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Zytiga does not help sea sickness!

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I am new to this club here, newly diagnosed in November. Before the storm comes, I am taking advantage of my time, getting out to enjoy life, and wanted to share a fun experience with you.

I love to Kayak fish. Bought a fishing kayak 5 years ago. All of our camping and vacation trips include the kayak. Motion sickness has always been a problem in the ocean. Usually a good dose of Dramamine does the trick.

I have a always had a goal to catch a Yellowtail in the Kayak. The fishing and weather report for La Jolla, CA looks great, so what the heck! Loaded up on the Dramamine the night before, and took another dose with my Zytiga at 4 am.

Was really hoping the fuzzy head and kinda tired feeling of the Zytiga would also help. But no, it didn't!

Fishing for two hours, and then the old dizzy illness hit. and hit hard! It was fierce and strong. That gut emptying heaving, over and over, trying to throw it all over the side. After the clean up, kept on a fishing. There was no way my I was going to leave this ocean.

It was one of those mornings, when your on the water at day break, with no wind, and the waves were nil. Just the swells, those constant swells, and good fishing.

I fished a total of 7 hours and threw up 5 separate times. All full bore, gut emptying - you guys know that feeling. But the fishing was great! I didn't catch a Yellowtail yet and kept a couple of rockfish for taco's. We are here for another week, so more adventure to come!

Many have said here, take advantage of the times when you feel good. I feel this time is the calm before the storm for me. I will have my first scans next week, then meeting with the Dr. who no doubt will have plans.

Figured there a lot of people on this forum that love to fish, and can relate with this, or will have a good laugh at my adventure!

So, if anyone is wondering if Zytiga helps with seasickness, I say 'NO'!

Tight Lines!


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Dm:...read your bio welcome to club noone wants to join....you have found a grate group of guys and their support partners. Also welcome to the .04 percent club ...those of us with the dreaded ductal hystologyI too am a gl9 ...but with mets.....i got in titan trialso i have been on erleada and lupron for 4.5years....am a erleadz cheerleader i guess zytiga is an applutamide also?.....welcome again

I see its not....i would talk to docs about lupron/erleada.....hit it hard .....

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DMohr011 in reply to Boywonder56

Greetings fellow ductal fighter! I am also on Lupron. So far so good. What positive impact it is having for me is TBD, but my body is working with it well, so far.

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Good size minnow you snagged.

I've heard of chumming when shark fishing...but when kayak fishing...that's a novel approach

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Kaliber in reply to TomTom1111

Lol 👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

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I see the west coast Boys are hitting they keystrokes.

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I was gonna talk about my years of guiding “ tide kayaking “ trips in Moro Bay estuary and Monterey Bay but I was too tired yayahahaha. True QOL list stuff. All of us talking about grabbing some rays before the sun sets .... a little sad isn’t it! 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

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DMohr011 in reply to Kaliber


I love Moro Bay! One of our favorites!

I asked my Doc for prescription seasickness med's. His helper said, no - had nothing to do with my cancer. I argued, made all the points about QQL. Didn't work!

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Kaliber in reply to DMohr011

I know ..... I know .....

Tell me about it. I use j-o-h-n’s doctor , Dr Vinney boombah. Those guys aren’t helpful at all.

I asked the doctor if my heart was strong enough for sex ?

He said “ not if I joined in “.

Then he told me I needed exercise .... to run 5 miles a day for two weeks !!!

I had to call him up and complain ....I was 70 miles from home.

Doctors !!! Whaddayougonnado .....

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Fightinghard in reply to Kaliber

Kaliber. Great stories. And as many of us know, a great story/memory can be almost as fun as actually doing it again. Hang in there buddy.

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Kaliber in reply to Fightinghard

Those are famous doctor jokes made by the famous comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Type “ top 10 Rodney Dangerfield Doctor jokes “ into Google to see. The delivery is the key. Watch his videos to get the full impact.Yayahahahaya


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Kaliber in reply to DMohr011

My standard Moro Bay ride was to take the Kayaks ( I had kayaks on a trailer ) and kayakers to the special kayak dock - rental service in the marina located in the estuary overflow parking ....Across from the entrance into the state park. Careful study of the tide app , choosing a launch time just before high tide .... 20 -30 minutes or so. Launching then allows the paddle free tide transportation back to the shallow end near Montana Del Oro state park and the sand spit state park area. Stay there enjoying the pristine dense mammal and bird sea life, explore the sand spit until the tide reverses ( avoid the shallow main channel if the fog is too dense ) Then paddle out ...aim your boat towards the rock / downtown and enjoy one of the most exotic , near paddle free, world class rides anywhere. When finally downtown, paddle over and tie up at the public docks and take the stairs up to any one of the amazing bay view restaurants there. Eat , drink, and enjoy until you see the boats tied up in the bay go neutral or slight up tide and paddle back out and let the tide take you back to the estuary launch dock. Near ZERO paddling required using tide power, super easy even for a novice .... your fill of the most wonderful coastal kayaking you can experience, great Moro Bay seafood and wine experience and hardly break a sweat having that fun yayahahahaya yayahahahaya.

I had additional trips .... one a easy winter visit to the water reed forest in Mendota Slough. Launching in the secure private ramp at the highway / bait shop.

