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Testosterone Therapy After Lupron?


April 2016 Robotic Surgery, June 2017 Casodex/Lurpon, October 2017 Proton Radiation, January 2018 Chemo (4X). I continued Lupron from June 17 through January 2019. Stopped Lupron due to side effects January 20 this year. Currently no treatment, Q30 Day ultra-sensisitve PSA & T level - PSA undetectable, T Level 12 in February & 14 in March. QUESTION: Both oncologist and urologist suggest considering Testosterone therapy. Any feedback appreciated!

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Alternating Lupron and Testosterone (called Bipolar Androgen Therapy - BAT) seemed to be effective in some small (29 patients) trials in men who were still hormone sensitive and had undetectable or minimal metastases. They alternated 3 months of each. Here's what they learned so far:



As might be expected from some of my posts, I would opt for testosterone replacement therapt [TRT].

You should expect PSA to rise as T is restored, so don't be concerned by the first reading. You need to relax & wait for the trend. Hopefully, you will have a longiss PSA doubling time [PSADT], e.g. >18 months, or much longer.

Here is Dr Myers on the subject of TRT & PCa:



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An undetectable PSA is a good sign. I don't see any rush to anything more until our PSA starts to rise.

You are in a very good place. I am a fan of BAT but I think it is way overkill in your case with PSA undetectable and still sensitive to casodex and lupron. If your docs recommend T for QOL, go for it! I think testosterone replacement therapy and if so, aim to get a fairly high T level but within the normal range. (not supra T at this stage) PCa loves low-normal T. If PSA starts rising too fast lupron and/or casodex should knock it back, then stop them, see what it does. There is a good chance you will be able to cycle PSA from very low to low and back and get maximum bang from lupron and casodex.

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Yiasou Theo...

Good luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 04/01/2019 5:22 PM DST

See a Post I will Post.


Just curious, did you ever do gene mapping? Also was wondering what your overall opinion of the Proton therapy was, side effects?

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No gene mapping...proton therapy had almost no side effects, was comfortable, low key, very easy. I had 'splatter' type versus 'pencil beam'...I recommend proton...if indicated.

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