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Update in first Keytruda infusion

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After failing all my. Chemo options I started Keytruda 4 weeks ago. I will say my first 3 weeks were rough with major fatigue and some major nausea and vomiting. We finally stop taking my Erleada after we felt that was the cause of my nausea.

I finally received my first PSA results from my first infusion and my PSA dropped to 20 from 34 which I’m very pleased with. I had my second infusion last Friday so hoping for even better results.

I know I’m running out of options but hopeful Keytruda might give me some time.

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How did you qualify for keytruda? My options are also limited. Good luck!

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tango65 in reply to noirhole

There are several trials with Keytruda, perhaps you could qualify:


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noirhole in reply to tango65

Thanks it looks like Emory has several studies that I may qualify for and is relatively close to home.

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tango65 in reply to noirhole

I wish you the best of luck!!

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Jackpine in reply to noirhole

I’m not sure I qualified except my tumor mutation burden was 34.4% which I found out is very high. Then my ONc. Prescribed it and that’s it. I do believe it is not covered by Medicare so it’s $6000 per infusion.

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GP24 in reply to Jackpine

Keytruda is FDA approved for high tumor burden now. So it may be covered.


I know of several patients who have a hard time with Erleada. Glad Keytruda is working.

I hope the second one will be easier tolerated and with even better results

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Jackpine in reply to greatjohn

Thank GJ! It’s been a journey and with limited options it was time. Luckily my tumor mutations allowed me to try this .

For a high tumor burden that is a good PSA drop. Sounds like you are one of the lucky ones. Yeah!

Thank you for posting your experience with Keytruda. My husband, Jim, is right behind you. He begins Keytruda on August 19. Wishing you continued success with treatment!

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Jackpine in reply to GrizzlyMama

Thank you and hoping for the best results for your husband. Keep up posted! I’ve not had any side effects with the second infusion.

So happy for you!! There appears to be a small group of men here who have recently started keytruda. My brother Bob also had a high tumor burden and has responded well. Started with 105 dropped to 11 over 4 infusions. Going today for his 5th. His side effect are now minimal. Good luck for continued success!!

My husband was one of the lucky ones now over 2 years psa still undetectable, scans show mets still shrinking and ONLY had 2 doses of Keytruda before it was stopped bc of liver. He had no side effects and chemo,zytiga failed. He had MSH2 mutations. His doctor Dr. Michael Morris at Mskcc in NY has stopped 3 month scans and pushed them to longer. I pray you have continuing good results, I pray others on this journey continue to have similar results.

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Faith1111 in reply to Vindog29

Your husband’s response to keytruda is amazing. Thank you for sharing his story. It gives others hope

Bobs PSA was tested this morning and it dropped from 11 to 5. Dr Beltran is extending his infusions from every three weeks to every six. We are so happy

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Vindog29 in reply to Faith1111

I'm not surprised ,I don't know why I always believed it would work for Bob....for some reason the message was clear...now on to undetectable

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Jackpine in reply to Faith1111

Awesome results hoping for similar.

Keep us posted. I’m sure you’ll do great!

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