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Updating my PSA (just for remembering NO ADT, NO CHEMO, NO SURGERY, NO RADIATION)

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T3bN1M1, gleason 9 detected in march 2018 (17.9 PSA)

trend for psa from diet, off-label drugs and supplements....

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Time for the big guns....I feel you'd be shocked by how well a couple weeks of bical works...i'd be fascinated by the graph projection....if nothing else it would serve as a great head to head challenge showdown. I don't mean to be flip as we're dealing with a deadly disease that can show up anywhere.

Hi Puxi,

Very interesting graph - & I'm sure that many will agree.

So, is the experimenting over?

Best, -Patrick

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puxi in reply to pjoshea13

No. Not at all.... still things to try... but systematically. Wishes, Ivan


I understand you do not wish to do ADT....I am on it and no fan, but I am not sure why you have not done radiation at least.... if you wish to delay castrate resistance by not starting ADT, then why no radiation? It could get your PSA and disease burden much lower....

Have you had a follow up scan recently?? If none in a year, then maybe it is time... just a suggestion...

Don Pescado

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puxi in reply to NPfisherman

Last psma pet/scan (Ga68) done end of January. But feeling very very well. Perhaps this month I'll do another one. Furthermore studies have shown 50% increase in stem cell's during radiation. If I start something traditional, then first adt THEN radiation...

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NPfisherman in reply to puxi

You know your stuff.....there is synergy between ADT first--6-8 weeks and then radiation---abscopal effect....helps to beat it down....if you were negative on the Ga68 PSMA scan , then that's good...you have delayed treatment a year...Good luck, brother...Take care....


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puxi in reply to NPfisherman

interestingly, my testosterone level rise up during this last month... In MY view, I'm on treatment...

Bicalutamide will not reduce your T. It’s a good primer to what really controls this disease. I balked for two months while on it and then on the advice of an MO took the plunge and went for the ADT....it’s a miracle in my case.

Interestingly, my testosterone values increased well during this month of psa decrease

You are lucky your cancer has progressed so slowly...But it looks like your doubling time is still less than a year..You should try for one of the new full body scans that can map the progression of your cancer and let you know exactly what is going on..

I'm T3bN1M1, gleason 9... already done 3 PMSA pet/scan perhaps next this month.

Great chart, and some interesting findings.

If I am reading your chart correctly, it looks like you stopped some of your off market supplements when they were still working. Why, or am I reading it wrong?

Yes, this was the case with cannabis oil cause heart problems and when I stopped metformin to try chellation (I didn't want to mix to understand the result better). Unfortunately I didn't stop iscador after the first result because I was convinced by the doctor that Iscador shows results after 3 months...! in fact----

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Magnus1964 in reply to puxi

I understand. Keep us updated on further treatments alternative or conventional.

All I see is an upward trend.

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puxi in reply to BarronS

Half empty, half full, glass too big....😂😂😂😂

What scares you the most about conventional treatment ?? Some guys have had success with Casodex monotreatment..It suppresses the cancer without too many side-effects..And it's cheap...A poor mans ADT without the big side-effect load..

I don't think that ANY conventional treatment are going to the CAUSE of cancer. They target only the fast dividing cells leaving undisturbed the stem cells... This, for me, is enough to not go into this direction first only for a kind of last solution. I also do not believe that what I'm doing corresponds to NOTHING (as some "professors" here states and claim) and I'm not worried AT ALL with my choices. Terrorism, I leave to the conventional doctors and their followers ... ;). Always looking for what new is coming out but talking with high level investors in biotech is clear that the agenda to "transform a deadly disease into a chronically one" is very perverse and give NO HOPE for a CURE but only a way to drain our money.... that's it. I'm thinking about adt but not at the way "conventionalists" propose it! By sure not. All the best

Hey Ivan,

What you are doing is so interesting to us as we also thought from diagnosis (18 years ago) not to follow the SOC life maiming techniques. You are the benchmark for us. My husband avoided ADT for first 14-15 years after dx.

Of course the knowledge base for the treatments you are using wasn't available then. Thank you so much for being brave enough to experiment.

What do you think of the Lutetium treatments in Germany?

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puxi in reply to mjbach

Hi mjbach, thanks for you comment. Regarding your question, I observe that there is a lot of Hype around this lutetium stuff. I know from sure that there are a LOT of proposals coming from Germany especially from private (or semi private clinics) but without any sound track record behind. I see this more as a kind of way to take money from ourselves as kind of "desperate" action to save yourself. Don't trust too much...

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