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What to do when in remission?

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PSA now at >0.1 and T > 10 after seven months after four trips to University of Heidelberg and no ADT besides Dutasteride and Finasteride what can be done to keep the demon from awakening? Provenge, Bicalutemide, and supplements. Supplements are hard to choose since there are so many and costly.

Is there such a thing as top of the list for supplements.

For T to stay low is a disappointment and a blessing. I think.

Urologist and ONC suggests going off Dutasteride and Finasteride.

Will discuss doing so next visits.

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So “PSA now at >0.1 and T > 10 ”.I am confused. PSA rising after Lut—177 at Heidelberg University.

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PSA not rising. Trying to decide on what I can do to possible to keep the demon in chains.

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I would drink wine, smoke pot and dance to 60's music.

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50's R&Blues and a cigar and a dry Martini. Will this work?

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Some Muddy Waters, a Warzone Robusto and an olive in that martini will work just as well.

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Ah yes good choices. Looking at a Rocky Patel Edge or a Connecticut. Muddy waters sounds good.

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Oh yah!

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Hey , I do that each day!✌️😎

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I would listen to Electronic Dance Music surrounded by women in their mid thirties while sipping some Gentleman Jack

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Why go off the ADT drugs if they are working?

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As far as ADT I am seeking a vacation. Perhaps a bad idea. Onco says at age 8o off ADT and enjoy the next 10 years. I really need a new one. Urologist even suggested no dutasteride and no finasteride. I still have the gland and only other treatment to it was transurethral hyperthermia in Germany. Gland is very small and no lumps.

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It sounds like you are on top of this.

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I hope so.

I would just take 150 mg of Bicalutamide plus Tamoxifen and observe the PSA value. My doctors told me to stop ADT as well and it did not take long and I got a recurrence.

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I agree. Many fear adt . But An agessive APC scares me more .

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I would consider Bicalutamide as ADT "light". It has far less side effects than Lupron. Main side effect is breast enlargement and this can be avoided with Tamoxifen.

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Why the fear then ?

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That does worry me.

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If you take Bicalutamide, the time to recurrence will be significantly extended. I would estimate the time will be doubled. A nuclear doctor told me, the patients recur in about a year's time or earlier.

I am amazed! Did I not write posts on Killing Stem Cells, which included killing Pca Cells in Dormancy--which also includes how to hide the Protein Signal from mRNA, so the cancer cell does not see it, and awaken?


DO you have a link to your post regarding killing dormant PCa cells?

No Link---> my writings are in my old posts---skim titles, until you find them.

Thank you! 1

I’ve been in remission five years . Still taking adt plus I did the orch .

Jump up and down, shout for joy, but don't hurt yourself. Celebrate, get high on booze or whatever with friends. I would die for undetectable.

Well how far do you have to go to get there--and what is preventing you?


I'm at a psa of 1.0 It went down .1 from 6 weeks ago. I was undetectable for 8 mos last year after radiation to the prostate and radiotherapy to the bone. Psa is creeping up ever so slowly but not in a straight line. I'm about your age, had orch last week so I'm done with lupron. My MO has me scheduled for scans in June and if there are any visible mets, he is recommending provenge.

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Good luck with this demon.

Well you still have the Mother Ship---IMO, all the Cancer Cells were not eliminated by radiation, and drugs---you may have put many to sleep/but obviously not all---and doing Immunology is a good plan--Provenge, CAR-T, and PD-1---PD-L1 Checkpoint Inhibitors are the new areas, that Prostate Research is Heading. I cannot talk about a brand new CAR-T, that is many generations ahead of past techniques--First Patient in the World will be treated in May---hoping I can get some more info--but may not be able to disclose.


Thank you Nal. Hoping for the best.

I was in remission if you want to call it that, (I always called it dormancy, some call it senescence) for about 6 years but never strayed from taking my usual regimen of ADT drugs. In year four of remission I stopped taking Xtandi per my MO due to SE’s and PSA became detectable again so back on it I went at a reduced dose and back to undetectable until recently at the 7 year mark. My docs always gave me the choice of going off ADT for a while but at the same time they said if it were them and it’s working they wouldn’t mess with it. So I stayed on ADT. Your docs may be thinking at your age you’d enjoy a break. If I was 80 I might consider it but I’m much younger. If you decide to go off ADT entirely just have a plan on what your gonna do at what PSA level if it starts to rise. You may also just want to just stay on dutasteride, since the SE’s are very minimal. Good luck and congrats.


