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Remark by Oncologist did not make sense

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Went for another treatment of SBRT today for mets in my hip. Met with Oncologist afterward and were discussing treatment and stated that my Psa has dropped the last 2 tests but my met on hip had enlarged. He stated that Psa may not be a good indicator of my situation and the the zytiga I have been on for the last 3 months is probably not working. I ask him how many more options I have left and the discussion turned to men with rising Psa have on average about 18 years give or take. I asked him again and he made same statement. On the way home I just started to think he must have misspoke and meant 18 months. I was hoping he was right with 18 years but my gut tells me he had misspoke. He stated that they may try chemo after I get results from bone and cat scan on Jan 7th. I asked if that chemo is the big gun and he said no Xtandi is which did not work for me. Any input. Thanks

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I hope the chemo works for you, perhaps combined with carboplatin. Good idea to biopsy that hip met.

Your MO has NO idea how long you have to live. They told me 7 years ago I had 2 years to live. Surprise, I'm still here with a PSA <0.1.

I also think chemo is a good option. A biopsy of a metastasis is recommended in any case.

No doctor can make a statement regarding life expectancy. My oncologist doesn't commit herself either. She says that I still have treatment options and you don't know beforehand how they will work. It could work very well or, of course, it could work badly. But that only becomes clear after the start of treatment.

Best wishes Theo

If the PSA value has dropped now according to the last two tests, I would continue with Zytiga and see how the PSA value develops. If the PSA value drops it seems to be working. Chemo is usually done after Zytiga failed.

Your doctor did not mean 18 months but I think you cannot expect to live for 18 years from now.

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Thanks for your thought I was sure he said up to 18 years give or take and hoping he was not misspeaking the 18 months freaked me out . I know we never know how long we have but hoping that I still had a chance to fight this for a longer time.

A biopsy of the Hip Met only makes sense---if they are going to do a Gene Profiling/mapping, looking for Mutational Genes. I did not check your profile---but if you had an RP, or if not your original Biopsy material is saved, and can be evaluated also for Gene Mutations. A PSA drop while Mets continue to grow, may indicate, that there are other cancer variants besides Adenocarcinoma----what does your original Pathology Report SAY, as to description of your cancer? If you have not been evaluated, you can contact Foundation One and speak to an advocate---who can walk you thru the process. You do not need a Doctor's OK to speak to Foundation One.


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They did do a biopsy of the mets and there were mutations

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Nalakrats in reply to Scootman

What were they--as some of the mutations that we have ---there exists targeted drugs for, which can alter your treatment plan---I believe this data is significant to be known.


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Scootman in reply to Nalakrats

Sorry I meant no mutations

I think the bone met should be controlled now after the SBRT radiadion, even if it grew before that – which I doubt is correct. It is just a remark by the MO that the PSA value is not a good indicator now, no proof provided. Therefore I would just wait how the PSA value develops now using Zytiga.

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Thanks does the zytiga take a while to work in some people?

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It differs, for some patients it takes a while, maybe three months. After SBRT I would wait to observe the results before I decide on a different treatment.

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Scootman in reply to GP24

Thankyou I do not want to have to chemo If I do not have to.

Take the 18 years and be determined to make it so. It is not impossible. Are you going to have the femur met treated with SBRT?

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Scootman in reply to MateoBeach

Completing the sbrt today

18 long years..... Long enough to latch onto that young blonde in the office with those long georgous legs.... lucky you.........

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 12/30/2020 6:59 PM EST

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