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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Hospice is here

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Well Guys, Myhubby58 has said enough is enough..chemotherapy has ended and Hospice has begun…nothing worked, everything Dr tried made cancer spread worse..Hospice are really nice People and the Chaplin is an excellent Guy…Already they are beginning to manage the pain by changing some of his meds..We have come to terms that We have had a great journey together and will always remain in each other’s heart..

Thoughts Please

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God bless you both. Peace be with you and your husband.

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Thank You so much,God Bless

I’m so sorry. It’s clear that you’ve both given everything you have and it’s time to lay down the sword. It must be a relief that hospice is able to better manage your husband’s pain. I wish you both peace.

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Yes, it’s a relief..soo painful to see him hurting and can’t do anything

Valuing each other and the time you have together is what really counts. I'm glad they've already made a difference in his pain.

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Thank You, TA,God Bless

So young and so unfair. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. Keep us posted on how the hospice goes and if they are able to keepHim comfortable. If not I’m sure the brain trust here will have suggestions. We will keep you guys in Our prayers…


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I will,thanks


You have made a tough decision but at least you will get help and relief to enjoy your time together. Your husband looks so beautiful and young. I am sorry for his situation.

We were considering hospice last year but my husband made a turn around.

My prayers are with you and yours. This must have been a difficult decision.

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Well the pain helped him to decide

God bless you both. Prayers for strength and comfort. Such a tough journey! Hoping for pain free days.

my heart and a big hug , out to you guys. It’s so hard ….


After a tough battle, the two of you made the best decision you could. Glad that Hospice is easing the journey. God bless and keep you both.

I'm sorry you have both come to this point but glad it brings you peace and not more pain.

Peace, comfort, and strength for the days ahead. 🙏🏻

May God bless you and your dear husband.

Sorry your fight is coming to an end.. We all know we will see it one day. My journey started in May 2019 just ahead of your husband. My wife and I are still holding in there with our fight. I will be watching your trip to see what I can learn from it and thank you for posting for the rest of us... God's grace be with you...\Doug

Thank you for sharing, it says a lot about you and your husband that you continue to share your journey which will help others.

I have seen your previous posts and I’m so sorry for the pain your husband suffers and the pain you suffer as well. You are strong. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

No words can express our sadness. May the Good Lord have mercy on you and yours and may the pain continue to drop

Every time I write how sorry I am , I want to scream No More it’s not fair😪. I am just now sending a donate to hospice , they help families during such a nightmare time. May your time together be filled with loads of love and no pain for your wonderful husband. Sharon

My prayers are with you those he loves And those who love him

That's a journey we all share

As a powerful individual you can only outlast something that is not impossible. Cancer of any form, once it takes hold, it utilises the animal's body's own basic cell structure of life, it's very dna, to replicate and ultimately destroy the being. Just our one basic 'flaw' as animals. The creator in my mind, and that is being presumptuos of me, needed to analyse that little bit, just a little bit harder, before 'signing off' that day on the human genome.

May his pain always be under control and your support for your husband is a beautiful thing.

Thank God for Hospice. Getting the meds that takes away the pain is so necessary. Bless you and thanks for posting for the rest of us..

We have decided to end it before he needs hospice. We are fortunate right now but we agreed whilst we are able to decide to make the decision for ourselves. This disease is cruel. I wish you both peace... and joy in recalling the memories you have made together.

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Wow,every time when You think you got it bad, just take a look at someone else.. I am praying for Y’all as well..God Bless

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We all have to face the inevitable - and can only hope that his remaining time is as peaceful and painfree as possible. Thoughts to you both from Norway.

God bless you both, peace and love to you bothLife can be so unfair. Prayers for you both. Xxx

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. God Bless

All our thoughts, hugs, blessings, prayers with you both. Please look at out of the box pain management as well - apparently homeopathy in some cases helps. Anything to help with the pain. Pls. try to consult a homeopath. I am sure you have tried all that you could in terms of personalized treatment. And prayers always help.

May God bless you both and help him in his quest for peace.

May god bless you both and guide you in your quest for peace.

You and your husband made a very tough decision. May his remaining time be pain free and peaceful.

Painless death is much better than painfull living.Admire your courage. May God bless you both !

My thoughts and prayers are with the both of you!!!!

