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book recommendations

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hello! thank you so very much for everything I have learned so far!!

what are your best books on advance prostate cancer? I’m open to anything!

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I avoid books. By the time they are in print, they are outdated. I sent you the link to the NCCN guidelines. They intensively review current research and update several times a year.

Not specific to APC but early on I read The Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer by Patrick Walsh of John Hopkins. I refer to it once in awhile to ref something I read here and frankly it is like PC for dummies compared to what this forum has to offer IMO.

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It was very useful when I was diagnosed in 2004 & knew nothing at all. My copy is the 2001 edition. I see from Amazon that it was updated in 2007 & 2012. Much has happened since 2012. The 2012 might not have anything on Enzalutamine which was FDA-approved that year, or even Abiraterone, the year before.

I suspect that the final section - "13 Help for Advanced Prostate Cancer" - wouldn't be very useful to most in this group.


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Mine was the 2018 version and was helpful to the point that my last appt with urologist was a waste of time. I went into the first MO meeting without being a complete idiot and the very little hope until he used the word "curative" it brought tears to my eyes and I knew I was in the newer "oligometastatic" realm.

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Seems that the Amazon "Look Inside" feature hasn't caught up with the 2018 edition yet.


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Which is odd since I am pretty sur I got it at Amazon. It was still almost 2 years old at the time but for where I was at it was a good start. Still wish I had found this forum last July.

If you want an overview of the treatments for different stages of PCa, Dr Scholz has a recently released book-- "The Key to Prostate Cancer". Kindle version is about $10 on Amazon.

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Good if you are against surgery & hate urologists.

Not good if you are color-blind & get confused by shades of blue.


For the patient “ Radical Remissions” ... give many cases of folks beating terrible cancers.

Do you have a certain angle in mind? As TA says, books are not the best source of up-to-date treatment developments.

For an historical perspective and minority viewpoint (pro-ADT and anti-RP/RT) I highly recommend the book by Dr Anthony Horan, available under several titles ("The Big Scare" being the original).

Not really, just wanting to learn more. Thank you for the recommendation!

Allowing for creeping obsolescence of any book on Cancer because of research innovations, here is my list of must reads:

1. Dr. AKM Shamsuddin’s “IP6 and Inositol “

2. Dr. Mark Scholz’ “The Key To Prostate Cancer”

3. Kelley Turner “Radical Remission”

4. Jane McLelland “How to Starve Cancer”

5. Dr. Keith Block “Life Over Cancer”

6. Michael Greger “How Not to Die”

7. Dan Buettner “The Blue Zones”

In addition to reading the above books, you may find my previous posts on natural supplements to be helpful. Please note my comments on IP6 and Dr. Shamsuddin’s research.

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Greger is a little slippery when it comes to PCa. He has a ton of videos & always refers to studies, but one should always read the PCa studies he cites. His aim is to build a case for a vegan diet. “How Not to Die” from PCa? That's a big stretch IMO.


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I am and have been a vegan so he’s preaching to the choir . But I must confess to cheating when it comes to lobsters, salmon, and shrimp. I assume these are common on Australian menus.

Laughing With Cancer: A Prostate Cancer Comedy

by Ian Mair (Author) Format: Kindle Edition...

So you expected something else?

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 07/18/2020 1:02 PM DST

My experience has been that mental/emotional aspects have been at least as important to me with very advanced prostate cancer as the purely medical/treatment side of things.

I've liked these books/documentary films:

Cancer: The Emperor of of all Maladies

Being Mortal - Medicine and What Matters in the End

Passing On (

When Breath Becomes Air

I agree. I’m actually reading The Emperor of of all Maladies now (200 pages left, it’s a brick stone)

If you're really open to anything then you might want to take a look at... Clinic of Hope by Donna M. Ivey.

It's available on Kindle for about $12 and you can get a free sample.

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Made a mistake on the price, it's only around $6.

Thank you very much for all the recommendations!!

How to Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland is excellent. Failing which my latest book "An ABC of Prostate Cancer - 3rd Edition". When it was published in December 19 it was completely up-to-date. The eBook Amazon version was updated in early February 20. This book is probably the most comprehensive book available on PCa.

I apologize for my "modesty".

By the way, my book has a chapter on Future Developments. One of which is Veyonda by Noxopharm which had a great result with their DAART1 trial. DAART2 trial starts in early 2021. This is for very late stage men. Some men can get compassionate access to Veyonda.

This compound is very promising. Only today two research reports were issued in which it turned "cold solid tumours" to "hot tumours" which become susceptible to checkpoint inhibitors, etc. It is also in a European trial as a COVID -19 killer. A Phase 1 trial with Lutetium -177 is concluding in Sydney.

Thank you! So the ebook at Amazon? I like paper, should I wait for the next edition?

The printed edition is more up to date than almost any other comparable book. With COVID all PCa Support Groups are not meeting, so my marketing to the 1000 groups on my database has been put on hold. Print book sales in Australia are very good, but it takes a year to sell out the initial print run.

So no new edition will appear until early 2022. The amount of research that I undertake for a new edition is into the 1000 plus hours, so I also need a break to recover my sanity.

I am also not as driven as I was, as I lost my brother to PCa in January this year.

Buy the print copy book from Amazon . You will get good value out of it.

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So sorry for your loss.

Thank you very much! And I'm very sorry to hear that you lost your brother, he must have been lucky to have you and your support by his side.

Looking forward to reading your book!

Interesting regarding Veyonda!

I'm going to go in a different direction. The most useful book I got (from someone with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma) after being diagosed was "The Miracle of Mindfulness" by Thich Nhat Hanh. I also found Jon Kabat-Zinn's Full Catastrophe Living helpful.

Gogs Gagnon sent me an autographed copy of

Listened to

on Audible whilst training last year for my lil Camino hike (69.65 miles) with son.

Read these heart wrenching books also:

Fight on Brothers


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