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New to this site today


I've spent some time looking around the site. Seems to be very active and chocked full of interesting info. Thanks to all for that.

I'm 73, otherwise in good health. 3 1/2 years post robot-prostatectomy with clear margins, Gleason 4/3, PSA at surgery 4.9. PSAs post surgery were <0.015 ng/ml until late '17 when LabCorp changed their reporting method (from "limit of detection" to "limit of the blank), the < sign disappeared from my serial PSAs, and now are rising slowly (0.012 11/17, 0.014 2/18, 0.021 12/18, 0.031 2/19).

I've been on a regimen of clean (but not vegan) diet, regular exercise (walking ~ 6 - 10 mi/wk), and a variety of dietary supplements including Pectasol-C, BCQ from Pure Formulas, and BreastDefend from Econugenics all overseen by a complementary physician who specializes in breast and prostate cancer.

As a result of the rising PSA, however, I'm beginning to explore what I might do next. I'm especially intrigued by maxlifespan's experience with 4-MU, Casodex, and Isosilybin. More research ahead...

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Like where you are going with your thinking, but I use econugenics Pectasol-3--this is the material that went thru phase trial testing in Israel, and the USA.


WooferTwo in reply to Nalakrats

I'm using the Econugenics Pectasol-C product. I'm thinking that's what you're referring to, no?

Nalakrats in reply to WooferTwo



Gleason 7/8 73 in good health. PSA below 0.1, wish I was so lucky. Has orchiectomy and currently on Xtandi.

PSA never below 0.1. Lots of options open to you. ADT probably recommended. Read around, talk with good Med. Oncologist make decision all your choice.

WooferTwo in reply to Shooter1

Thanks Shooter1. What's ADT?

Break60 in reply to WooferTwo

Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) aka “ hormone therapy” which is chemical castration used to reduce testosterone to < 20 by stopping testes from producing testosterone . PCa relies on testosterone and will stop growing until it finds a way to progress in spite of low testosterone environment which can take anywhere from months to many years.

WooferTwo in reply to Break60

Thanks. Lots to learn here!

IMO only, and as a Naturopath cousin for 40 years, my research is saying load up on anti-inflammatory supplements, and read paper on Indomethacin and its control of PSA when in level and low burden.


Thanks again, Nalakrats. What do you mean by "Naturopath cousin?" Are we related?

And to confirm, are you referring to the 2009 paper "Association between Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, PSA, and Prostate Volume" by Fowke et al?

Welcome wooferTwo , I just had the same change in testing from lab -core . I figured they’re doing a less costly and sensitive Psa test on me because I’m on Medicaid . The cheap route. This time about two weeks ago I was told that my Psa was <.1 ...I asked how much less , because I’ve Been over 3yrs at .04 . They said that’s all they have for me...I’ll ask my dr next time. Labcorp is making corporate cost cutting. They now have kiosk that you need to photo your Id and input info . Maybe some day lab Corp will cut out human contact all together and only use robots .

Break60 in reply to Whimpy-p

Why do you need ultra sensitive Psa anyway? It’s only useful after RP as a signal that SRT is necessary.

Whimpy-p in reply to Break60

Thanks ..

Lulu700: the change in reporting I referred to is in reference to the "ultrasensitive PSA test." The explanation I got from LabCorp VP Arthur Zebelman PhD about that change is that it reflects an improvement in methodology that in effect doubled the sensitivity of the test (from <0.015 ng/ml to <0.006 ng/ml).

But I also had one of my serial PSAs come back as "<0.1." When I complained about that, LabCorp said they would aim to track down whether it was the doc who incorrectly ordered the regular PSA, the blood draw tech who incorrectly transcribed the doctor's order for the ultrasensitive PSA, or the LabCorp tech who incorrectly reported the result. However, they never got back to me on that one.

Meanwhile, cost-cutting is a key objective everywhere across the so- called "health" so-called "care" so-called "system."

Whimpy-p in reply to WooferTwo

We’ll get back to you on that ..hahaha

Heads will roll ! Serial test for all.

Greeting to San Juan Hill.... we're all Rough Riders here. So to become one you must tell us where your'e located, being treated, Doctor(s) name(s) and their expertise. We know your'e a male and 73 years old. This info will help us help you. This info is voluntary and confidential. If you don't want to share your info you'll just have to answer to Teddy.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 02/21/2019 4:51 PM EST

Thanks j-o-h-n. I live in Southern Oregon. Had my robot prostatectomy at UCLA with Robert Reiter MD. Good man with what seems to be an experienced team. "Best in the West" they dub themselves. My main doc has been in Santa Rosa, CA. But he is quite an unusual fellow who is currently entering retirement. So, I'm not sure it would help much to give further details about him.

Thank you for your response. Teddy's busy hunting bear anyway....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 02/21/2019 7:47 PM EST

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