I have been where you are with my first wife. My thoughts and prayers go with you. It is about quality, not quantity. May you go with guidance 🤗

I am so sorry. I appreciate you posting during such a difficult time. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do the same when the time comes. We had our first experience with hospice care last year with my father and they were a Godsend. They made his passing so peaceful and I hope they do the same for your hubby. God bless you both. 💕🙏

😢. So sorry to hear this. The hospice people were here for my dad as well. Hate this monster 😡😡🙏🙏🙏🙏

Peace to your and your husband.

It sounds like a good decision that many afflicted people have to come to grips with.

Needless suffering simply adds more to the approaching reality. Courageous comes to mind.

May God bless you both ....

Whilst most of the medical profession have the best of intentions, I sometimes get the impression they often don't help. Many of the treatments have side effects that are worse than the original problem. I can empathise with your husband's feelings. I hope things go as well as possible given the difficult circumstances. God bless you and your husband.

Thank you for sharing. Glad to know the hospice is good and pain is being reduced. I respect your choices and wish you both the very best.

Our hospice experience with my parents was positive. The staff was helpful, but the compassion they showed was unbelievable. These angels on earth put everyone’s comfort as their first priority. God bless you both.

An incredibly difficult and courageous decision. You’re both in my heart and thoughts as you travel along your heartbreaking journey 💕

You both are brave to have fought the fight. Although I don’t know either of you, my heart breaks to read about your situation. No one wants to hear such news but for those who have been in similar situations understand that your hubby is tired and just wants some peace. Bless you both, as well as your families.

So tough to read this, my heart aches for you both. We are all just passing thru but I know that doesn’t make it any easier. May God bless you both in these days and let HIS peace wash over you both.

Sometimes the toughest decisions are the best decisions. You and your husband have made the best decision in this stage of his journey. This young man is so blessed to have you by his side. Hospice is also a blessing in terms of reducing painful suffering. Praying God’s peace and His loving presence be in the midst of you both.


Too early to give up. Have you considered ADT, Immunotherapy or other Clinical Trial, Alternative Therapy which should totally change your Lifestyle and Diet and take supplements. You may try Fenbendazole which save a lot of people. Do your research to see what would help. The other members in this group can give you more information on Diet and Lifestyle change. Do regular exercise rather than sit all day for nothing. Good luck.

Prayers for you both. Glad Hospice is helping your husband God Bless and watch over you both now.

May it all go as gently as possible for you and your husband.

Blessings to you and your husband. 🙏🙏🙏

Without pain I pray you both can LIVE.

God Bless you both...

Such a bloody difficult place to be but at sometime we all end up in the place you are (cancer or not)... we are born, we live the best life we can and laugh as much as possible along the way and then death comes. Along the way we touch others as we go and if we are lucky we find someone to share the journey. Our legacy is within all those we touch! Happy you are sharing with all of us... celebrate life and the moments you find joy but also celebrate the unknown! Death - it quite possible our best journey's are ahead of us....Max

I am sure that all of you have done your best. May his death be gentle.

He is way too young to die! Most of us on this site are in our late 60’s and 70’s and feel cheated. To die in your 50’s from this disease is even more cruel. I feel so sorry for both of you.

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Myhubby58 is 61 yrs old now

I started hospice 6 weeks ago when options ran out, hard call but the Lord has ministered to me, praying God will hold you tight.

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I am so sorry to hear that. Hugs.

❤️❤️ Blessings and peace.

Thinking of both of you.

It sounds like the right decision and one that will improve his quality of life. It will also make the time you will spend together more focused on each other and not on the treatments and side effects. I wish him a peaceful and calm journey and you the strength to endure what must be extremely difficult. Best to you both.

I am so sorry that you are at this point. We all fear that time will come for our loved ones. I hope you can enjoy the time left together. My thoughts and prayers are with you thru this final journey.

Just so sad that you and hubby are here. And so young. A lot of us share in survival guilt. I hope you and hubby find the best path forward for both of you.

Thank you for sharing. May your remaining time be the best it can be. So glad the pain is better controlled. You are a shining light for all the partners like myself who are on this awful journey. Take care of yourself too.

God bless you both.

As a younger man on this forum (51), I know how unfair this disease can be. I have have thought about my passing quite often as treatments have failed in the past. To ‘fight or not to fight’ is not the choice we face. We all eventually will pass. As Cleodman said as he entered hospice “It is sometimes best to go with the river rather than fight the current”. Those words bring me peace. This is part of our journey and I wish your husband a peaceful transition. We are thinking of you and here for you!

Peace to you both. We all will have to make that decision one day.

Seems like you’ve thought this through, peace to you and your hubby

Peace and comfort in the days ahead..God Bless.

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