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Prostate Cancer Diet Update - - 2

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Another PSA reading appears to show that cancer growth continues to be contained using diet and moderate exercise. Last 10 PSAs are 0.525, 0.442, 0.435, 0.416, 0.427, 0.424, 0.431, 0.415, 0.363, and 0.315 (Jan 15, 2020).

These results come from a diet that minimizes insulin response and contains very little iron. The baseline is a vegan diet that allows some wild caught seafood, and does not allow foods that promote a large insulin response. I have no sweets, potatoes nor bread. Also, I walk about 2-2.5 miles per day, immediately after breakfast.


Biopsy had me at Gleason 4 + 3, surgery Jan. 2007, and radiation (SRT) in 2011. Pathology Gleason 3 + 3, PSADT @ 7 months. PSA rising starting in March 2013. Quickly got serious about diet and exercise. Using the Labcorp Ultrasensitive test and careful notes on my

dietary intake. My working hypothesis is that cancer cells need "insulin" and "iron" to grow. Receptors for such are overexpressed on prostate cancer cells. This is what I'm doing:

1) Make sure supplements do not contain "sugar", "Iron" nor "Chondroitin Sulfate".

2) Minimize an insulin response. No sugar nor "fast" carbs.

3) No red meat, no eggs, and no dairy.

4) Basic diet is (organic) vegan with seafood. But, no farmed raised fish.

5) I start lunch and dinner with a plate of raw vegetables, especially broccoli

and broccoli sprouts. I have it with hummus made with olive oil, and add

turmeric spice, ground black pepper, rosemary, oregano and parsley to the hummus.

6) Use Olive oil when you need oil.

7) Brown over white for carbs, if you have to.

8) I have some soy product daily . . . soy beans, tofu or bean curd.

9) I have 2 cups of green tea every day.

10) Vitamin D-3 and B-12 only supplements. A brisk walk 35 to 45 minutes every day.

I'm not saying that everything that I'm doing is required. I'm presenting a case study with 50 PSAs taken over the last seven years. The results are well beyond my expectations.


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Fabulous ! Iron causes prostate cancer to grow faster. AND meats have lot of Iron.

Wishing you continued success !

My issue with meat is inflammation, iron and arachidonic acid.

Were you ever on lupron or any other adt's, thanks for posting.

Prostatectomy and SRT only. No ADT nor anything else.

I think Prostatectomy and SRT had cured your cancer, even you didn't take the diet the result would be the same.

In your diary can you separate diet from exercise results?


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cashlessclay in reply to 2dee

Exercise helps increase insulin sensitivity. Eating some carbs and exercising hard may work.

I chose to solve this problem by limiting fast-carb intake, including some fats with the carbs and keeping liquids to a minimum around carb intake. So, in my case, exercise is not likely to be a large factor.

Well I just had a breakdown and had a pork chop tonight.

I just saw that article about the meal study basically it says it doesn't matter how much fruits and vegetables we eat it's still not going to stop or cure prostate cancer.

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Nalakrats in reply to Steveo3312

You are the correct one here. I am having home-made Meatloaf, with Mushroom Gravy, Green Beans, in Saute Butter, and Red Roasted Potatoes. I guess I will be dead in 90 days. Did not catch any good fish to eat today.


Nal, you are using supplements to solve the problem. I decided to see if I could solve the problem with food only. So far, so good. The only supplements I take is B12 and D3, where I tried to achieve acceptable values w/o supplements, but couldn't.

I.E. The Minimum Daily Requirements of some supplements are so wrong. D3 has been 400 IU's per day--Today our MO's are suggesting a Minimum of D3 of 1,000 IU's.

We have many using 5000 to one man 100,000 IU's per day. Some reporting they are all OK. No one knows what is right--as our bodies make also when in the sun. For those of us with Pca, what is right Amount/Dosage?

Many things you are trying to get from foods, may not be enough, relative to what a patient with cancer really needs.

Yes, I take what I need and then some. Things not discussed much, some things not at all.


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billyboy3 in reply to Nalakrats

WRONG again Nad, by scientific testing, i.e. blood work, one can determine if in fact one is low on some vitamins, what if any should be taken, and lastly for how long one should take them.

That is the PROPER AND ONLY WAY that one should ever take anything other than eating healthy, nice try to once again mislead people who come to this site.