Then another jaw dropper ...a trip to the estuary and wild river reed forest at Moss Landing near Monterey. Tide trip inland for a sea life experience to behold .. tide trip / paddle all the way back out, right around the corner, landing on the sand Oceanside beach of Phil’s Fish Market and eatery .... easy trailer the kayaks ( Phil has a special alley ...road to beach for this ) then help yourself to the amazing Cioppino and fresh seafood meals and live music entertainment as only Phil’s can provide. A unique world class kayaking experience you will never forget.


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Kaliber in reply to Kaliber

Most everyone I took out was between 60 and 85 years old and not exactly in their best physical shape. A tide ride adventure for them left them excited, stoked, and ready to go again. Without tide riding they probably couldn’t have made the trip paddling full time. It’s perfect for the more mature enthusiast.

I have some great kayaking photos in my Facebook album collection if anyone wants to see it them. 😁

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DMohr011 in reply to Kaliber

Hey Kaliber - I totally see that ride. That tide is super strong and you know how to work with it! I rolled my Kayak for the first time fishing North of Morro bay, launched up at Cambria in 4 - 6 foot surf. I should have slept in that day!

I spent some days fishing Coos Bay, and same is true there with the tides. Go with the tide flow or you will burn up in a kayak! Took me a day to figure it out, but then I got it, and rode the tides! Caught my first Chinook that time!

Cant wait to go back to Morro. I will be up the Oregon Coast this August, Chemo Gods willing!

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Kaliber in reply to DMohr011

Yep ... those tidal basin and estuary tide flows can be extreme ...especially at max outflow and super tides. Even the most fit and experienced would find those difficult to navigate at all. The obverse being when utilized rather than fought ... can produce an exhilarating effortless and fun ride. I got swept out past Moro rock my first ride there , being stupid about tides. It was going where it wanted, nothing I could do about it yayahahahaya I just absolutely love that highly exotic ride there in the bay. You can have three totally different experiences or combined rides.

From experience I should warn that “ never “ approach those large / huge flocks of migratory birds there in the estuary .... I’ve done it once and spooked them .... about 7 of us in the group of kayaks .... when they take off into the air the light blacks out and it gets dark and it suddenly starts raining bird poop ... truck loads of poop .... omg ... you never want that experience yayahahahaya yayahahahaya ewwwwwwwwwwww


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Fightinghard in reply to Kaliber

Get up early and its easier to grab some morning rays.

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Kaliber in reply to Fightinghard

Huh !!! Yea .... I really like that perspective ...... groovy. Waking up at all is a great day for us guys.... huh ?


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Fightinghard in reply to Kaliber

Absolutely right

I must say Dave, this is the first posting I've ever read where a guy mentions throwing up "full bore, gut emptying" five separate times and follows that with an account of how much he enjoyed fishing. You are one tough SOB and I admire the hell out of you.

If you haven't tried it, you might try meclizine in place of the usual dramamine. It seems to work better for me against motion sickness and nausea but it can make you very sleepy. You need to take it an hour before you plan to get sick. It's available under various trade names including Bonine and even Dramamine.

See: drugs.com/compare/dramamine... for info, reviews, brand names, etc.

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DMohr011 in reply to AlanMeyer

I realize it may have been a bit too descriptive, but then again, I did leave out some colorful details!

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Kaliber in reply to DMohr011

Lol 👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

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treedown in reply to DMohr011

Do tell! For some sick reason I want he hear the colorful details.

Welcome aboard Dave! Great beach behind you . Zytiga I know not personally but it’s adt side effects like the rest. “ Dr. Who “ plans to save you .. please tell us what the dr and scans say? I get sea sick just hearing about it. I had extreme nausea my first years and was dizzy a lot. Just being on the water is healing . Welcoming you to the club that no man really wanted to join. You can fight through this like the rest of us have . You’ve found the best place for info .. Keep your head up . Scott

I have suffered from motion sickness since a child. Dramamine hurts my prostate. So I switched to ginger. Works for me. Lasts about 4 hours. Keep fighting the monster , never give up 🙏🙏🙏🙏

worst day fishing is better than the best day working

That is what I call dedicated! How far off shore do you go?

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DMohr011 in reply to Marcev

1 mile out, was fishing 100 - 140 feet of water. Its like being a big bobber out there!

As a 74 year old chummer, I tried everything from Dramamine it Scopalomine, nothing worked until I wore Sea Bands...... even in 6 to 8 foot seas with no horizon.


Yup, had one of those on too! I actually brought one of my old transderm scop patches, and didn't use it till today.

Went out again today, but put on the 'patch'. Transderm Scop. This worked and i have three days of use.

Funny - my wife claims my PC came from sitting on my ass in the kayak all last summer! Claims that inflamed and irritated it.


Eat two pounds of stewed tomatoes before you go fishing.

Will that keep me from getting sick?

Nope, but it'll look pretty in the water.

Your wife was on the right track that sitting in a kayak will give you a wack in your crack.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 04/30/2021 8:02 PM DST

Welcome Dave

Glad to have you but sad to see you join.

This group can provide amazing PC knowledge or help keep up your spirits when you hit a bump.

Fishing sounds fun but seasickness not so much.

Looking good Dave. Watch out for that kayak, the rumour is that overusing it causes prostate cancer.

If I start pissing blood this week, she is going to be upset....But well worth it!

I ended up fishing a total of 4 days. Only got sick this first day. Such a dumb ass I am - i brought along a trasderm scop patch, and didn't want to use it right away, thinking the Dramamine would do it!

Never caught any Yellowtail. I will have to go back when the bite it better. Plenty of rock fish.

I need to get more of this in before the storm! I am at that stage where i feel so damn good it is hard to believe this beast is inside.

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