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Before discussing certain nutrients lets look first at side effects;

Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Chemo targets rapidly growing cells, some of which are cancer cells, but a significant number are healthy cells.

* Cells lining the stomach and intestines are usually harmed by Chemo resulting in nausea and poor digestion.

* Bone Marrow generates red blood cells to carry oxygen, while the white blood cells, fight infections. These cells can be reduced to lethal levels with some cancer protocols.

* Nerve damage leads to painful peripheral neuropathy which may require narcotics to control pain. And this can be for life.

* Muscle damage affects the heart and can lead to heart attacks. Some senior citizens with heart conditions will be denied Chemo at times.

* Damage to the ovaries and testicles can cause sterility. But for us Pca guys we may not care.

* And the worst case scenario is the possibility of the creation of a secondary tumor, usually when this occurs it is a lymphoma or leukemia.

All of these side effects[hazards] are considered acceptable when using chemo to fight cancer, even though the most optimistic oncologist will tell you chemo does not cure cancer. Yes there are rare cases with childhood cancers that it does cure. With the hazards of chemo, it is kind of ironic to hear the oncologists say--->do no harm---> when they tell the patients to avoid nutrients while taking chemo, because there is an unlikely situation that the nutrients will inhibit the cancer killing capacity of the drugs.

Some researchers,""assume"" that antioxidant nutrients such as Co-enzyme Q, Glutathione, and Vitamin E will reduce the tumor kill rate from chemo and radiation. In simple chemistry. one might think this true, when you follow the ROS argument. However in vitro studies, and studies with both animals and humans, this is not the case. Since cancer is usually an oxygen-deprived tissue, or anaerobic group of cells, the cancer cell has very poor mechanisms for absorbing antioxidants. A cancer cell has no more use for antioxidants than an Alligator has a need for Diet Coke.

Nutrients Cancer Patients Should Consider

* Vitamin K---> While in theory, K might inhibit the effectiveness of anticoagulants like coumadin. For those doing safer alternatives like Natto, and Serrapeptase, mouth cancer patients who were treated with K-3 prior to radiation doubled their odds for a 5 year survival disease free status.[Not adding Bibliographies on Purpose], you all can research. Continuing---> in cultured leukemia cells, Vitamin K and E added to the Chemo Drug 5FU[fluorouracil], provided a 300% improvement in growth inhibition when compared to 5FU by itself.

* Vitamin C---> tumor bearing mice fed high doses of C{antioxidant} along with adriamycin[Pro-Oxidant] had a prolonged life and there was no reduction killing capability of the drug[adriamycin]. Lung cancer patients provided high dose C prior to, during and after radiation, and Chemo had enhanced tumor destruction and a longer life span.

* Fish Oil, specifically the EPA, improves chemotherapy by altering cancer cell membranes for increased vulnerability to Chemo. EPA increases the ability of andriamycin, Mitomvcin C, and Doxorubicin Chemo drugs, to kill Leukemia cells.

* Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene. All I can say there are enough studies that together they provide an improvement in the prognosis for animals treated with radiation. Human studies are not available.

* Vitamin E protects the body against the potentially damaging effects of Iron[Pro-Oxidant] The lower the deficiency of Vitamin E the greater the possibilities of heart damage during chemo. One study found that Vitamin E supplements[300 mgs/day], will reduce the neurotoxicity commonly caused by cisplatin. his study showed that the placebo, the cisplatin, 86% got a form of neurotoxicity. But the group that got the Chemo plus Vitamin E, only 36% got a form of neurotoxicity. That is about a 55% reduction in tingling and painful nerves. There was no loss in Tumor Kill Rate in either group.

* Niacin--->combined with aspirin in 106 bladder cancer patients receiving Radiation after surgery had a 72% 5 year survival over the Control Group[No Niacin added], which was only 27%. Niacin it seems to make radiation more effective at killing Hypoxic cancer cells. Adding up to 6,000 mgs of Niacin is one of the most effective agent reported to eliminate acute Hypoxia, in solid tumors.

* Selenium, is known to work with Vitamin E. Selenium has been shown to reduce toxicity when cisplatin is used, [animal studies]. In cultured human leukemia cells, Selenium was selectively toxic to the cancer cells.

* Ginseng---> was able to enhance the uptake of mitomycin[as a Anti cancer drug, it is also used as an Antibiotic]

* Carnitine, and Quercetin shows the ability to reduce toxicity to normal cells, and seems to add killing power to cisplatin.

Conclusion----> there is enough evidence that nutrients improve the prognosis in cancer patients treated with Chemo and Radiation. Oncologists need to be working with Nutritionists. Quality of life while killing cancer cells can be a new Standard of Care. At one of the places I use---> the Levine Cancer Institute, where Orthodox Methods are only employed. They have added a huge Nutritional Department, like Cancer of America Systems have. They are working with the stubborn Oncologists' patients, to keep them healthy and developing diet and supplemental programs, with their own research group. My Point is Made.


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Nalacrats, this is a good article. Why don't you supplement it with links to some of the research you mention.


An alligator doesn't need diet Coke? Have you told gusgold?

No question that nutrition plays a part in health. But don't assume that if a little works, a lot would be better. As an example high doses of vitamin A can kill you.

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No one is saying to overdose past certain limits, we know the limits of A based on body weight, and where you live. Such as fish eating Scandinavians and Texas eating meat. This is where the art of Naturopathy comes in.


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Thanks Nal.


You know what your Grandmother would say? NAL, YOU COULDN'T LIST THEM ALPHABETICALLY?

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

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I did it on purpose.


Thank you for posting this.


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