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Thoughts on these recommended supplements

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Hi GeorgeGlass,

Great article! Taking supplements is a personal choice because there are no hard fact studies that say taking them will emphatically help with PCa. I take most of the supplements recommended in the article and none of the those that are not.

When you take a drug for PCa it lowers your PSA, stops progression, etc. These are tangible results that can be measured. Not so much with supplements, but taking them makes me feel like I am being proactive and somewhat aggressive.

Bounce the list of your doctor to see what he/she thinks of the supplements. Others here will chime in with there thoughts and opinions but ultimately the choice of course is yours.

Best wishes,


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GeorgeGlass in reply to Moespy

Good thoughts Jim. I've stopped sharing my supplement list with the doctor for now. They dont know what half of them are because they dont study the research on them. When I go on Xtandi or Zytiga etc then I'll make sure we discuss all the supplements.

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Moespy in reply to GeorgeGlass

I stopped my regimen before my PSMA scan 6 weeks ago at the request of the NIH doc and for the subsequent biopsy 2 weeks ago. I on my own have decided to stop during my upcoming 2 months of radiation. No need to take a chance on something not meshing with the treatment. I will start up again 2 weeks after the end of radiation. I like to let the docs know just in case they might know something I don't. I hear grief mostly from nurses about why I take supplements.



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GeorgeGlass in reply to Moespy

Someone recommended to me large doses of IP-6 based on good results from some patients. Do you have any thoughts on IP-6?


Most supplements are probably not harmful, and it helps one feel more in control by taking them. So far, only Vitamin E has proven to be harmful. But there are suggestions that calcium, folates,and omega-3 pills may do harm. Of course, avoid known toxins like apricot pits, oleander, and yew. And stay away from anything known to be a powerful anti-oxidant or free radical absorber - cancer cells are killed naturally by those free radicals. This is especially important if you are having any kind of external or internal radiation. You have to be very careful to avoid chelates like B-12 and many mineral supplements if you are having a Ga68-PSMA-11 scan or Lu-177-PSMA-617 therapy.

Would Matcha green tea, Acai, Pomegranate etc. fall into that category to avoid ingesting because they destroy free radicals?

I doubt there is any problem with normal quantities of food and drink. Your body is very good at taking what it needs and discarding the rest, as long as you don't overload it. Your body evolved to handle foods but not the huge dose concentrates found in many supplements. Definitely avoid EGCG when having radiotherapy:

OK thanks Allen, I agree. My body did well getting rid of large amounts of alcohol when I was younger. Talking to Dr. Lilly in MUSC, he said that in some studies, taking a low amount of a supplement helped to slow the cancer, while taking large dosages increased the speed of the growth. Overloading causes an imbalance and could be harmful like you mentioned.


Someone recommended to me large doses of IP-6 based on good results from some patients. Do you have any thoughts on IP-6?


I haven't seen the clinical trials you speak of. I know inhibition of phosphatidyl inositol-3-kinase (PI3K) using BKM120 has been an active area of investigation. If inositol is a component of an enzyme that we want to block, why take more of it? But i really have no idea. My general philosophy is to avoid substances where there is even an inkling that it is unsafe.

I'll try to find the link on ip6 study when I get time. It was on this forum somewhere this month.

This is a sound list of foods to eat when confronted with Pca. These and forget animals and animal by products. They won't "cure" cancer but they might give you an edge for a longer life.

definitely increase fish intake...the healthy kinds of fish of course

We order our fish from Vital Choice Seafood, it is all wild caught.

Most likely unnecessary and possible harmful. How can anyone believe that the food you buy in American grocery stores is so nutritious-poor that it needs to be supplemented?

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GeorgeGlass in reply to Gemlin_

My concern with the U.S. produce is the degradation of the soil by large corporations, too include the use of harmful chemicals for pesticides and faster crop growth etc. I buy mostly organic and wash it too.

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cigafred in reply to GeorgeGlass

Very much agree. I think it was Dr. Andrew Weil who reported on the huge decrease in the nutritional content of supermarket produce. I spent a few years in the ag sector, visited many major ag operations around the country, and am sure in my own mind that what they are doing is much better for profits than for nutrition.

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GeorgeGlass in reply to cigafred

I totally agree!

They left off the chocolate chip ice cream again (two scoops).

I blame every disease on microwave ovens... their original use was for drying off your cat or your dog. (Please direct all insults to my ex wife, thank you). 🤷‍♂️

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 02/17/2019 9:49 PM EST

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GeorgeGlass in reply to j-o-h-n

Lol. Concur

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