For you suggest that taking huge amount of some vitamins is ok is criminal in my view, for one can do extensive damage, even death by overloading the body with needless extra amounts of any drug or chemical compound as you profess.

How do you measure what you NEED, if you have no way to measure it, other than your blind eye to the truth!?

I just want to go on the record I was thinking that mostly fruits and vegetables and fish would at least slow prostate cancer down, not sure if I'm going to believe that meal study 100% but I was a little bummed when I read it.

Since I am in remission I am still subscribing to keeping my inflammation down in my body, eating saute mushrooms everyday,berries, cranberries, eating lots of Indian vegetable dishes which consists of mostly spices and turmeric, I make sure my wife doesn't use any dairy and we use avocado oil to saute the vegetables along with water to keep the oil content down.

And of course cardio at least 45 minutes a day with some light weight lifting.

Broccoli, broccoli sprouts

I just read another bitter melon study on medical news today. I have to try to figure out a way to incorporate that in my diet on a consistent basis I just can't get over the taste of it though.

What's interesting and the study I would like to see is men that have prostate cancer, if they continue to eat a lot of meat products, cheese, eggs and beef does that increase the rate of their prostate cancer growth?

Finally My wife says I need to pray more and I agree with her.

The MEAL study shows that if the normal western diet overfeeds cancer by 3 to 5 times, and you cut that down to 2 to 4 times, if will have no effect. The study indicates to me that the researchers do not have an understanding of the effort it takes for any cancer to be controlled through dietary measures. To me, its another attempt to find that (nonexistent) magic bullet. There is no magic bullet that I'm aware of. It takes a nutritional carpet bombing to get results.

in reply to Steveo3312

I ate the bitter melon every day during RT. Yuk. Maybe it helped . I went into remission . I eat fresh organic zested tumeric and ginger every day . I like your plan . Peace Scott

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LearnAll in reply to Steveo3312

Bitter melon contains a natural insulin like substance and slows Diabetes. And now, cancer.

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Ramp7 in reply to Steveo3312

I have a question. Eggs has been mentioned here as a no no. We have a small farm with free range chickens that we collect the eggs from. No good?

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LearnAll in reply to Ramp7

Its the yellow part in egg which can cause problem.....the white part is pure albumin so this part is possibly harmless.

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timotur in reply to Ramp7

I eat 3 whole eggs per week to help prevent macular degeneration...

I like it all. Keep on keeping on! 😎

I do much of the same diet as you .

Wow well done cashless. An inspiration indeed. Keep it up as it affirms your beliefs.

My very best to you.


Hi Cashlessclay,

Thank you very much for your post with interesting information. Your diet is just perfect. If you could add something, then home made pomegranate juice. I once read that vitamin B supplements are not good for patients with prostate cancer. But I do not know the latest research in this matter. Can you comment that? Many patients take "repurposed" drug Metformin and with this drug it is recommended to monitor the level of vitamin B 12 in the blood and supplement if necessary. It can be said in this situation that it is a "conflict of interests". Any comment?

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Currumpaw in reply to donits

Hey donits!

Vegans HAVE to supplement with vitamin B12. I believe that is the only supplement that Dr. Ruth Heidrich takes as she went on Dr. John McDougall's vegan diet after surgery removing both breasts. The metastases on her ribs were gone in a year. She is a competitive runner, living in Hawaii. The sun she gets likely fulfills her vitamin D needs.

The diet has worked for her and for others but no one should expect it to be universally successful for all just as certain treatments aren't.

In my personal experience I had an aunt who had breast cancer, both breasts in the early to mid 1960's. She would have been in her 40's when she had the surgery, but no radiation. She had a balanced diet for years until she became a bit too old to cook and then was in a nursing home the last two years of her life. A balanced diet but nothing special or a regimen as many of us here adopt. She told me once that she usually took a spoonful of baking soda daily to prevent flatulence. She died at the age of 99. Is there any linkage to baking soda and my aunt remaining biochemically free? Who knows? She never linked the two together.

The surgery may have been performed at just the right time and by a good surgeon.

Cancer is so different and each persons immune system has different capabilities.

Even our personalities and behavioral characteristics are to some extent controlled by our genetics.

We are all different. What goes on in one's mind may very well be as powerful at preventing reoccurrence as anything. She wanted to be here with her children and watch them have families. If someone has something that seems to be working--"Don't upset the apple cart!" --Their little apple cart.


