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Doctor wants to move on to Provenge.


Hi Brothers , I had my monthly appointment today PSA numbers are still undetectable with ADT treatments but I have recently started with pain in my middle upper back. This pain has been going on for about six weeks now off and on. I explained that to Doctor and he wrote for an MRI . It's been a year on ADT so doc said he thinks I should move on to Provenge immunotherapy once MRI results come back. I feel good other than the back problems. Any thoughts and or experience with Provenge would be appreciated. I also asked if the ADT. Would be continued and the answer was yes . Anybody in this position too ? Leo

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I am convinced Provenge helped me in late 2014. Very limited side effects. Good luck!

Insurance may pay for it if you had new mets while on ADT.

I seem to recall that Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers reported that Provenge, when given to men whose PSA is beaten down with ADT, is significantly more effective than when given after the cancer is no longer under control. In other words, now is the right time for you to try Provenge. It's not a powerful treatment, but if your cancer is small and contained, it might be just the thing to give your body a boost in fighting it.

After a while on combined therapy (ADT + Provenge), you might try to stop the ADT and see what happens. If you do, be sure to get regular PSA tests so you can go back on ADT if the PSA starts to climb.

I hope that your upcoming MRI shows no cancer in your back. There are many possible causes of back pain and I would think that cancer is not likely if the PSA is undetectable. I'm not a fan of chiropraxis, but I do think that physical therapy, heat, massage, and ibuprofen can all work for many back ailments.

Best of luck.


IMHO the sooner the better. The down side is pretty nil

i've started my 11th year with pcancer. i have tryed all the pills xtandi, zytiga when available and now had provenge now found zytiga . as for the provenge itsn't a cure all. its to lower psa somewhat but not alot started my 6 month of lupron/eliguard shot. i'm 72 and feel pretty good, remember there is no cure for this disease and if u don't die from this terrible it will be other diseases down the road. all u can do is take whats out there live as long as possible until they find a cure and be thankful your feeling good and up right.



If your MRI show something measurable i.e. tumors, go for the Provenge. Since your PSA is already low this would be the way to go.

I have nmCRPC with a rising PSA (1.3 ) while on HT. I asked my MO if I can start Provenge now while my tumor burden is low and he said no. FDA approval for Provenge treatment is for men whose PCa has metastasized. I cannot afford to pay for it out of pocket.

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I have several Mets through out my body but none near the pain site thus the MRI

Hopefully the MRI will be negative for cancer and all you need is physical therapy.

Good luck

I recall dr. Shultz of del ray stating he can get most on these therapies with the hyper sensitive imaging today. Ask your mo for one showing the studies tha early is better and why wouldn't he do it. I know dr. Shultz would. Good luck all. Rocco

I received a call from Doctor we are going ahead with Provenge regardless of MRI outcome. I agree with him he has kept me alive and relatively the same person I've always been so let the blood collection begin. I trust this man with my life. Leo

was there any discussion about whether your insurance would pay?

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They will pay but still will need to put out a large portion out of pocket. I'm going to wait until I'm 65 which isn't long and new medical plan G kicks in . Doctor said that clinically it would be fine.

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