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Thanks Ed

66 years old on ADT 4 years no break,PSA 0.1 since first month treatment. Provenge was added two years ago.

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Did you have any issues qualifying for Provenge with a low PSA? I’m considering getting it this summer.


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No not at all my Doctor said that's when its best for men in our condition. It was totally covered by Medicare and I had very little side effects. Make sure you go to the bathroom before the lukipricia don't think I spelled that rite which is the first part. Leo

Not to be a downer, but I've had 2 ADT holidays...with PSA undetectable one lasting 9 months, the other 11 months. Once the T started rising, so did the PSA. I did everything I could to keep it from coming back (COC Protocol, 2 months high dose Vit C IV therapy, a host of supplements, plant based diet, exercise, daily celery juice and broccoli sprouts, acupuncture, etc) both times it's slowly cone back. I am currently just on ADT and PSA has dropped to .07 after the 3rd Lupron shot. I will most likely continue my same pattern which is 1 year on ADT, 1 year off. On the off year, I detox as much as possible as I think getting the hormones out of my system is paramount to me staying castrate sensitive. Hope you stay undetectable!

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How long have you been dealing with your cancer?

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Diagnosed Jan 2016. I was 46. Stage 4 Gleason 8-9. Restaged to Gleason 7. Not sure why... but wasn't complaining. Prostate removed (divinchy) then did lymph remove surgery 6 months later. Germany for a 1 month of treatment and then came home and did chemo, ADT and radiation.

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I'm glad to hear you are doing well and staying castrate sensitive. I was 55 and diagnosed stage 4, Gleason 9. I am approaching 3 years, still castrate sensitive and doing well.

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That's great. Keep enjoying life!

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22 years

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Vitamin D, calcium supplements are all I use and count your blessings!, I'm in complete Durable Clinical Remission for 7 yrs now on Immunotherapy.

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What immunotherapy are you using?

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What are you taking for immunotherapy?

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That is great.

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Please read about D3 and need to take K2 with it.

I think you mean "<" instead of ">". Regardless, drink vegetable juice (low sodium) or tomato juice, or gac juice for lycopenes. Or lycopene pills. Watch your PSA like a hawk.

I always get that backwards. ADT fog.

I check it monthly. Thanks

What kinds of vegetable juice, please?

-I drink V8 low sodium but there are others. A good one is Gac juice. Gac has 100 times the lycopene in tomatoes. Tomato juice is high sodium...bad for hypertension. One type of Gac juice , available on Amazon, (Pharmanex) is blended with pineapple and other juices but I estimate that it has lycopenes equal to that of V8. Lycopenes enter the bloodstream with oil like vitamins. I like to eat a few potato chips with 1/4 ounce four times per day. It enlists or increases T-cells which kill cancer cells and other harmful things like pesticides. It slows aging. I find it causes my prostate cancer pain to go away temporarily , about four to six hours. after consuming. Same with cooked tomato products like juice, sauce, paste, early girl tomatoes grown in my garden. I use v8 juice for spaghetti sauce, mixed with garlic, onion, jalepenos, and ground veggie meat. I avoid red meat. Beyond Meat and Morningstar Farms Grillers Prime patties are my favs. Shrimp coctail sauce, Taco sauce, tomato based barbecue sauce and catsup are good to have on the shelf, I eat catsup daily, mixed with miracle whip for salad dressing or on french fries or fried potatoes.or on Impossible burgers or beyond meat burgers or Grillers Prime. The more the better, to a limit. Also there are lycopene pills. I am testing them. Not conclusive yet but harmless. I put on fried potatoes, in spaghetti sauce. Just open the 50mg pill and sprinkle it with black pepper, tumeric, paprika, etc.

Brush up on your volleyball and join a nudist colony......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 04/26/2021 8:00 PM DST

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sounds like a plan.

Read Ezra Pound's Cantos.

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Will check it out.

Some that have a little to a lot of evidence (PubMed and clinicaltrials.gov):

MetforminVitamin D (d hydroxy blood status should be about 30-50 ng/ml)

Red yeast rice (or a statin)




dutasteride and/or finasteride


valproic acid

Cholestoff (plant sterols and stanols)

potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate

ursolic acid



modified citrus pectin


pomegranate arils and juice

cranberry juice


vitamin k (with the d)

curcumin (with piperine and some fats)

Reishi mushroom






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Very good thanks

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