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Side effects with estrogen patches (instead on lupron or firmagon)


For those on estrogen patches what are your side effects: tired, brain fog, memory, muscle loss, hot flashes, other?

Any differences fr those taking before lupron or firmagon?

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In this trial they compared the side effects of LHRH agonists, e.g. Lupron, and estrogen patches:

I am a fan of the patch. Got the prescription from Dr Charles E Myers (retired). I started with 9 patches 0.1 and trimmed down to 2 about 12 months later. (Was running it with other drugs to get my cancer into remission.) Must be taken with a blood thinner to reduce risk of clots. I took aspirin. I had improved memory, improved joints, eliminated all hot flashes, improved my bone density, and felt better overall.

The patches activated an interest in Ballroom dancing. Doctors say estrogen can activate a new interest. It was good for me because I lost weight, got into it a lot and started having dreams about dance choreography. I was on the floor 4 to 5 times per week, 20 hours per week, group lessons, private lessons, weekend social dances, and out of town competitions.

The drugs worked great and got total remission. I met a gal, got married. It was the longest remission ever while I danced. Great times. Great memories.

Only running a half patch for osteoporosis control and hot flash prevention, so that dance interest became less of a passion. I moved on to more advanced drugs for my stage. I still do social dancing sometimes on Sunday afternoons at a place I found in Sacramento called the "Bank at 620 J Street", run by a dance teacher named Barnaly Pande. Starts 4:30 PM Sundays if anybody wants to go check it out.

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Amazing story! First time I read of so positive results from an ADT drug! Continue your dance!

EdBar in reply to abmicro

No need for blood thinners, since it is absorbed through the skin when using patches it doesn’t cause clots. Snuffy has a video on YouTube where he discusses this. I was a patient of Snuffy too, miss the guy, he was great, saved my life.


I think, like abmicro, you want to take Lupron and Estrogen together. Together it didn't seem like they were so bad.

I chalk all those SE’s up to ADT (Lupron, xtandi, Avodart), I’ve used patches to help with hot flashes, works great, been using them for about 5 years now.


The only side effects from estradiol are sore nipples and enlarged breasts . Lhrha has a whole list of side effects . Plus estradiol is better for bones. See my profile .


The only think I would add to this thread is that I have personally found the estradiol gel product easier to manage than the patches. The cost for the gel through varies greatly between different countries. Also I have not checked out whether it is more or less expensive than the patches.

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