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donits in reply to Currumpaw

Hi Currumpaw,

thank you very much for your info.

Best regards!

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Currumpaw in reply to donits

Hey donits!

Did you see the recent posts about the study with capsaicin? Dr. Klotz was involved in the study.


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donits in reply to Currumpaw

Hi Currumpaw,

Thank you for this information. There is hot pepper in my diet containing capsaicin. This study of capsaicin is very interesting. BTW, sometimes you can find controversial information on the internet. E. g : "Unfruitful: Eating more produce will not cure, stop prostate cancer". Source: ScienceXNewsletter, Tuesday, Jan 14

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Currumpaw in reply to donits

Hey donits!

What works for some doesn't for another. I have become a vegan but going as far as some have--well, I don't know. I juiced in the late 70's or early 80's. I should probably begin juicing a little.

In the capsaicin study I believe the men were given 40,000 heat units twice a day.

What I have begun to believe after reading the results of these studies is that the cancer cells that are killed might be the weaker cancer cells, which while good isn't the goal intended. It slows progression down or even better stabilizes it.


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donits in reply to Currumpaw

Hi Currumpaw,

Thank you for the interesting information. You are absolutely right that "what works for some doesn`t for another". I am taking daily one teaspoon of hot chili peppers as an addition to hot dishes. I am still taking bicalutamide, metformin, celecoxib, turmeric and atorvastatin/placebo. I believe this all together will delay the cancer progression.

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Currumpaw in reply to donits

Hey donits!

The belief that what we do or take helps us may be as effective as what we take. If the teaspoon of hot chili peppers becomes a burden remember that the study on capsaicin used 40,000 heat unit capsules which are readily available.

The info I have mentioned has been around for a long time. The formal study on capsaicin is new. It was interesting that Dr. Klotz had a --that is one-- patient who was hormone resistant and that the hot sauce his family manufactures --stabilized-- his PSA. I'd like to see capsaicin given to men with hormone resistant prostate cancer and see how many stabilized. For them the drugs have failed so why not?

Wouldn't that be interesting?


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kcc9993 in reply to Currumpaw

One other thing to note is that there are challenges with turmeric absorption, and hydro-soluble forms absorb better. Same with the next poster who mentioned B12: methylated B12 may absorb better for some.

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Currumpaw in reply to kcc9993

Hey kcc993!

Oh yeah on absorption! LifeExtension has recently come out with Curcumin Elite. Myself, I take ginger, black pepper, some oil of some sort and a bromelain capsule whenever I am taking supps. According to my blood work the high dose Twin Lab or Now brand B12 taken sublingually is keeping my B12 levels in a nice range. The B12 has to dissolve slowly under the tongue to maximize absorption.

The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is only about 3%.


in reply to Currumpaw

I was a patient of Care Oncology Clinic and one of the pieces of advice that the oncologist gave me was to take baking soda. Baking soda increases blood carbon diox status. Low diox is good for cancers. High is bad. I read some NIH research that made the same conclusion about diox and started taking baking soda. It worked in short order. My diox had been on the low side for years. A month after I started the baking soda it went to moderate levels and continued to go up. Now it's usually at the top of the normal range.

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blms in reply to

Interesting that you talked here about baking soda as I have been hearing about it recently quite alot. How much do you add and to what in particular and how often?Bonnie

in reply to blms

Hi Bonnie, I don't add it to anything in particular. I take around 3-4 grams a day.

Need to watch sodium. Potassium bicarb should also raise the local carbon diox level.

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cashlessclay in reply to donits


I too was concerned about taking a vitamin B12 supplement. Tried hard to get it from my diet, but was not successful. Seems that foods containing B12 were also high in "iron", and my PSA would go up. I have been taking Methyl B12 for over a year now and have not seen any adverse affect on the diet. My blood levels of B12 are 5-600 pg/mL currently.

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donits in reply to cashlessclay

Thank you Cashlessclay

What was your psa right before SRT. I am considering SRT for a slowing rising psa. My pathology was also a Gleason 6.

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cashlessclay in reply to Ab75

My PSA was 0.3 before I had SRT.

I am not sure what dates you had your psa tests and not to argue but perhaps you no longer have apc, and the residue readings that you are getting are from other organs or perhaps some prostate tissue left behind during the procedures that you have had that cause some reading. YOUR readings may be just that, time will tell.

