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Stony Brook Estrogen Trial for COVID-19.


I recently mentioned that testosterone was an immunosuppressor & that there might be a COVID survival advantage for males with testosterone [T] below 350 ng/dL, say.

But when T approaches zero, so does estradiol [E2], because E2 is created from T via the aromatase enzyme. (When E2 is less than ~12 pg/mL, there is a rapid loss of bone and a low-dose E2 patch should be used - IMO.)

It has been noted that women are faring better than men during the present COVID crisis. The knee-jerk reaction has been that estrogen must be responsible. It is known that estrogen has an immunomodulatory effect and younger women are doing better than older women.

However, women are doing better than men at all ages, yet postmenopausal women often have far less estradiol than their husbands. Is estrogen really the answer?

Anyway, there is a trial starting at Stony Brook where COVID patients (women as well as men) will be given an E2 patch (100 micrograms/day for 7 days):

For men on ADT, an E2 patch should not interfere with castrate T levels.


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"For men on ADT, an E2 patch should not interfere with castrate T levels." It will just mitigate hot flushes, bone loss, mood swings and other side effects of ADT.

noahware in reply to GP24

Isn't interesting that these things are always described as the side effects of testosterone deprivation, when they are actually the side effects of the E2 deprivation that comes as a (treatable!) RESULT of testosterone deprivation?

This is good information, Patrick. It would be interesting to see the results of the trial. I myself recently started to use E2 patches for hot flashes and preventing bone loss. I've been on ADT for the second year and haven't done a follow up bone density scan yet but do try to exercise and use proper ratio of calcium absorption related supplements.

Myriammole in reply to henukit

Did it work for you (hot flashes, bone loss)? Which patch and how much do you take?

henukit in reply to Myriammole

For bone density it's hard to tell without repeated density study (scans, specimens collection). It does work for hot flushes for sure. I used 0.05 mg/day one for 5 days

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