthy DX says “ drug induced hypertension “ . Got it under control now, my 215/110 is down to 127/73. Also battling drug augmented diabetes two , A1C that jumped to near 9 , now hitting 6.5-6.7 with strict keto diet again. I gained close to 80 pounds nearly instantly on Lupron … before Lupron Xtandi Zometa, I was losing 17 pounds a week. Keto is taking off pounds VERY slowly … at best.

Bp meds lisinopril , hydrochlorothiazide and amlodipine.

Bg meds glimepride and metformin er.


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Johnstonearch in reply to Kaliber

Doug, I have been on continuous Lupron for 21 years. Yes, I know that is not today’s protocol but it is a major factor in my survival this long from Stage IV metatataic cancer, starting with a PSA of 30 and Gleason off the charts. My most recent BP test was yesterday with a 122 over 62. Today I believe it will be intermittent and there are side effects that you must deal with but life is more important.

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depotdoug in reply to Johnstonearch

Great advice. Love your story.Thxs. Doug Will respond accirdingly.

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Doug what does ‘trying to justify my change of PCa ADT/ cardio health treatment’ mean? What change is it?

Antagonists are considered easier on the heart than agonists like Lupron. Among the antagonists, the relatively new oral drug Orgovyx is attractive to some for a few reasons.

More significant is quality of diet and exercise.

The blood pressure, heart health and all the rest of it can be better addressed with plenty of exercise and a healthy, calorie restricted diet than anything else you do.

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retireddrugpusher in reply to London441

Blood pressure can be kept in check by watching sodium. You need to learn to read Read your labels!!!!! Stay inder 1500 mg daily . That is hard. A can of soup has 3 days worth of sodium. Remember a can of soup has 2.5 servings. Stay away from any processed foods. They use sodium to increase flavor and prevent drying out. Cold cuts sausage,hot dogs

Frozen foods are very high. Read the label and check how many servings per package. You will be suprised

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London441 in reply to retireddrugpusher

While it’s true lowering sodium can reduce high blood pressure, exercise is more effective and more important.

It’s also true that eliminating all processed food, including canned and frozen, is a good for reducing sodium intake, but of course it’s even better for keeping poison out of your body in general.

Processed food is mostly food derivatives stripped of nutrients and combined with fat, sugar, salt, artificial flavors, preservatives and plenty of other chemicals designed to instill an insatiable appetite for more of it in the consumer.

I assume we all know this, just making sure.

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depotdoug in reply to London441

Orgovyx for replacement of my Lupron 90 day injects. I have looked up at Orgovyx SE’s and postive benefits. But Orgovyx is a Tier 5 Rx drug according to my insurance company. $$ copay but if Orgovyx is kinder on the heartgreat. Will check it with my Oncologist and cardiologist. Thxs.

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available on any package insert or by Googling

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I had the 6 months Lupron 3 consecutive times. I had the result of reducing testosterone to an insignificant level. Penis down to the size of my little pinky finger. These and such changes are expected and proof of the drug doing the job it is made for - used for. Of course depletement of testosterone is a strike at much that we consider our 'manliness'. But being alive without metastasis is an acceptable trade-off.HOWEVER! without warning I began to experience out of control blood sugar. I was close to keto acidosis. Fasting blood sugar over 600 mg‰. Around 100 %mg would be normal. While I was making necessary lifestyle changes and establishing effective doses, 2 PAs and an MD told me the sudden onset of type 2 diabetes was a result of Lupron. Discussions with a medical Oncologist, he said that it was the result of Lupron doing its job. The abrupt depletion of testosterone triggered the onset of the diabetes, he said.

For the last year, my cancer treatment is daily bicalutamide without any ADT. No Lupron.

HOWEVER! after a couple of years, just last month my PSA returned. It was considered that after the radiation treatment, I was castrated by the radiation and the indetectable PSA supported that conclusion. My total PSA is still extremely low but the value has doubled in about a month. Hence next week will be a Nuclear total body bone scan. Also a CT scan. If there is a metastasis, we have serious decisions to make.

Your question was the effect of Lupron. I'm afraid that I've given you recounting of the progression of Prostate cancer and the result of certain treatment. Good luck with your situation and treatment. Keep this site up-to-date please.

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Can I assume the the SE of Eligard are the same. I have been having BP issues, too.

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depotdoug in reply to SpencerBoy11

I had a three month inj of Eligard back in March 2021. Reason being Lupron Depot was in short Pharmaceutical supply during Pandemic. Back to Lupron Depot for my 90 day June 8th shot. No difference from my SE’s. Lupron vs Eligard. Nothing. Ooops the Eligard injection got me hotter.

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