Healthy eating and lifestyle do improve the body's ability to fight, but the fact is that advanced prostate cancer CANNOT be cured or controlled by any known food or combination therein. There is NO scientific evidence but lets see where you go over the next five years or so. I look forward to more reports from you!!


My PSA was undetectable after surgery. Where were these mysterious sources of PSA then?

In addition, the PSA is "tracking" the diet. If I follow the diet strictly, PSA falls. If I ease up on the diet, PSA increases. If I break one of the diet rules, the PSA increases at a rate equal to the PSADT "prior" to the diet. These things do not occur by chance, and they certainly do not occur for residual prostate tissue.

when was your surgery and how long were you getting psa tests, i.e. please note dates roughly for each test. It is very common for psa to vary in short periods of time, and yes diet can impact that. However, if you in fact advanced prostate cancer, at some point in time, without more intensive treatment, it will come back.

As I also noted, there are different pharms providing the testing medium for the psa test and these were also found to vary, which is why it is so important to use the same lab all the time. I have seen differences of up to 20% which was shock and has not yet been explained-I am not totally in love with our standard care processes but until something better comes along, I will not slag the people involved.

Think about being a oncologist for advanced prostate cancer, where ALL of your patient, and many will die painful ugly deaths. Is this something you would want to go to work to see each and every day. God bless those good people and also those in cancer hospitals and other facilities for they are our fellow troops and do their best to keep us alive and well!!!!

Yours psa score does not appear to be much of anything, and if this was such for an extended period, I would still bet on a fragment of your prostate was left behind, i.e. if you have nerve sparing surgery, then some of the prostate is left, which will express psa, so could account for your readings.

Will comment when you throw more out, but good for you!!!!

Billy, I think you need to read my above response again. My PSA was undetectable after surgery. This PSA "source" I now have grows at the same rate as my cancer did after my post surgery recurrence. Some left over benign prostate tissue does not explain what I'm seeing in my 50 PSA test results.

Also, these 50 tests do not represent the testing of a diet 50 times. The were used to develop the diet, resolve some health related issues (low vitamin levels, low RBC count, leg cramps), conduct repeatability tests on important findings, etc. There is background material necessary to understand each test result. I'm not going provide all that without a very good reason.

So, you're basically saying that if any diet can't stop PSA progression, the diet doesn't work. And, if the diet does stop PSA progression, it's because there was never any cancer in the first place. In my experience, real answers to difficult problems come from impartial observers.


The bottom line is NO diet will stop advanced prostate cancer and making a claim that your kitchen recipe is keeping your cancer at bay-which in a short period, could be the case-again I asked you how many years but you did not answer but noted some 50 psa tests, well that suggests along time and I again, repeat, unless you are taking some ADT meds, there is NO way that you have advanced prostate cancer that you have stopped for what 10 years? as you claim.

Eliminated red meat except once in a while, how much of d3 do you take, I also started to take k2 to hopefully cut the calcium deposits in kidneys and blood vessels. Research shows it helps the calcium go to the bone where it should be. Thanks for your response .

I'm taking 4000 IU's per day of liquid vitamin D3. This results in a reading of about 40 ng/mL. My pre-supplement values were under 30 ng/mL. I'm doing this for general health, and not trying to weaponize vitamin D against PCa.

I'm eating fermented bean curd (every day) for vitamin K2, for the same reason you are.

I have been taking calcium with vitamin D for years, the oncologist told me that is one reason I did not have any bone pain and remained strong along with excercise.

Comments welcome on video

SORRY brain freeze, was thinking testosterone,

Cashless, do you eat nuts or do you feel they have too much iron? Do you measure your Ferritin?

Nuts are not a problem. For me it's shellfish (clams, oysters, and mussels) since I don't eat meat. I'm also careful with shrimp, but squid, scallops are fine. Plant based heme iron does not appear to be a problem. My Ferritin has been on either side of 40 ng/mL.

Thanks, glad to hear that.

You are a complete fraud and are giving men false hopes that your bs diet will keep them alive. You have no idea how much damage that you are doing and pain for men who might decide to believe your nonsense and choose to start on it and delay proven medical treatments-don't you get it Cashless??????!!!!!!!!!!!

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