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Facing decision

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Has anyone faced the decision I am dealing with. I am on taxotere completed my 5th treatment but it is just making my life miserable . I am in constant muscle and nerve pain and it now has affected my bladder. I am trying to decide whether to stop the treatment because I have no quality of life even though my test are coming back stable. But if I quit what do I do just face the prospect of the cancer coming back. I keep asking the onc how many more treatments and she says as long as it is working no end in sight. She is aware of the misery I am in, just suggests different drugs for the pain to no avail. Anyone been where I am at do not want to put my self back to letting the cancer take over. Thanks

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Have you discussed a possible dose reduction with your onc? The choice is not always between continuing with the original dosing plan or quitting altogether.

When it comes to actually estimating the reduction in effectiveness of PC treatment that could come with dose adjustment, or the relief of side effects, I have no clue. But I do know it does not always have to be a "one size fits all" approach.

You could try reducing the dose or going on a weekly schedule with 1/3 the dose.

There is also second-line chemotherapy Cabazitaxel that might have easier side effects. Some people on this forum have reported more tolerable side effects with Cabazitaxel.

You can take a break and then re-challenge with Zytiga or Xtandi. When that stops working, you may find fewer side effects with Jevtana.

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Had been on both xtandi and zytiga neither worked before the chemo

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I understand. Try re-challenging after Jevtana. It sometimes works after.

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After Jetvana or taxotere?

"she says as long as it is working no end in sight" I do not understand this. Usually you'll get a break after six cycles.

You should have one to go---for a total of 6. My opinions on the use of Chemo, are different than others. Regardless, stick it out. Praying for relief for you!


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thank you

Six would be normal # of cycles. I went 9 and ended up with serious neuropathy in hands and feet. Stepped over to xtandi until it made me a complete invalid. Cut it's dose in half and have survived over 4 yrs so far. Best of luck to you, but QoL is important to all of us..

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Thank you

6 cycles is what I had. Of course it’s horrible. It’s poison. But if it’s working and you should have one to go. Get through it. You can ask to be infusion hydrated. It helped me. I’m now on my second tour of chemotherapy. Jevtana and Carboplatin. The side effects are misery. It’s my last and only treatment that’s available for me now. Been through what my genes would allow. All ended up failing. I hate to see men suffer trying to live.

For me Taxotere doses 1-4,piece of cake. Doses #5 and #6,really kicked my ass but I gradually did get over it. You're not alone in feeling whipped. Hang in there if you can.

I did 6 rounds of taxotere in 16 then switched to Xtandi. And shots. Been stable ever since. Just saying. 😁. Keep up the fight warrior the cancer doesn’t care if you hurt or not 😢😢


I hear you brother, I’m scheduled for my 10 round of Jevtana tomorrow but I’m trying to get a delay for a few weeks. I feel exhausted all the time and have urinary issues with frequency now. I’m hoping to delay until after my fishing trip with my sons next week.

I've no idea if my health or my method for chemo made it so my chemo isn't a biggie (fast mimicking diet from UCLA Prolon as mentioned above) - I did the Prolon version for my first 6 infusions, and now am doing a similar program of my own as I'm up for #8 soon and my MO says it all looks good to go for 10 . I start my fasting diet on Sunday so that's day 1. My taxotere infusions are on Wednesday, day 4, day 5 is the last day, and day 6 I go with salads to get my body full of nutrients and then back to my "new normal" of lotsa veggies.

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