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Question about Oxycodone-Acetaminophen 5-325.

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Disclosure: I am going to call my doc in the morning, and I know it's dumb to ask people about pain medicine online.

Here's the question. How long does it take it to kick in? Does it work like an Asprin? Or do I need to take it a few times to get into my system?

I wanted to get some ahead of time before I started getting Chemo because I've had some experiences when my PSA was half of what it is now, I would be in a lot of pain, especially one night when I was on a date with my girl. It felt like someone injected lava into my harm. I had to take the daily max dose of NSAID to get it to stop.

I usually have to take daily doses of over-the-counter stuff for pain reliever to work, even when I was a lean 200-pound beast.

Do you guys take it when you need it or is it supposed to be taken every 8 hours? Again I'll ask the doc tomorrow. Today I was prescribed 50 pills so if I have to cut some in half to find the dose that will work for me, I can do that.

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Is this the same as percocet? If so you'll feel in 20-30 minutes. I've cracked my ribs more that once playing ice hockey and used it to sleep at night. I know its addictive but it does wonders for pain.

No idea if it is the same.

I'm sure it is and you won't need to wait long for it to work

I guess I will have to report about upping the dose then.

Weird how NSAID is doing more for me though.

Maybe ask your doctor for the 10/325...I did a quick look and I believe that's what I was prescribe...but that was before the opiate crisis so they may have different guidelines now

I think I will need to show I have to build up to it instead of just taking it willy nilly.

Is this to treat the pain from the recently discovered bone mets?I'm not familiar with those but I'm sure someone on this site could offer advice.

Good luck with your chemo.

Bingo. I just don't want the pain to fucking creep up on me out of nowhere. The pain is mets now and when it gets extreme, it's lava and pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I don't want to take a giant hand full of over-the-counter shit either.

Oh and I did double-check, it can be called Percocet too.

Kicked in at 20 min mark for me.

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Depends on your body weight. I'm 150 and a 5mg dose dulls my L5 vertebrate that's fractured in two places. It takes me 20 minutes or so to get relief. Just starting out it might not be a good idea to take anymore than 10 mg at once. And please avoid any and all alcohol, it will have a double, triple effect. Good luck and be careful.

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I haven't been drinking for a while so there's no worry there.

It will kick in , in 45 minutes or less depending on how recently you ate. Dunno about Thailand but opiates have become hard to come by here in the USA in most places. Start off with the 5mg/325’s and get more powerful ones later on. Don’t be surprised if they say no. Vikes are a mid level pain manager and work well for most people for intermediate pain. Vikes are supposed to last 6 hours but never do after you have used them for a while. Like any opiate vikes are physically addictive and for some people mentally addictive. It usually takes a long time before people become physically addicted to vikes. Try not to crowd or double up on the dosage to avoid withdrawal ugliness. The more mg of opiates you have in your bloodstream the more difficult the physical discomfort when you quit. Quitting 5mg vikes is very easy , quitting the prescribed 4 in 24 hrs is easy too. Quitting 140mg a day of them could be a VERY ugly experience. Vikes are great and very effective and a safe pain killer taken as prescribed.

Just say’in fbm 💪💪💪💪

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That's why I consider you an ExPerc in "the field"...............

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 05/05/2021 10:58 PM DST - Cinco de Mayo

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No ex about it yayahahahaya yayahahahaya. I get a couple hundred every month .... two scheduled blood drug tests and three surprise urine dap tests alone last month.

Just say’in 😂😂😂

Indica THC, that is naturally a little higher in CBD, than Sativa THC----combined with Ibop. or Aleve, may be all you need. If in a Medical Marijuana State I would investigate.


I'm in Florida and I will. :)

You will not regret the effectiveness--a grain of rice size on a cracker/best on an empty stomach, will be quite effective---if not knowledgeable---tell the worker in the exchange, that you are looking for killer Indica THC. Some exchanges, have formulators in the back that can make a blend for your needs---so do not be afraid to speak up, that you have Pca---and that you need to kill the pain as much as possible. You will find your own dose, may need 2 rice grains worth.


Got it.

I did hear from my Doc and he did up the dose to 10mg. He also wanted to get me on some slow-release morphine too. I don't know about it in other states but in Florida, I can't get it tomorrow. It takes about 2 weeks but it takes some paperwork too. I'm going to pick up the new stuff tomorrow. He said, for now, to double up if the Oxycodone and I did. I'm not tripping balls, thinking everyone I see is sexy, I am feeling just time.

I'll still start getting my paperwork set up though haha.

By the way, since you know a little about it, have you heard of any treatment where they say take some rectally?

I know about enema treatments but I'm not joking about this.

Before medical marijuana became legal there was a guy who owned a place where he helped people with their cancer. I went there and spoke to a doc. He wanted me to take it rectally. They also wanted to charge me $2000 too.

They had it processed in squeezy eyedrop bottles but no way in hell was I going to do anything with that kind of markup, especially since I could get a giant brick of weed if I wanted to for like $60.

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