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I'm new here and just finished clinical trial.

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Hi Guys,

I am new to this so I will state my case. In 2015, at age 53, I found out I had cancer. I had a PSA. of 19 and a Gleason 9. I then had my prostate out. After 36 radiation treatments, in Nov. 2015 my PSA. was 0.065. It stayed low for 24 months and by the spring of 2018 my PSA was doubling every 3 months. My MO asked me if I was willing to do a trial, to which I agreed. I have done a 1 year trial of Degarelix injections. My MO has me at stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer. If it progresses much further, I am thinking of retiring early at age 58 because the Andregan Depletion Therapy is kicking my butt! Does anyone have any information or experience on the progression in this kind of situation?



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I hope you have a long ADT-free vacation.

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Thank you.

No info to help you, Steve, but I wish you great luck! I am 53 now, 1 year into this.

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Thank you hang in there.

I took an early retirement at 62. Glad I did. I was on casodex for 5 years before retirement so other ADT drugs didn't bother me that much. Since then I have been on two trials with good quality living.

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