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Dark specks "sediment" in urine?


My dad, just this me that he's started to see black specks or sediment in his urine. He said it just started this past few days while we've been vacationing together. Any idea what this could be?

He's stage 4 Mets to nearby lymph node. Original PSA 257, down to .07. Last PSA was .13. Had chemo in June 2015 and has been on hormone therapy ever since.


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Could be a UTI or kidney infection. I would take him to the ER.

Dried blood, probably.

Lynsi13 in reply to Tall_Allen

That's what I assumed. Any guesses why and how concerned we should be? We're in vacation and driving home tomorrow. I thought about sending his oncologist a message through mychart to see if he can get a uti test on Friday. He isn't having any other symptoms...

Go to a CVS and get the sticks where you can test for a UTI.

When you have cancer or are older, a UTI can be very serious.

Good thinking! In the meantime I'll have him start to push more fluid. We've been pretty active, lots of tours, caving, etc. And I bet he hasn't been drinking enough!

Great idea. If it is a UTI - drinking lots of fluids - or as my husband’s GP tells him - “super hydrate” to help it pass quickly.

Tall_Allen in reply to Lynsi13

it's dried blood, so it's not currently bleeding. See if it clears up in the next few days.

I'd try and save the "specs". I know when I've passed kidney stones they sometimes disintegrate as they are dark crystalline, and I've had specs with the larger pieces.

Color of urine? Sounds with your active schedule that he got dehydrated . Dark specks are mostly old blood. Me! I would stop in and see any Doctor and get a Urinalysis before traveling. Urine crystals (stones) and be sharp and cut causing a bleed. It should dissipate and resolve with water and a course of antibiotics.

I am not a Doctor. But this happened to me while traveling in Japan six years after a chemo trial. Glad that one of my hosts was an Urologist. Five hours on an IV for dehydration and antibiotics had me chipper in side of a day.


See a Doc around the Block.....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 08/15/2019 8:12 PM DST

Lynsi13 in reply to j-o-h-n

Thanks John! And thanks for your light hearted way of replying... caused me to smile. Reminds me of my dad's humor, actually.. his name is John, too, and he keeps me laughing with his "dad humor". 😁

j-o-h-n in reply to Lynsi13


Lucky you.... you're in good company... All kidding aside - get a strainer (kitchen type) and have him strain his urine to catch "the sediment" if it's large enough. Is he having any pain in his side? back? or plumbing area?

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 08/15/2019 8:28 PM DST

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