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Post RT PSA looking good but "T" spiked

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Just got done with 44 sessions of Tomotherapy on 12/27/18 also been on eligard (6 mo) since 8/28/18 had a scheduled lab at the VA on 1/10/18 (unrelated to PC) but they tested T and PSA anyway. psa is 2.36 it was 22+(not bad).. but T is 236. so T is creeping up too early it seems. the eligard knocked the T down to 39 in less than a month. now at 4.5 months its on the rise.. is it possible that eligard "shot it's wad" so to speak. T is now about the same # as pre HT.. weird. I'm not going to ask for a retest because my scheduled follow up will be in a couple months anyway. any insight is appreciated. Ed

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I would get a retest.


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thanks for the reply I am looking for a lab right now in my area. been researching this last night and today and seems this just don't happen.. it is extremely rare for "T" to jump back up in 5 months after a 6 month shot,, but what no one has explained, is what does it mean in the big scheme of things if it does jump back up. weird. Ed

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Lab error or you didn't get a 6 month dose but maybe a 3 month dose.


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