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Nalakrats To Begin His Yearly Sabbatical

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Hello HU members! Just announcing I am taking my Annual Sabbatical, and that I will return to posting and answering posts in October. Being involved in Pca 7 days a week, for many hours per day, is vexing to say the least. I thank my Loyal Followers that put up with me. This last year has been a hard year with my wife coming down with Bronchiectasis--from invisible Mold Invasion of our Villa, which caused us to leave for 9 months as the Villa had to be re-mediated 2 times--while we lived in temporary places. I can say by the Grace Of God, she is doing pretty well, and our cat is fat and healthy, and your commentator, Though God's Mercy is still keeping his Pca under control, and undetectable now @ 6 years. Each day has been a blessing-->even the hard days--which were many!

I know that some of you have open ended discussions, on going with me, and that some men like to send me private messages. So the rules of my Sabbatical are ----> that I will only answer some messages where there is a high degree of urgency. This is my time to heal my Soul and Spirit and continue to study God's Word. I know I just posted today 3 times and will probably not answer anyone.

I leave you with a Picture of my Famous Mother--->no name will be attached--->for those who can Identify her---you have to be old. I think the year was about 1937.

See/speak/write to you all in the Fall.


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….and may there be many such sabbaticals in the future!

Relax and have a wonderful time! Thanks for all you do.

Have a wonderful time!

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Ashikpong in reply to Fuzzman77

God bless and keep you safe and strong. Abundance of God 's mercy! Look forward to having you back. Loads of love and fun 💕

We will miss you and look forward to your return! Great photo of your mom!




Hmm... Heading down to Rio??😁

Current temp 70 and tonight 56!

Beats the hell out of FL in the summer!

Thanks for all of your help and dedication.🥂


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Lulu700 in reply to westof

Dam westy ! That’s the best news I’ve heard recently . I’m jealously living vicariously through you now . A pic for the troops would be nice amigo .Bon voyage . and enjoy!😂

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westof in reply to Lulu700

Not so fast Scott!

I'm still stuck in CT!

Current temp 91. 😢

However, you want " A pic for the troops"?

She was a beauty!

Although, Nal's Mom is right there!

Carmen Miranda, circa 1940's
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Lulu700 in reply to westof

Good luck breaking free! Hahaha😂Dam! Sorry . I thought that you were already there ? Aye chihuahua a! Carman Maranda ,a bit before my time . Carman Electra ? Maybe . 😎

Have a good time and thank you for all of your help and guidance. Your Mum is beautiful.

Best wishes!

Enjoy the break, you deserve it! 😃xx

Have a great time

Safe travels Brother and enjoy your Sabbatical.Mahalo for your sage advice 💙

I hope your sabbatical is very productive and rejuvenating.

Best wishes

Enjoy your well deserved sabbatical knowing that you have helped so many on here. God bless

Thank you Nal for all you do for all of us! שאלוהים יהיה איתך

Best wishes for a deserved sabbatical.enjoy.God bless!

God bless you and your wife, may you have a happy, restful, and great sabbatical.

Aloha Nal 🌻Momma is lovely!

May so much peace heal your soul for the future.

So glad the Mrs. is continuing to heal.

Look forward to your return in the Fall.

Most sincere,


Looking forward to October... enjoy.


We will miss you and appreciate all you say. Peace to you both.

Enjoy, well deserved

Enjoy Nal. Not sure we can wait till October to identify you mom.


Have a nice break Nal!

All the best Sir. Take care and basked in the love of God.

Haniff ❤️

Enjoy you deserve it!!! Thank you for all your support!!! 💙💙

Enjoy the well deserved break … see you back on this forum in fall 😀👍

Enjoy your rest!

Breathe the clean mountain air, deep into your lungs. Let it purify your body.Heal. Talk again when the leaves morph into a multitude of color. Thank you Nal for all the blessings you have presented.

Our best to you and yours,

Mike & Barb

St Pete

God bless and best wishes!

shalom. will miss you during your rest time

I thought that was a wonderful photo of you - then you ruined it by disclosing that stunning photo was someone else!

Maybe I need a break - LOL.

Wishing you the best and hope you get fully restored - looking forward to your return ......

Enjoy your Sabbatical, Nal!

Have a relaxing sabbatical with lot of peace.. Guru Nal.

Enjoy and Safe.

I thought you just got back from your last one...have a great time

Setting time aside to heal your soul is just as important as your body. Wishing you peace, love and happiness. 🙏

Abi gezunt!

God's best to you on your sabbatical! May he refresh you with his Spirit and through his Word.

Your beautiful Mom looks so familiar, I just can't place the face/name, I even asked my wife who know quite a bit about film from the late 1930's/early 1940's ( I think she is a film star) / Much love and thanks for all the beneficial information you provide. Enjoy your Sabbatical God Bless you!

Enjoy your sabbatical my good man!

Wishing you all the very best each day. I have questions, but will hold them for now. Hope to get an answer while you are away.

Famous mother …. She looks a whopping lot like someone with the initials of EP …. Is that right ? If so, wow …. I’m impressed.

Wowza! What a babe! That’s you mom? Our luv to SweetMary! I too just got good numbers again . So the beat goes on Brother for us . Enjoy time off the clock . Shalom🙏❤️

Enjoy and all the best to ya'! See you soon ;)

We’ll all be fine! You take a much deserved break for as long as you like!

Thank you for your knowledge and hope you give to many of us.

Enjoy your well deserved break my freind.

Nal, you will be missed as we all appreciate your input. Most people receive one year off for seven years worked, so I don't know how superior your agent is to get you an annual sabbatical! Enquiring minds want to know! 🤪

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